Setting Up and Using XDJ-1000s With Traktor Pro 2.8

With the new version of Traktor coming out just a few weeks ago and opening up HID mode to the sub-$1000 Pioneer XDJ-1000s, times are changing. Suddenly, a relatively affordable CDJ-style setup is available that works very easily with Traktor. Learn how to set up and use the players with Traktor in this guide.

Connecting + Updating 

There’s three simple steps for getting a pair of XDJs ready for use with Traktor:

How The XDJ/Traktor Connection Works

Once properly connected, all you have to do on the XDJ-1000s is choose the deck you want to control, and then instantly all of the controls are mapped and ready to be used. There’s no setup needed, which is great! Thanks Pioneer and NI for making this so easy.

Features that work:

  • All playback controls
  • Browsing the collection / library and loading tracks
  • Looping and Beatjump
  • Quantize and Slip/Flux modes

Features that don’t work:

  • Reverse mode (there’s no reverse playback in Traktor)
  • Vinyl start/stop speed knob (there’s no way to achieve this in Traktor without FX)
  • Loop Jump mode (this should be very easy for Pioneer to get working…)
  • Detailed Waveform (but you’ve got a computer to look at the detail easily)

Our Review Of This Style Of Setup

This setup is at once versatile (thanks to Traktor and having a massive library of songs) and familiar (thanks to the CDJ layout). We’re big fans, especially considering the price point – and we suspect that Pioneer and NI might continue to add more features in that are missing like Loop Jump.

If you’re more interested in just seeing how the XDJs hold up on their own in standalone, check out our review here:

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  • Cleiton Júnior

    difficulty in doing recognition In HID
    version of traktor 2.11.0
    version of xdj 1.30
    help me please
    thank you !!

  • Josh Daley

    Hi, can this be done with the Kontrol S8 as well? I want to connect to XDJs to my S8, but I can’t find any info about this online. Thanks!

  • Trevor

    For the love of god someone figure this out for the xdj 1000 mk II.
    Im so sick of rekordbox.
    And native and pioneer are definitely going to take thier time with a compatibility update.
    One of you wizards out there make it so:'(

  • Scott Carritt

    I cant get this to work! djtechtool gods please help!!!

    setup – mac laptop + 2 XDJ1000’s + ZONEDB2 mixer

    all firmware is up to date, all software is up to date, almost everythign works except the audio from both decks only goes through channel 4??

    I connect usb cable to each xdj, connect decks A & B via HID mode, everything seems to work, I can search tracks, play, cue, all XDJ / Traktor functionality works except the audio of both decks only goes through deck 4. Both XDJ’s are connected via RCA to mixer.. I have tried just about every routing combination, also tried the aggregator tool, nothing works.. please help!!!

  • Ray Eng

    Have you or any other user tested this with the F1 and an X1 as well? I use the X1 to scroll on my playlist/load and the F1 to do many other live loops or stems (future)?


  • Tony Mitchell

    XDJ’s are so freaking nice.

  • Ole Sørensen

    Good news and good article. Thanks. Does HID work with the XDJ-RX?

    • Dan White

      Not yet – but to be honest, it doesn’t need it.

      • Ole Sørensen

        OK. Thanks. I think that would be nice though.

  • Mats

    Actually the CDJ-400 can be used in HID mode…

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    Using the XDJ-1000 with Traktor does mean losing features the controller offers. You also have the other issue of bugs in Native Instruments software that after 6 years of recommending Traktor to others, I have now ditched for Rekordbox. It means I play the majority or tracks via USB-keys and doing quick searches via the computer which is basically working as a backup. I cannot see any reason to use Traktor with the XDJ-1000 because of the reduction in functionality if you own Pioneer equipment.
    Yet with all that being the case however, the Traktor 2.8 compatibility does mean you can just now take your Laptop to a club without bringing your usual weapons of choice if you don’t use Rekordbox, that is if you can trust Traktor not to gitter, drop audio and completely crash your laptop.

