Routine: Keys ‘N Krates Rocks Out On Rane TTM 57 MKII

At NAMM Rane announced that the company would launch two new mixers this year, one of which is a revival of the highly sought after TTM 57 mixer. The mixer follows up one of best-selling units of the digital DJing era. Recently Serato met up with the electric trap band, Keys ‘N Krates who put the mixer to the test. Watch the performance below and see the potential of the TTM 57 MKII – as well as their ingenious live band style performance.

A Taste of the TTM 57 MKII

Keys ‘N Krates performances are like watching synchronized swimming. Each member is in sync with one another and they all have their spotlight. For DJs, the wanted focus was on the Rane TTM 57 MKII mixer as Jr. Flo cuts up the record. The crossfader sounds clean from the video. The mixer will most likely be a fan favorite among turntablists and this video gives those DJs a glimpse of what it will be like to rock the mixer.

Aside from the mixer, this video is a great example of more performances being brought into genres where a DJ used to be a lone wolf. Keys ‘N Krates have always had this format, but more artists are starting to come out with new ways to perform sets live versus just mixing their songs. From Kygo to Porter Robinson, the trend of performance based mixing is becoming popular and it will be great to see what other ways artists can get creative.

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  • mic A$H

    unreal! absolutely crushed it