Serato Flip: 7 Ways To Create Live DJ Edits

Last year Serato introduced Serato Flip, an incredible feature that lets DJs record cue point automation to easily create and recall edits on the fly. For DJs that are new to production, Flip is an easy way to start creating edits that doesn’t require a DAW. DJ TechTools reached out to the good guys at Serato to see if they could show some cool ways to use Serato Flip. Watch Kutcorners showcase 7 ways to use Serato Flip using the Pioneer DDJ-SX2.

Thanks for checking out the video performance I’ve done. Below you’ll find an explanation of the different ways I’ve used Flip in the performance. For extra fun you can watch back and read along as you watch, kinda like movie commentary 🙂 – Kutcorners

Sample Flip

Flip classic samples to recreate popular tracks on the fly.

(00:00:12): Initially when I started playing with Flip I imagined myself using it in a production type fashion flipping samples, so I immediately started going through my library to find familiar samples to “re-Flip”. This first one using the “Godzilla Vs. Mothra Theme” is super easy to do on the fly. I just enable Flip record, press the first cue to record the automation and let it play out extending the noise at the end of the horn stabs and let it loop. This allows me to transition easily in to the song “Simon Says” by Pharaoh Monch which samples it.

Re-Drum Flip

Change up the rhythm of the track by drumming in a new pattern.

(00:00:38): I wanted to showcase a way to re-drum with flip, so I had set some cue points on certain drum hits in the song to create a dancehall type feel flip of this otherwise hip hop standard and added a few samples to hype it up.

Shortcut Flip – Verse Skip

(00:02:32): After disabling the Flip, I mix in the next song “Green Dollar bills”, which is using a basic premade verse skip or “shortcut” flip (these are not in any way official terms, just the way I describe them). I set this one up to skip to the outro so I don’t have to double it up or press a cue and can just focus on the mix. One thing I like about the pre prepared flips that are saved to the track is that the ON or OFF state of the Flip is remembered.

For those asking themselves, “How is this different from triggering a saved loop?” The difference is that the Flip can be turned ON in advance and doesn’t need to be triggered at the precise moment where DJs want the loop to occur. Flip can also skip over parts, making it easy to change the arrangement of the track. DJ Kue put together an awesome tutorial showing to to make this type of Flip edit.

Shortcut Flip – Skip to Outro

(00:02:37): Over the outro of Green Dollar bills, I play the vocal hits from Ellie Gouldings “Don’t say a word” that Boi1da used to make Drakes “Pound Cake”. The original sample is lower in pitch than it is in “Pound Cake”, but its perfectly in key with the previous track, making for a nice transition. I play it a few times then enable flip to loop the sample flip before dropping the Drake tune. “Pound cake” uses a pre made “shortcut” flip straight to the outro after the first verse.

Use acapellas to recall interpolated lyrics from other songs.

(00:03:57):  Referencing the chorus in Pound cake, I then use the original Wu Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M” acapella and use the cues to play over the outro before dropping the El Michels Affair instrumental version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya.

Tone Play Flip

Create Tone Play routines and edits without a DAW.

(00:04:37): Taking one of the most obvious “tone play” routines (I’m not claiming credit for this one) I use the first 2 notes of 2 Chainz “I’m Different” to play the same melody from Shimmy Shimmy Ya and use Flip to replay and loop this performance, before hitting the 3rd cue straight to the 2 Chainz chorus.

Tone Play was a big part of Four Color Zack’s Red Bull Thre3style winning routine.

Shortcut Flip – Outro to Verse

Flip can be used to create intro edits for easy mixing or to change the arrangement of the song by skipping certain parts.

(00:05:10): This then allows me to mix in IAMSu’s “Goin Up”. I use a basic “Intro Flip” on “Goin Up” that I prepared beforehand, utilizing the instrumental outro and flipping it to play through and then jump to the start of the 1st verse.

BPM Transition – Sync + Intro Flip

(00:06:48): I quickly mix into a blend I made of “Function” and “Work it”. I have a saved loop on the “Work it, I need a glass of wah terrr” to mix in to another “Intro Flip” of “Space & Smoke” by French Fries. If you are familiar with this song, you’ll know the vocal starts at the beginning of the song, making it challenging to mix in without clashing with vocals. So, again I utilized the outro of the track which has minimal drums, then jumping to the part of the track that I want to start with.

With this last mix I wanted to highlight a helpful way to use SYNC (that controversial word) by syncing the 2 tracks together and raising the tempo to create a BPM transition track type of effect to get from 102BPM up to the 120BPM range. Sync gets a lot of flack out there, but there are many creative ways to use it to enhance your sets. This is just one way I like to get around tempos without having to use pre made transition tracks.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy it! Have fun finding creative ways to use Flip to enhance your sets as well.

Win a Serato Flip License

So these are great tips but what if you don’t own Flip. Well now is your chance to win a Flip license! Serato has hooked up DJ TechTools with 10 Flip licenses to give away. You can enter using the widget below:

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  • pcf111

    Is there anything similar like this for Traktor? Would it be possible to use Remix Deck in a similar way?

