First Look: Pioneer’s DJM-S9 Mixer, PC-X10 Cartridges + Gold Plated Gear

With the pace of technology today it is amazing to see that DJs still rock vinyl and turntables while most DJs just carry around a flash drive for their gigs. Pioneer announced on Thursday morning the release of a brand new 2-channel mixer built for Serato DJ and a new cartridge, the PC-X10, that ensures skip resistance and high output when accompanied by the PLX-1000. With all that, the company will also be releasing limited edition gold plated gear. Read more below about the DJM-S9, PC-X10, and gold Pioneer models.

Want an S9? They’re available for preorder in the DJTT store here.

Pioneer DJM-S9: Personalized Mixing

The DJM-S9 2-channel mixer is tailored for Serato DJ and turntablists who are looking for a performance mixer that can handle a DJ’s high-intensity level of input. Inside are two USB soundcards with top-deck input switchers for easy transitions between mediums. The mixer also delivers plug-and-play intergration with Serato DJ’s four deck layout while also natively supporting DVS.

One of the biggest features of the unit is the Magvel Fader Pro that is installed. This cross fader is said to offer low-latency and a fast, accurate response. All the while DJs can change the operational load using the Feeling Adjust dial located at the front of the mixer. With that, DJs will also find three different shock-absorbing Fader Bumpers included to choose the level of resistance and controls to configure Curve and Reverse parameters.

The integration with Serato DJ is where this mixer really hits home as it is fully MIDI compatible and completely functional out of the box. Upon first glance DJs will notice 16 multi-colored performance pads that can trigger and manipulate the Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, and Loop features of Serato DJ.

An organic EL display shows what mode is in use thus allowing the DJ to keep her eyes on the mixer and off the computer screen. Also, DJs will imediately have 15 on-board Beat FX to control the popular Echo, Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser and Trans effects in time with the BPM. On the right DJs can add six more effects to their favorite Serato DJ FX out of the 55 FXs powered by iZotope. Nothing is official, but one can assume that the DJM-S9 is aiming to compete among other major 2-channel mixers on the market that cater to turntablists.

The DJM-S9 will be available in Fall 2015, with a retail price of $1699.00

PC-X10: The Latest in Cartitridge Technology

For turntablists, cartridges are sacred and when one goes bad it isn’t always easy (and affordable) to find new ones. Pioneer unveiled their updated turntable, the PLX-1000, last year and now there is a cartridge that will be readily available for the unit. The PC-X10 is made to deliver a high output and skip resistance functionality to ensure that the needle sticks to the record during the most energetic performances.

The PC-X10 cartridge comes with the replaceable PN-X10 stylus and will be available online in the USA from the Pioneer DJ Store in November 2015 with a retail price of $149.00.  The PN-X10 stylus can also be bought separately with a retail price of $55.00.

The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Pioneer enthusiasts and fashionable DJs will be excited to hear that the company will be releasing limited edition gold models of the PLX-1000 turntable and the DJM-S9 late Fall 2015. Both models will feature a gold finish (caret unknown) and elements of gold throughout their design which includes the turntable’s tone arm and the mixer’s Magvel Fader and channel faders. There will only be 1,000 PLX-1000-Ns and 500 DJM-S9-Ns worldwide, meaning that potentially only 500 DJs will own the gold Pioneer set-up. (That’s assuming they are sold one mixer and two turntables per customer.)

The limited edition gold DJM-S9-N will also be available in late Fall 2015 with a retail price of $1799.00– the perfect companion to the limited edition gold PLX-1000-N turntable that launches at the same time with a retail price of $799.00. The whole package will cost $3397.00 before tax.

This is a lot of news coming out of Pioneer HQ and it will be interesting to see how DJs react to the DJM-S9 and it’s functionality with Serato DJ. The mixer can potentially become a standard for turntablists and with the release of their PC-X10 stylists the world may see a new Pioneer set-up in DJ booths worldwide.

