Pioneer Launches RM Studio Monitors With HD Coaxial Drivers

When it comes to crafting music a producer depends heavily on their monitors. It doesn’t matter if the studio doubles as a bedroom or is a professional office, studio monitors and the way they are built make a huge difference into the quality of sound that is produced. Pioneer has announced a new RM series of professional studio monitors that contain HD coaxial drivers. These drivers purport to produce excellent sound quality and represent the sound even more accurately. Watch the introduction video below and read more about what the RM series means for the studio.

A New Sound to Pioneer

The RM series monitors will be nestled in rigid die-cast aluminum cabinets that are curved specifically to reduce resonance. Along with the housing, inside there will be a proprietary acoustic tube to reduce standing waves while ensuring the quality of the low to mid ranges. When it comes to making any music, dynamic range is vital to any production sounding professional. To accompany the improved design, Pioneer also implemented a three band EQ along with multiple inputs to make the units adaptable to multiple environments. The inputs also allow for XLR and RCA connections.

What is probably the most interesting addition to the RM series is the fact they contain HD coaxial drivers. These drivers adopt similar designs from the sub-brand TAD by placing the woofer and the tweeter on the same axis to ensure a truer response across frequencies. The hard dome aluminum tweeters also contribute to overall sound quality by adding to the frequency response of the entire system. This also includes an improved diaphragm that increases the level of response for higher frequencies.

(A god send for crisp sounding hi-hats.) The RM series also feature aramid fiber woofers for a robust bass response along with a reflex design and grooves on the bass ducts to reduce air friction (including when the speakers are positioned against a wall).

Pioneer announced that the RM series will be available June 2015.



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