Routine: Jayceeoh On CDJs, Turntables, Serato Club Kit, and DDJ-SP1

We love seeing club DJs who have a refined set of technical skills that goes beyond mixing from one track to the next – so Serato’s recent highlighting of LA-based DJ Jayceeoh is really awesome. He started out as a battle DJ and now has moved onto regular club work and production.

Watch his great routine below – he’s rocking two Technics 1200s, a DJM-900NXS, two CDJ-2000NXS, and a DDJ-SP1 controller for cuepoints and samples. It’s all connected through Serato’s recently-released Club Kit, which allows use of Serato DJ with a number of DJ mixers that previously would not unlock the software.

Want more? Serato also shot this interview with Jayceeoh about his production work:

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CDJ-2000NXSddj-SP1DJM-900NXSjayceeohtechnics 1200
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  • deejae snafu


  • Lu Ynoji

    what i like here is he is not showing off his skills, he makes sure that the tricks and skill he has are applied in a musical way and work perfectly with the track, liked it
    many times scratch performers ( at least in my opinion) dont always make sense.. how they scratch, when, with what( sound wise) etc.; totally spot on here