Rekordbox DJ: First Glimpses Of Pioneer’s DJ Software GUI

These last two weeks have been rife with new DJ hardware and software news, but one of the biggest stories has been the revelation that Pioneer has (quietly) been working on their own DJ software. It’s called Rekordbox DJ, and the software only got the quickest of teasers a few days ago, but now we’ve got a few shots from DJ Expo in Atlantic City of the software running and in action.

What is this???? ????? #Rekordbox #Pioneer #PioneerDJ #DJExpo2015

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That’s the first shot we saw – posted by Damien Sirkis (creator of Rekordbuddy, software that helps DJs move their metadata between DJ softwares). He notes on Instagram that there’s no real further descriptions of of the software next to it – the sheet on the table is nothing more than a description of what Rekordbox is now.

Worth noting: there’s no hardware being shown here alongside the software display. It’s just a video loop of the software on a plasma screen. We’re left wondering if there’s another piece of hardware in the works that Pioneer is developing specifically for Rekordbox DJ, or they’re going to just focus on compatibility on pre-existing hardware. Considering that Rekordbox is (for now) free, it would be a strange business decision for Pioneer (a hardware-only company until now) to not build the perfect hardware for it.

Rekordbox DJ: In Video

After some badgering, Damien uploaded a second post to Instagram – this time a pan over the screen showing the GUI. It looks a lot like, well, DJ software. See for yourself:

By request. #DJExpo2015 #PioneerDJ #Pioneer

A video posted by Damien Sirkis (@damiensirkis) on

We were able to get a few key features that weren’t known before:

  • Colored + named cue points / loops (looks like up to at least 8 per track)
  • Full-color waveforms
  • Multiple waveform displays like Serato DJ (the one in the video is named “2Deck Vertical”)
  • Waveform preview in the browse section (like in Rekordbox currently)
  • 2 FX units with either 3 grouped effects or one single effect (similar to Traktor)
  • FX can be assigned to decks 1, 2, 3, 4, Master, or the Sampler
  • There’s a section to the right of the main browser window that might say “Related Tracks” at the top of it – if so, a good sign that a dynamic track recommendation system is coming to Rekordbox DJ (we’re still amazed NI hasn’t taken theirs from Traktor DJ for iOS and put it in the desktop app)

Rekordbox DJ’s Early Adopter Program

So we’ve only gotten a taste of what the software will be like so far – but Pioneer is promising that people who sign up to their Early Adopter program last week will be the first to use the software. We’re still waiting for our email, Pioneer!

Has anyone else seen shots of the software or gotten an email from Pioneer’s EAP? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Marco Yanez

    The point here is what kind of company Pioneer wants to be… until now, they were a HW company SW abstracted providing HW appliances for any kind of software and did that very well, in fact they are called “Standard DJ equipment”….if Traktor sells a lot, good for Pioneer if Serato sells a lot… good for them as well…
    Now, the software market is another kind of beast, is true that the revenue and margins are much higher than Hardware but they will enter in a very mature wild competence world… where the R&D is key and they will be locked on their hardware…
    Will be good see if that Rekorbox movement is drove to try upsell more Pioneer HW …(in that case, they will provide complete compatibility with the most of their Hardware) or they really want to enter on the Software war…. is that case the bet is enormous because if the SW guys don’t do well, all the hardarware side will fall…
    Is amazing because all this happened on the computer market lot of years ago…. and the only HW + Dedicated SW survivor is Apple… but they fallen 2 times before success….

  • Marco Yanez

    Will work with the DDJ-SZ? I just bought that last week!!!!!

  • RossH

    I’m pretty sure all the people who have shelled out on the DDJ SZ will be getting slightly nervous? Surely this means a new high quality “all in one” from Pioneer, using their own software is on the horizon.

  • Tommyboy

    i’d rather stick to my Serato than getting a Serato wannabe (as it looks on first glimpse).

  • Lorne Hart

    Rekordbox already has a “related tracks” recommendation system in it.

  • Christopher Lange

    How much you wanna bet that it’s a modified version of serato with compatibility for rekordbox libraries.

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    Plus one to all the votes for being able to use a DVS like product with less cables and hubs and bears oh my! Let the competition continue!