    • Dan White

      Hey Anthony,
      What “reduction in functionality” bothers you most? Being able to have a much larger, easier to search library on Traktor as well as being able to use secondary controllers makes HID mode a win for me – even if you lose the Reverse and brake speed controls…

      Also, 2.8 has been pretty stable all the way around – way better than the 2.7 update.

      • Anthony Woodruffe

        Hi Dan,
        The library I have in Rekordbox is just as large as my Traktor library as it is the same iTunes library. There is also no difference in ease of finding tracks either. I can search by any field in both Rekordbox and Traktor.
        I’ve been a huge fan of Traktor since 2009 but as you can appreciate there are only so many times you can tolerate the software interrupting a night of music. Sadly this is where I’m at with Traktor which since 2.6 had started to produce glitches and audio dropouts from time to time. Some of these occasions were during moments where guests didn’t really notice anything, . Other times people would be stopped in their tracks staring at me like I was trying to ruin their fun. Whether the fault really lies with Traktor or with OSX, is always going to be an issue but what should be the beauty of a ‘closed system’ like OSX hasn’t stopped me from having problems.
        I maybe in the minority with thousands of users having hours of non-interuptable music, I on the other hand have nearly lost 2 big clients because Traktor decided I was going to crash multiple-times in one night making the whole entertainment production for that night look totally unprofessional.

        But on to ‘reduced functionality’; No reverse or vinyl break isn’t really a deal breaker but why still spend $2000 for just 2 deck control in Trakor and no effects just to have large jogwheels? There are many other better and cheaper alternatives actually from Native Instruments themselves which should offer far greater reliability and on-the-fly remix versatility.

        At present I’m very happy with my new XDJ-1000 setup. I do think Pioneer needs to add a better playlist building workflow and the search function on the XDJ-1000 needs more variables. However it needs to be highlighted the computer has now become more of a backup as opposed to the main source point which was my goal in moving to Pioneer.

        Sorry my reply was so long but my troubles with Traktor have been going on for almost a year. That’s over 50 weddings with software failures causing disappointment at such an import occasion.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Of course it’s stupid to buy CDJs/XDJs for the purpose of using them as a Traktor controller. You can get basically everything (or even more) 2 CDJs can do with the X1 but when playing in clubs and they are there. Why not.

      • Anthony Woodruffe

        Using Traktor with club installed XDJs is what I put in my comment. We’re spinning the same track here.

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    Thanks for this nice tutorial. What a shame that Pioneer prevents other companys from using the displays at their full power. Traktor Waveforms on the displays would be awesome!

    • Dan White

      Remember, we don’t know *exactly* about how these kinds of integrations go down. It could very well be NI limiting the displays being used on the CDJs, as they have two new products that have high resolution screens on them…


    Can you adjust the loop with the platter while holding down out or in loop function

    • Dennis Olivieira

      Yes you can.

  • Adrian Bardet

    So what about CDJ-900 Nexus?

    • kebabtoy

      Works fine now! plug n play like CDJ-2000s 🙂

    • Dan White

      Yep, they also work with the 2.8 update 🙂

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    Not everybody is willing to buy an overpriced, non-customizable MacBook. For those that have invested in something with Windows as an operating system, the driver can be found on the same page as Firmware download here…

    • Dan White

      Hey Oddie,
      I specifically mention downloading the Window driver in the video 🙂

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Just didn’t see it in the write up. I have a pair of old 900’s and I was just wondering a few things about the XDJ…

        Do you know if they have the same Wolfson DACs as the 900’s and 2000’s?
        Does it have the same frame rate per second as the 900’s and 2000’s at 150 fps or the 75 fps like the CDJ 850’s?

        Just doing a bit of model comparison, thinking of upgrading after this party season by using my old 900’s as trade-ins. Just wondering if these would be a viable candidate or if I should “bite the bullet” and grab a pair of 900NXS? Here in Canada a 900NXS go for about $1700, where as an XDJ goes for about $1200-$1300… a 2000 for about $2500 (retail).

