Livid Instruments Minim: A Pocket Sized Wireless Controller

With controllerism, DJs have adopted a mindset of constantly redesigning their setups to be lighter and more compact. Some DJs can get by on only a USB drive but others prefer the versatility of a controller. Bags and cases can make carrying a larger controller easier, it isn’t always the most convenient option. Livid Instruments is aiming to help DJs and producers looking for compact setups with their new Kickstarter for their next innovation, Minim.

Minim: A Pocket-Sized Wireless Instrument

Pocket-sized instruments have been popping up more recently with innovations like the Pocket Operator Synths. Livid Instruments’ Minim is made with a sleek and ergonomic design that allows producers to control their iOS apps, DAWs, software plug-ins, and MIDI effects. Minim comes packaged with a stand-alone app that is made to bridge 3rd party apps with Minim’s controls allowing the producer to use it as an instrument, sampler, sequencer, and anything else that can be programmed to a knob.

The device is built using touch and pressure sensitive controls, 3D motion sensors, and wireless connectivity abilities. The touch controls (15 RGB buttons and 8 pads) can be used to trigger samples and the pressure encoders allow for velocity controls to be programmed in addition to action controls. The 3D motion sensors can turn the device into a 3D effect controller, and it will also be able to connect to Macs and iOS devices wirelessly; no word yet on Windows and Android devices.

The device has an iPhone demeanor (similar to how the QuNeo was the size and shape of the iPad). With its sleek design and diverse controls, the Minim has the potential to be the artist’s pocket controller for on-the-fly jam sessions.

Livid launched Minim with a 30-day campaign on, and they’re seeking $40,000 to take Minim from the drawing board to production. Backers of the campaign are able to pre-order a Minim at a discounted rate or choose from a mix of other potential awards.

Check out Minim by visiting Livid Instruments’ Kickstarter here.

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  • Nikola Zaykov

    I’m backer in the KickStarter campaign. I didn’t received my Minim still, but as far as I read the inside comments of all backers yet receive it, it’s not what we expect. All of them complain about the build quality, and the problem with the USB port which it doesn’t charge properly. We got promised special lightning USB cable, but none of the over 650 backers didn’t receive it. Few of them got 2 minims, and received only one… It’s huge mess with Livid

  • Micahdebick

    I got mine a few days ago. If you’re reading this and considering buying one, don’t. It’s a piece of crap. Bluetooth midi sucks, build quality is fair at best. and lately, it wont even connect to my Macbook making it entirely unusable. I want to like this thing, but Livid makes it hard to do so.
    Im considering getting a refund or selling it to buy a more reliable controller like a Quneo.

  • Be

    I hope there’s a USB adapter to use it as a class compliant MIDI device and not deal with their proprietary software.

  • Onion Soup

    But would this still be useful when Apple manages to get pressure sensitivity and haptic feedback (“force touch” and “taptic engine”) to their iOS line? It’s bound to happen, it already showed up on the Mac from the Watch.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tactile response, but would you really shove an extra controller in your pocket if your phone was velocity/aftertouch sensitive and gave you a button-like response?

    Just checked out the force touch trackpad at an Apple Store recently, it truly feels like you’re pushing down on a button.

    • sanwa

      Touchscreens can and will never be able to compete with physical buttons when it comes to tactile input – they can be quite good, but there will always be a market for a button that physically exists, particularly in music

      • Fayek Helmi

        you’d be surprised…. i honestly don’t doubt for a second that eventually buttons will be replaced with touch screens that provide you with tactile feedback.. it’s the knobs that are the impossible replacement

  • lokey

    OOH. this would be a great utility controller to complement an ipad-based linnstrument setup…

  • Rob Ticho,Club mU

    I’m assuming wireless via bluetooth. Can you confirm?

    Livid makes great gear. I’m always impressed when I have a chance to mess around with their stuff.

    • Travis Bonnet

      Yes, it connects via Bluetooth and natively with Apple’s Bluetooth LE MIDI