Ableton Live 9.2 Out Now; Free Mad Zach 64 Pad Push Pack

There’s a brand new update to Ableton Live released today, version 9.2. The update tackles latency and warping, and adds new features like Max for Live 7 and an instrument Tuner. There’s a new 64 pad mode for Push users, and even a Mad Zach soundpack included to demo the mode. Read on for details!

Want to start downloading 9.2 right away? Click here.

Latency Cleanup

In 9.2, Ableton has focused a fair amount on reducing the overall amount of latency when using third-party plug-ins and Max For Live devices. Traditionally only Ableton’s built-in plugins and devices had the lowest reliable latency, but it seems like making this same smooth experience possible for all users is a focus for this release. You can also monitor the latency:

“The latency introduced by a device is now displayed in the status bar, when hovering over the title bar with the mouse. No latencies are shown when latency compensation is turned off.”

Additionally, they’ve made both automation and modulation parameters latency-compensated.

Warp factor 9.2, engage!

Better Warping

One of the most used tools for DJs who use Ableton is the built-in time/audio stretching engine, that Ableton calls warping. In 9.2, there’s been a lot of attention put on making it even better:

“Transients are punchier in Complex and Complex Pro modes, downbeat detection has been improved and warping is now even more accurate. The new Warp Selection command lets you warp a selected portion of a sample to a precise bar length.”

64-Pad Mode For Push + Free Mad Zach Pack

For owners of the powerful Ableton Push instrument, the new update also unlocks the ability to use all 64 pads on one instance of a drum rack. You can quickly switch between the 64 mode and the 16 pad mode (for step sequencing). To make sense of how to best use the 64-pad mode, Ableton’s gotten Mad Zach to build an extensive drum rack (available for free download here) and put together a video of him sharing his tips and tricks on the new mode:

Tuner + Max For Live 7

There’s a ton of other smaller bug fixes and “further under-the-hood improvements” which Ableton has detailed here in the release notes. But two of the biggest small additions include a Tuner Device (which for some reason Live hasn’t ever added prior to this) and the integration of a brand new version of Max For Live, Max 7.

Ableton’s new Tuner

Serato Bridge Lives?

A final addendum here from the release notes – version 9.2’s are the first we’ve seen in a while that mention the old Serato Bridge. The update simple adds compatibility to this legacy software connection:

“The Serato bridge is now compatible with Live 9.2”

But Serato is phasing out support and development for Scratch Live this year. Could there be a chance that a new version of the Bridge could be coming soon, or is this just Ableton appeasing a group of users who are still using the Bridge?

Download the new version of Ableton Live here

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