Are you interested in the DJM-S9? How about gold plated turntables?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • goatstaog

    Am I wasting my time reading this?

  • Chew Bear

    Im a little confused…

    Please tell me that included with the mixer is a FULL SERATO DJ LICENSE/DOWNLOAD right…?

    So…in theory…I would ONLY have to buy the DVS expansion pack and control vinyl separately in order to have my FULL DVS setup/experience right…?

    I mean…it should right…given the high price and all. It would SUCK if it did not and you have to buy Serato DJ too alongside the DVS exp pack.

    No where on Pioneers site or an e-tailer site…can I find info as to whats included software wise.


    • goatstaog

      I can play vinyl without a fucking license.

  • wawcoco

    “The DJM-S9 is the first model to come from Pioneer since the release of the DJM-2000 years ago. ” are you kidding me?

  • Alvaro Sandoval

    Has anyone else been wondering why it says on the site, “you can easily access the on-board FX and use the Performance Pads to give tactile performances without the software.”

    “Without the software”? I thought maybe one could use the performance pads without the software, but maybe just an incorrect sentence?

  • Michael Dieblich

    A new 909? With Hot 8 Hotcues per channel? Sounds great to me if you ask. The design might be more like a NI device (all the colorfull, blinky buttons!), but if I don’t have to take my 909 + Rane SL + DDJ SP1 to a gig that’s fine for me. Can’t wait to get my hands on it in our local DJ store. PS: gold edition? You should buy a golden MacBook 12″ + golden iPad + golden iPhone + golden Beats headphones as well and become DJ MIDAS X’D.

    • Jérôme LeBel

      …and a golden shower 😛

  • deejae snafu


    • DJBM

      its a 2+2 mixer read…. 4 channel control

      • dj Mos dm

        haha lol

      • deejae snafu

        have you ever tried sharing EQs on 2 live tracks? if so you woulda saved this reply…

  • Gemini Boi

    Gotta give it up to the marketing team. Big names involved to promote this mixer. Funny they have Qbert to talk about it when he has his own mixer that was just released. Lol Still looks like an awesome mixer and glad it’s not over priced

  • Be

    Does anyone care at $3400?

  • real deal

    but it doesnt have a sync button.

    • goatstaog

      I’m still one of the poor souls who has not used Serato – but I do have Rane 56 and 1200s – what does the sync button do?

  • Arcell DjAce Ellis

    Actuall a Rane 62 is 50 dollars cheaper 1649.00

    • frekkie

      And its 50 times uglier too…pioneer will knock range out of the box with this

      • Arcell DjAce Ellis

        Love my 62

      • Arcell DjAce Ellis

        Rene 62 is pretty and clean looking mixer, so stop with the fan boyism! Lol

  • Eduardo

    as far as cartridges, ill stick to shure m44-7’s for now

  • Onno Kaell

    It really looked wicked sick!
    I really, really, really want THIS Mixer but for TRAKTOR! It is everything the DJM T1 and Z2 are/should have been + all the features (incl. Hardware FX) that those mixers were missing! So plz N.I. or Pioneer give us a new Traktor Battle Mixer (the DJM T1 is no longer being sold, and/or supported and the Z2 is starting to get old!

    Oh but please add ext. FX Loop and a Footpedal/switch in!

  • DirtyDisco

    Interesting that they are using Serato, and this is not announced in conjunction with their Rekordbox announcement…..Serato even printed on the mixer.

    Good news for me with an SX2, as it seems they arrant divorcing Serato 🙂

  • Admiralty

    It’s nearly 1300 Groats for a Serato controller with a scratch mixer attached…
    I’m in the wrong business.

    Painting it gold only certifies you are a bit of a bell-end.
    I bet Steve Aoki will get a full of them.

  • DigiDug

    Will the cue buttons work directly with a cdj/xdj? Or do they only work with software?

