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  • Tyler

    This was one of the most simple but extremely important tips I learned from the ill.Gates workshops.. Those e-mails are valuable, especially exported from bandcamp with their location, etc

  • CUSP

    Here’s the ugly truth about e-mail: no one likes having any information pushed at them even when they sign up for it. Sure, it’s better that people opt in, by signing up for e-mail blasts, but no one wants to have to sift through countless e-mails to figure out what to do on the weekend, and how do they even find you in the first place to get on your e-mail feed?

    Ultimately you want something which helps your customers figure out what to do, even when you’re not there to give it to them.

    E-mail isn’t the secret, novel way to reach your customers, it’s a channel that is just as saturated as radio, TV, YouTube, Facebook, billboards, and other print media. Every sales channel screams “Look at me!” which burns that channel out a little bit each time it’s pushed too hard (like cocaine does to the cocaine uptake receptors in the brain). The difference between these two being (another classic sales method) “no one wants to be sold something, they want someone to help them buy what they want.”

    So what’s better than e-mail? The “connected friend”, the “tastemaker” for what you want to do, but only for as long as their tastes coincide with yours, and only while they’re trustworthy. We used to have magazines and radio stations to help us figure out where to go if we were into a style of music, and you typically had someone at a record store who could turn you onto radio stations, bands, and magazines. This is greatly needed as an app or music environment. now. Tastemakers helping other people find what they want to do.

    While someone can track you as an artist, that person isn’t well serviced by your e-mail proudly proclaiming yoru’re in a city 3,000 miles away. They would be serviced better if they were told you’re out of town, but this other, similar, artist IS in town and playing.

    I like to think of this as community building, instead of owning customers, you help them to love you even more, and nothing helps a customer buy more than feeling like they belong somewhere.

    • Mike Kraze

      You’ve given me a lot to think about, thanks!

    • David King

      Definitely agree – artists who share music beyond their own and become trusted sources.

      Email isn’t the magic bullet, but nothing is. But as a channel it gives you the best insight into who cares about your message and consistently engages with it.

      • CUSP

        I still think e-mail is more or less as dead. There’s just too much “too muchness”, and filtering out the noise is something which is highly valued.

        Broadcasting as hard as you can, while it does reach a lot of people, doesn’t mean you compel them to see you (ask any local band what their flyer-to-attendee ratio is and you’ll see it’s quite high… or rather, it takes a LOT of advertising to get even a small turn out).

        The best form of outside sales is word of mouth. This also ensures that if someone who is invested in whatever the thing is wants to keep that thing “high quality”, they will be discrete about who they invite to share the experience… unless they’re paid per head.

        We know how to reach out to people, we just don’t have the sophistication enough to reach out responsibly.

        Show that you care about more than the money.

    • Rob


  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    A companion article on how to formulate an email newsletter would be awesome.

    • David King

      Definitely – we are currently testing a number of different types of emails to see what works.

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        Awesome! I ask because I’ve recently been asked to think about possibly managing a weekly email newsletter, an article like that would be a great help. Frankly, DJTTs weekly newsletter is a main point of reference, always look forward to it.

  • calgarc

    MAILCHIMP!!! Its perfect… I use it with wordpress and have it linked to my contact form plugins too. I can send proper branded emails 😀 so easy to setup.

    lol I should write soemthing up in the forums 🙂