Pioneer MIDI Mixer Teased for Rekordbox DJ?

Pioneer has released a second new promo teaser video less than one week after another for their upcoming Rekordbox DJ software – this one focused on a piece of hardware. There’s way too much out-of-focus teasing going on in this video (show us the product already), but we’ve done our best to break down what the controller/mixer holds in store. Based on what we can tell so far, it looks like it could be a Pioneer MIDI mixer, but we are only speculating that off a few quick shots.

Once you get over the feeling like you just tried to inspect a new piece of DJ gear while on drugs, (“I kept seeing flashes of colors and faders, man!”), there’s actually a bit of useful information that we were able to get out of the video by going frame-by-frame:

Designed For Vinyl / DVS

Ground your turntables, please.

There’s a number of things in this video that implies this controller or mixer is meant to be used with DVS: lots of movement of a crossfader, a set of numbers that are 6, 8, and 15 (likely percentage +/- on tempo controls? commenters have correctly pointed out that this is actually indicating when we’ll learn more – August 8th, 2015), and one big tell in the above screenshot – a GND point for grounding turntables. Also the video is called “Prepare for battle” – a pretty good sign it’s a battle-style mixer.

Unique Pioneer Control Layout

We’re also noticing a few things in the quick glimpses that would indicate that this mixer is not like anything else we’ve seen from Pioneer – mainly how the controls are laid out. There’s a Slicer button on the main/middle section (above the mixing section):

There’s also this strange layout that looks like a set of Color FX on a DJM mixer – but “Flanger” and “Back Spin” seem more like beat/instant FX to me..

This Is A Controller For Rekordbox DJ

See the FX 2 assign button in this screencap?

Here’s the key tell for us that it’s a controller that lines up with what we saw in last week’s video: FX assignment buttons. Pioneer has never used this style of buttons to assign FX on their mixers or controllers – with FX and the deck written in the button itself. You know where we did see this style of controls recently? In last week’s Rekordbox DJ software teaser:

Note the 4-button layout for FX – seems all too similar

Pioneer MIDI Battle Mixer

My personal suspicion is that Pioneer is launching a competitor to the Kontrol Z2 mixer / upgrade to the DJM-T1 mixer that will take full advantage of a hybrid two-channel mixing section and additional MIDI controls for Rekordbox DJ all over the unit. Notice that we never saw anything in this teaser that was clearly any distance away from the mixer section – likely that’s all there is!

See something we missed in the teaser? Let us know in the comments and add your speculations.

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  • Scott Frost

    The pictures look like something Numark would make…. not very appealing… while RGB pads have their place, it makes the mixer look too busy… that’s just a personal opinion.

  • GLL

    Here it is. The Pioneer DJM-S9.

  • GLL

    Here you go!

  • Scott Frost

    I wonder what NI has up their butts….it’s been 3 years since the Z2, I don’t think they are sitting around….

  • von Eckmann

    made for serato

  • Lappen

    another overpriced Pioneer product…

    • dj amsterdam

      i bet 2000$

      • Lappen

        retail price of $1699.00

  • fACEbOOk

    rane 63 mk 9

  • No Qualms

    If it’s another Z2 type mixer I will be sorely disappointed.
    But if it is a stand-alone DVS mixer like an XDJ-RX, but just the mixer section then I will jizz in my pants! ?

    • JS?JRD?.

      …are you referring to the Z2’s build quality issues or just not a fan of its overall usability? Just trying to understand your point of view.

      • No Qualms

        Nope nothing wrong with the build quality, though the shiny black looks grubby super quick. I’m referring to the need of a laptop. Pioneer has shown with the XDJ-RX that they can make an awesome stand-alone DVS system. This is the hole in the market and will be revolutionary. Another mixer/interface is nothing new and not worth the hype.

  • DjBM

    there is a serato logo on the bottom left of this mixer

  • Kevin M

    A Twitter video by Young Guru that has since been taken down may have leaked a picture of the new mixer.

  • DJCela

    with faders like old MPC’s

  • DJCela

    it might be a maschine with built in soundcard

  • Marco Morales


  • BreakNek

    I found it very interesting that Serato’s facebook page shared this video as well…

    • Hank Cortez

      because it will have serato in it…

  • Gavin Varitech

    Saw a pic of this mixer and I’m not feeling it. But for some people its going to be perfect.

    • Andrew Peek

      I call bs share it

        • Mr Wilks

          Hey Young Guru! Pioneer have just struck you off their Christmas card list for 2015. Sorry!

          After seeing the video/pics being spaffed all over the DJ community today THEN seeing this article it seems kinda funny retro-reading speculative articles. It just goes to show our lust for new gear and how excited we get as DJs.

          Shame it’s been leaked but suppose Samsung is having a ‘mare too with it’s Note 5. It’s impossible to take back something that’s out there in web-land. One rogue push of that ‘POST’ button and someone’s product launch isn’t as secretive.

          When so many people are involved in a new product launch from the designers, to the testers, to the production line, to the packaging, to the marketing team, to the distribution network. Hundreds of people have probably been secretly involved at some point during development over the last year or so just for some over-excited DJ upload a video revealing it three days before launch.


          • Jonathan Chasse

            I have a feeling it was leek was a calculated move companies do it all the time

          • Mr Wilks

            I’m not sure on a leak. Pio like their build-ups and this didn’t seem right. To me it really looked like am innocent upload from someone who was excited to see “Jazz hands” in action. I think he didn’t realise what it was he was actually filming. He does have many followers so someone pocked it up. I mean, who wouldn’t? It was an SP-1 glued into a mixer.

            Controlled leaks are common but I saw a bit on the video on DJ Worx that got pulled instantly. I think it was damage limitation by Pio.

    • Andrew Peek

      Why not just share the pic with your original comment?

  • Tomeu

    It has to had like big cues, better touchscreen like lemur digital faders or x y controls, good fx.. i hope nice big filter hp lp filters, good post fx delays.. will see!

  • JS?JRD?.

    …You think this mixer will be enough for Jazzy Jeff to jump off the Rane 62, maybe even Serato (although I HIGHLY doubt that)? Haven’t seen him play out with his 909 in quite a while. But i’m curious to see what this is all about and how versatile it could be

    • philskillz

      I haven’t seen Jeff on a 909 in well over a year

    • Sam

      Jeff is a big fan of the 909 and you can bet that he will be the first to rock it!

    • Hank Cortez

      jeff is the one that designed it……………….

  • qberts minion

    pioneer battle mixer

  • Safety

    6, 8, 15 surely means 6th of August 2015 – since everyone else but murica reads it that way.

  • tilldrop

    6, 8,15 = Aug 6th, 2015 = probably the release/reveal date; not pitch %.
    Source: YouTube video info.

    • Dan White

      Nice catch. Looks like they added that…

  • fusiongrooves

    The biggest clue: the voiceover referenced “…909 on super steroids” …Pioneer 909 Scratch Mixer…