    • deejdave

      Software. This is a Serato DJ device and works just like any other SDJ device offering performance pads. Keep in mind even the CDJ’s when connected to the software are acting as midi controllers as well. It is not the software controlling the CDJ’s it is the CDJ’s controlling the software.

      • DigiDug

        I understand the CDJs controlling the software, but why wouldn’t the mixer to also be able to hit cue points on the CDJ/XDJ? I would think they would make that part of the functionality of the “best DJ mixer ever”.

        Is this something you’re sure of, or just guessing?

        • deejdave

          Again the cue points buttons on the CDJ/XDJ (when connected to the software) are simply controlling the software. The same applies to the mixer’s performance pads. That is as far as that goes. There is no communication between the mixer and CDJ’s. As a matter of fact the Ethernet (cat V) port required to have the CDJ’s/DJM’s communicate are no longer present. In other words not only am I sure but this is impossible as how would it even tell the CDJ what to do?

          If the mixer and CDJs are connected to the software then both sets of performance pads (eg cue point buttons) control the same thing. If not connected to the software the CDJ buttons still control Rekordbox, USB drive or SD card or even CD/DVD. The mixers performance pads will do nothing in this case. This is no different than if a CDJ/XDJ was connected to the Rane 62 or 64.

          • Andrew Peek

            you can control serato from the mixer yes. just like the t1 could. It isn’t done via ethernet cables like cdjs and rekordbox link. It is done via USB cable. if this thing can run rekordbox from the mixer now that is news to me.

          • deejdave

            Nobody said it is done via ethernet cables. I brought that up to point out it can not communicate with the CDJ’s like other DJM series mixers is all. Furthermore I highly doubt any current gear will be compatible with even the new Rekordbox DJ as there are current licensing contracts between Serato and Pio.

          • Andrew Peek


  • djraybans

    Brand new mixer and turntables, everything gold plated…
    Still cheaper than their CDJs.

  • justinbasile

    I’m just hoping NI is thinking to update their Z2 and borrow some of these features …
    OR that pioneer plans to make a “DJM-T9”.
    Concerning the gold hardware … @disqus_xpMGj4tZmm:disqus is definitely right.

  • Daymeon Gartrell

    I like how the cue pads are set away from the sides of the crossfader. That’s how Native Instruments should have built the Z2.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    Nice features, but at that price point I’d rather have an 850 and a strip controller for software. At least that way you can accommodate friends without leaving unnecessary midi buttons on the mixer to confuse tipsy djs that don’t use the software that you do. Besides, it allows you to switch software without a large reinvestment in hardware.

  • Myles Brandon

    Looks awesome. But Pioneer better become battle Rane as head sponsor for the DMC otherwise I feel like most turntablists are going to stick with a 62 or 57Mk2 since those are the only mixers you can compete with in the DMC. (Obviously not Online)

  • Dwan Porter

    Please tell me you can hook this up to traktor in the future!

    • Dirtylooks

      I imagine that will likely be possible one way or another seeing as you can use just about any Soundcard with Traktor. As for DVS support??? That’s questionable. If its the same deal as the DJM-900SRT (I dont think that has DVS support for Traktor but does support traktor pro) then no. I imagine there will be a strong enough draw that people will want to use it with traktor that there might be some workaround. I guess we’lll just have to wait and see!

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        You can make any mixer with a sound card “Traktor Certified” by using a hex edit hack…
        Honestly, I think that the most interesting thing I’ve seen lately other than Club Kit support from Serato (not too surprising considering the amount of controllers and mixers we’ve seen from Pio supporting Serato software over the past few years) is NI supporting a Rane mixer. That one I never saw coming.

    • Dirtylooks

      Addditionally, they might strike a deal with NI like they did with Serato where down the line they will introduce a “Scratch Certified” version of the same thing. Like the 900NXS/900SRT

    • DJ Keelo

      I’m pretty sure you can since Traktor is pretty much midi-mapabble with anything. 🙂

  • Chris Davis

    there is only one way to acquire gold tuntables and it doesnt involve buying them

    • srsly

      amen. this. this, this this. this.