  • Mike Czech

    I always jump from the start of the first chorus of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” to the start of the last one – keeps the energy and you can hit the “Mama say mama sa…” without playing all 4+ minutes of the song. Flippin awesome.

  • Tony Williamson

    man need that green dollar bill track who is it by or can u email it your flip is too crazy i’ve try to copy it haven’t got it but damn your good send more ideals dj layzt ft mn usa

  • Beau_Barger

    @RYAN DEJAEGHER Thank you for this article. I recently moved over into Serato DJ from Traktor after a good eight years beginning with Traktor Scratch Duo. My move was based on the fact that I wanted a larger controller closer to a CDJ or Turntable set up, and went with the DDJ SZ. I recently bought Flip expansion along with the FX, and am learning to use them. Your article really sheds some light on how they can be used. Take note @eangolden:disqus we need more Serato articles talking about how to use it and the many techniques and technical aspects involved. This kept me coming to this site daily for the Traktor stuff, and the awesome maps, and I hope that we start seeing more Serato articles, tips and tricks.

    Thanks for your contribution to the contoller-ist community DJTT!

  • Ken Camacho

    i plan to use flip in performance battles and also in local gigs in my area

  • valerio zanardi

    Great to use flip with tones…but…well…need to have responsive pads in the controller!!! (almost all now have )

  • tAlpA

    I will use Flip to record some routines that normally take full hands and attention on the deck. The ability to Flip them gives me hands free to integrate them in others new mixes, normally impossible to do if you are alone.

  • Dylan n

    I would use the serato flip to use a new technique like the tone play flip. This could help me learn more as a dj

  • Kofi SlashSoundz Jones

    i often use intro tracks to transition with & i can see flip making this loads easier

  • Christian Fraser

    They would call me DJ Spatula

  • Rodrigo Pigatto

    Guess I would flip vocals over songs to create vocal versions edits of otherwise instrumental songs

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  • Deejay One-two

    Flip is dope for sample flipping, Gang Starr – mass appeal would be a good one to flip

  • FlyknitKEL

    i would use flip as a new tool in general not for just 1 thing, but for everything!!!!!! it has endless possibilities…. #FLIP #DJTT BTW this video example was beyond inspiring.

  • pixelbreak

    flippin some old skool house vocal

  • DeeJayIvan

    i would apply a few flips to chop up an acapella (similar to MK’s technique for vocals in his remixes) which could be looped over the dub of it’s original song and create a funky vocal dub edit

  • Gas Mask Electronic

    Live remixing

  • Bear Silber

    I would definitely Flip some old Busta Rhymes joints. Busta bus!

    • JDOvercash


  • Michael Hamm

    The things I could do with this, old school hip-hop can be brought back to life.

  • Deejay Score

    I want use Flip for my shows in clubs & radios, for create my own remixes in live , & tone play flip to

  • Pablo

    it´s cool

  • Alex Shock

    I would definitely use flip to shorten long intros and fuse them with electric choruses!

  • CUSP

    I’d like to use the flips to fill up my dance floor with minimal techno style elements.

  • Hallicious

    I want to flip the Commodores’ Machine Gun and mash it into Hey Ladies by the Beastie Boys

  • Phill Bell

    I would love flip, I would cut up more older classics from some 80’s flicks and turn them into tracks. off the top of my head the first movie I would dig into would be Labyrinth. and I would love to redo the edit I made lestat violin in queen of the damned.

  • djsomelike

    I wanna edit some tracks and make remixes of them

  • riddimdojo

    I would flip Jackson 5 “I want you back” the intro piano part.

  • riddimdojo


  • Damien Cross

    I would use the Rocky Theme with the Old Batman theme.

  • DJ Sac Fly

    I’m interested in learning, and seeing what types of songs – from hiphop to trap – that I can Flip up !

  • Jason Usher

    Im already making edits of tracks, this would save me the hassle of having multiple copies of the same thing!!

  • Daniel Dwyer

    I can see Flip being useful for making edits that will allow for more constructive mixes by being able to skip to complimentary elements of tracks and not being constrained by their original sequence

  • djmallon

    Great tool, I can see Flip being another major arsenal in DJ’s toolkits. Will be great to make quick clean edits without an entire new file!

  • D.N.A.

    Also a great way to create your own Clean mixes from a dirty mix; censor works as a FLIP control as well.

  • Lawrence Nichols

    I wanna edit my dad’s favorite 5th dimension song for some throwback fun!

  • Ean Golden

    well done Kutcorners, there are some damn creative mixes in there. More than just flip, folks should be taking note of the techniques and trying to incorporate some of these sample ideas as way’s to facilitate creative transitions.

  • RLC

    would love to try this with some other genres like techno and trap

  • Caius

    I really want to try and merge some samples from classic movies like 2001 A Space Odyssey, Star Wars and The Godfather into more contemporary house and EDM tunes

  • Kristof

    Definitly some Classic Tunes Mashed Up with some IDM