        • lostinsound

          Hi! Random Guest here (and XDJ-1000 + DJM-900NXS owner). The XDJ does not utilize the Wolfson DAC unfortunately. That said, the sound quality trade off is not noticeable (i.e. no presence of aliasing noise/digital artifacts). Personally, I use my DJM-900NXS as the sound card with the XDJs as controller. That said, I still keep the RCA connection in tact in case of an emergency and I need to switch sources. I can’t find any specific documentation about the FPS, however, I would be that it’s slightly better than the 2000NXS. I know that sounds a bit absurd, but when you take a look at the display resolution/clarity and fluid animation, it’s pretty easy to see the upgrade. Hope this helps. Cheers.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Thanks for the info. The frames per second that I speak of are how many “slices” or increments each second are broken down into. It’s why a nudge on an 850 had more travel than a nudge on a 900 or 2000. It’s also why the 850’s weren’t as precise at looping than their bigger brothers. I have a DJM 850, but find that I only use the audio interface when doing change overs with DJ’s that are using USB keys or if I intend on using remix decks.

          • lostinsound

            Sorry for the delayed response! I totally understand what you mean with the FPS now, sorry I was thinking it terms of the screen’s animation vs. the FPS using the jog. As far as I can tell, the FPS is extremely precise, I’ve been able to create very accurate loops with relative ease (and speed!). If I were in your shoes, I would purchase a single deck from a shop with a no hassle 30-day money back policy and then get some hands on time with it. It took me about a day to really get use to the touch screen vs. having actual physical button counterparts. However, the screen is so responsive I don’t even think twice about the previously mentioned physical buttons. 🙂 Also, the USB component is extremely fast with regards to reading the input device (ex: flash drive, external HDD) which is always appreciated. Cheers.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            The more that I’ve been thinking it over, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably end up trading up to a pair of 900NXS once my DJM is paid off. I get a few friends rolling through my area from Toronto and Montreal. They tend to be a bit more willing to do parties and radio spots if I have something close to a big room feel for hardware. Right now I’m “getting by” with an 850 and a pair of CDJ900s. I’d like to mount a small router in my coffin case and be able to have guests connect Rekordbox through it with a tablet or smartphone. Ty for the input, cheers.

          • Dennis Olivieira

            I always advice to use the onboard soundcard on a Mixer of you using CDJ/XDJ. If you OWN a DJM900/2000 or 850, or any other brand like Denon or A&H with a onboard soundcard use that soundcard for you output source.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Workflows change, especially when you have friends come out to play. The audio interface in the DJM isn’t always open, I have friends that need it for Cross, Serato and the ones that I’ve converted to Traktor. It all depends on the person that played before me or the one playing after, I use what the situation calls for to keep dead air to a minimum.

      • DaMelloOne

        Only problem with this is that the Pioneer drivers are 32 bit whereas Traktor has 64 bit capabilities now. In order to use the built in soundcards on the Pioneer decks, you will have to run Traktor in 32 bit mode. This is on a Windows machine. I don’t think Mac’s are affected by this.

  • mgerrard10

    What is the soundcard like on these units? Any better than an Audio 8? Any info on their specs?

  • Dimmis Boulas

    That was a nice presentation… but still, I’ve got 2 questions to ask…

    – Is it possible to load tracks from the XDJ’s USB port while it’s connected with Traktor?
    – How many hot-cue points does the XDJ device supports (since in Traktor there are 8 avail options for hot-cue points) ?

    • Dan White

      Hey Dimmis, thanks for that. Answers:
      1. Yes! You might have to reselect the deck you’re controlling when you hit Link again though.
      2. I’m pretty sure right now you can only trigger 3 of them with the XDJ. I’ll double check …

      • Dimmis Boulas

        thanks Dan! 🙂

    • Dennis Olivieira

      If you want to control more cuepionts than that 3 avialable on the XDJ you can use a controller such as X1 to control more. Of use a iPad with Lemur, Touch OSC or Conductr to controle more Cuepionts. I use that or my iPad or X1 beside my CDJ2000nexus. There is an anthor option possible to remap some functions in The XDJ such as the beatjump functions to use as Cuepionts trigger buttons. Is up to you.

      • Dimmis Boulas

        thanks Dennis! 🙂