MIDI Mapping The DJM 900 Mixer To Traktor

Most people love the DJM 900 + Traktor combo, but assume you need to bring your own controller to the club. Did you know that in loads of DJ booths around the world, there’s a controller that’s already there? The Pioneer DJM 900 is completely MIDI-mappable, and can be used in any number of diverse ways – learn how to set it up with this tutorial from new DJTT contributor Angel.

Almost every single knob, fader, switch, or button is MIDI-mappable on the DJM-900 Nexus to programs like Traktor. That means that you can use knobs/buttons/faders to control any-thing in your software without extra equipment. Instead of bringing a dedicated effects controller, just midi map the DJM 900 to Traktor Effect and you will have a perfect performance console.

Some important notes when mapping inside Traktor:

  • Faders & Knobs: Make sure to select “Fader / Knob” as type of controller and “Direct” for Interaction Mode.
  • Switches: Switches should also be set to “Fader / Knob” as type of controller, and “Relative” for interaction mode.
  • Depending on the mapped function of the switch, you’ll want to play with the rotary sensitivity that best fits the adjustment you need for whatever you have mapped it to do.
  • Buttons: Buttons should be set to “Button” as type of Controller, however they can only be used in “Hold” for their interaction mode as all buttons on the 900 are built in as On-Off and can’t function in any other way.
  • MIDI-OUT: The 900 Nexus cannot receive a midi signal, so you do not have to map any Midi-out signals inside of Traktor.

Now that you know how to map the Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus with Traktor, learn more about basic midi mapping in general in this article. 

Do you have a mixer that you’ve made a MIDI-mapping for? Let us know in the comments! 

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    Are the Mic-gains and Mic-EQ knobs mappable??

  • hwkspkn

    im in the middle of transitioning to a modular traktor setup with djm 900 nexus at the center. . sorry for the potentially redundant question, but am curious if it is imperative to map the faders etc to the software? i was initially under the impression that it would be a plug and play situation. and what if i show up to a gig with same mixer, will i have to re map to that mixer? thx so much yall. .

  • Erik Lohr

    Do these apply to the DJM 900SRT as well?

  • Anupam Dham

    is it possible to connect djm-900 nexus and numark mixtrack pro (both) with traktor at the same time?

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  • elseanjuan

    This article got me to try using Traktor again instead of just Rekordbox. I used the 4 little “Fader Start” buttons for “Echo Freeze” and “Active Loop” which are the biggest things I use as far as Traktor goes vs Rekordbox. I find the Echo Freeze with the Pioneer mixers just isn’t as good as you can do with Traktor Mapped.

    • Angel D Verde

      Dope! I use the fader start buttons for load the next track when doing quick hit mixes or complex routines. Those are great buttons to map for sure. Now if they were just a little bigger and a hair more spaced out 😉

  • Scott Frost

    Can you do this with a DB4 🙂

    • Angel D Verde

      I haven’t personally tried it, but according to the A&H website the DB4 is also fully midi mappable.

  • killmedj

    Dope! I use a 900 at home and at gigs and this has given me some great ideas! Thanks man.

    • Angel D Verde

      Awesome! The 900 is a great mixed for sure. Getting people’s gears turning on pushing this mixers features was defiantly this idea here. I’m working on a really rad mapping but defiantly share anything cool you come up with. Cheers!

      • killmedj

        Dope! Will do!

  • Ricardo Thomas

    can the pioneer 850 be midi mapped also?

    • Angel D Verde

      Sure can! Both the 850 and 750 can be mapped to midi.