Phaser Effect + CDJ Cue/Scratch Technique: Throwback Tutorial

The Phaser effect: like flanger, it’s one of the more overwhelming effects in a DJ’s arsenal, and rarely sounds good when applied with reckless abandon. For a fun Saturday post, we went through a number of old videos on YouTube and found this fun, simple tutorial from Pioneer on using Phaser in a unique way with a pair of (retro) CDJs. Watch and enjoy below.

Phaser Effect + Cue Point Technique:

Here’s our breakdown of the key steps in the video to drum in a cue over a phaser to create pitched/phased effect:

  • Set a cue point at the beginning of a song/phrase on the CDJ
  • Select the Phaser effect on your DJ mixer + apply it to the correct deck
  • Turn on the Phaser effect (you’ll want to play with the wet/dry levels depending on how intense you want it)
  • Tap the cue button / push the CDJ platter in time with the playing track in a drumming rhythm
  • The track will always return back to that cue as long as you don’t hit play

If you enjoyed this throwback tutorial (it’s pretty awesome seeing a CDJ-850 and DJM-700 in a video again), you might also like these DJTT effects tutorials:

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