    • durp

      Agreed, Poser tables…………..

      • deejae snafu

        poser tables, poser mixer…pioneer needs to stick to what they do best… charging way too much for mediocre EDM equipment.

        • jay

          poser comment, lol…

          • deejae snafu

            spoken like a true fanboy…hows that pioneer booty tatse?

          • jay


        • goatstaog

          I’ve never used a Pioneer product other than a cassette deck that was in my 1991 ford tempo. It was crap.

          I will give any ‘new’ dj product a chance though but up against Rane mixers – ask Vestax about that one.
          And since I grew up on 12’s – I always feel the fake on ALL turntables I have used even though they try so hard to ‘look’ right.

          I am starting to think Rane might be bailing out of the mixer market giving it’s licences to all these sub corps. Or maybe Pioneer is absorbing them, who knows. Where was Pioneer 20 years ago – oh yeah making glorified CD players.

          • deejae snafu

            the mixer market is all rane has…why would they bail?

          • goatstaog

            I’m not proclaiming they are – but they have software market as well with Serato. And Rane Serato is compatible with ‘other’ brands. Just a weird shift happening here – maybe simply making some good investments with pioneer -but look what happened to Technics 1200’s. That’s really all they had as well and they still stand up as the best but they discontinued their flagship product.

          • deejae snafu

            im not trying to argue with u here, but i just have to disagree. pioneer and rane are competitors and work together only when it helps their own bottom line. technics had TONS of other successful product lines , other than the DJ line, and Rane never has done anything but make mixers. Rane is American , Techs are Japanese.. and they are far from the only Japanese

            company making DJ gear to die off recently (RIP vestax), and this has more to do with the overall challenges the Japanese economy is facing lately, than being bullied out of the market by sofwares. softwares are cheap and mixers are not. mixers cannot be pirated. mixers are compatible with everything in the booth. there is just zero reason for Rane, who has a HUGE following for their mixers, to stop producing them.

    • DJ Buckshank

      Yes. real talk.

    • InkedNetwork

      exactly!!! when i read this i was like what!? huh!? wtf!? then i saw in their video QBert the only guy to be rocking the Gold Edition. I was relieved!

    • goatstaog

      The article even nods to ‘fashion djs’ LOL That would be in my estimation 95% of them nowadays.

      Do they even award gold technics anymore at DMC? I thought DMC died over 10 years ago when they started allowing digital bullshit.

  • Orion

    compared to the 62: cheaper than the 62. no scratch live support. no send returns. no session in/out (except for aux in). those pads might make the difference though, that and it doesn’t seem to be as bright as the 62 (one of the main reasons I haven’t copped a 62 yet).

    • Ronald Ventour

      yh but what about the sound quality compared to the 62? Rane beats Pioneer in that department..

      • Arcell DjAce Ellis

        Yeah Rane 62 blows the pioneer sound quality out the water…also I love my 62 and don’t see myself parting with it soon. I already have a pioneer sp1 so I can do everything g and more than what this mixer is capable of…but still want to try it for my final verdict

  • Pippo

    The DJM came out 2000 years ago

    • DeeJayIvan

      also the DJM-T1 came out after the 2000, which is what the S9 mixer is replacing in its lineup

      • Wookie

        not really, DJM-T1 was for traktor, and DJM-S9 is for Serato only – which sucks balls as I wanted to upgrade my T1 …

      • deejdave

        The SRT is the most recent mixer made by Pioneer and it is both a DJM mixer as well as for Serato.

    • Be

      Do you mean $2000 ago? ;P

    • Veronika Smith

      I remember DJ Jesus in the mix @Creamfields Nazareth in 12 B.C. That shit was holy.

  • bidders

    looks slick! no doubt out of my price range