  • Mike Novelli

    If Pioneer wasn’t already a software company then who made all the software that runs inside their hardware? If it’s not analog then there is software behind there somewhere dudes…

  • Raskal

    Just curious if any other EAP users got their License email and still have no way to download the beta. I’ve got the License but no download link or can’t find it on the Pioneer forum. Any help would be great.

    • MellonHead

      the link to download the beta is on the EAP section of pioneer’s forum

  • SS

    You all realize the CDJ product cycle runs for 3 years right? And you do realize that the CDJ 2000 NXS was released August 2012 right? Which means that we are due for a new flagship player any month now. Probably running behind schedule because of this Rekordbox DJ stuff but in any case I’m calling early 2016 release with really tight Rekordbox DJ integration.

  • calkutta

    still…Traktor Trumps with the Remix Decks….which is still not being truly used enough…some Kats get it…for Turntablism,purely weaponized …72 cue points for thee ultimate phrasing…without having to name or save anything but the deck itself……I would take the MIDI mapping of Torq,the Remix of Traktor and the GUI up to the User-..just make it customize able for what style the DJ is…if its just mixing,too many engines exist that are up for grabs…but for throwing sounds around to create a Sonic Collage,Traktor and Ableton seem to allow the Widest Brush…..IMO-

  • MellonHead

    i did the EAP thing. it’s pretty neat so far and there are features that’ll make traktor users stamp their feet and call NI, but it crashes hard when switching view to/from full screen or between export and performance modes. to be fair i’m on windows 10, currently not supported.

  • deksel

    Market being divided?
    Serato for turntablist, hip hop bass and funk DJ’s
    Traktor for hybrid DJ’s (future of dj’ing)
    Pioneer for 2 deck house DJ’s (largest sharr)

    • calkutta


  • gabivegas


  • James Burkill

    anybody know who has developed this software as I doubt it was pioneer, if i think reckordbox was created the mixvibes , cant quite remember.

    • Damien Sirkis

      Rekordbox 1 & 2 were developed by Mixvibes. Rekorbox 3 is developed by Pioneer.

      • James Burkill

        not quite sure pioneer are software gurus the such as serato or NI so I still suspect a partner ship somewhere

      • Marco Yanez

        Damien, do you know if the persons like me that have DDJ SZ will enjoy of the new release? I;m really nervous because just spent 2000$ in what to supposed to be the Piooner’s controller flagship….

        • Damien Sirkis

          Isn’t the DDJ SZ made for Serato? I don’t think whatever this is would be changing any of that. You will still be able to use your DDJ SZ with Serato no matter what, no?

          • Marco Yanez

            of course it will with Serato… but I think that everyone that bought high end controllers like the SZ would like maximum have compatibility with the new versions, new tools specially from Pioneer… is the same reason because Piooner release complete mappings for DDJ series and Traktor…same reason because we love Rekordbuddy, because provide a cross-platform capability and compatibility ….will be really difficult to understand in terms of commercially that the primary Pioneer’s goal will only sell new HW for this tool, that is commercial locking practice and under my opinion is what a company that pretend be the DJ standard should avoid….

          • Damien Sirkis

            I think you’re panicking a lot about something we don’t even know what it is or does yet 🙂

          • Marco Yanez

            Yes, you’re completely right…. the same feeling when you buy car model and 15 days after the vendor announce a new version 🙂

  • Fayek Helmi

    seems like the interface is waaaay too busy for a normal laptop screen… and i dont see much booths installing 50″ TVs for their DJs either lol….
    I love however the idea of renaming hot cues and the waveform preview in browser….

    I personally never used traktor DJ other than just to fuck around with, and i never really tested the “recommended” tracks option…. but i dont see it would be a bad thing to incorporate in the desktop version? first, you’ll always be able to turn it off, and second, maybe it’ll suggest a track for you that you didnt really think of… i find that interesting!

  • Steve Oaks

    I figured since most notebooks do not have Ethernet ports anymore, that RekordBox would go USB. Excited to see what extra features this will add to the CDJ2000 / DJM900 and 2K setup. I see a great opportunity for controllers to benefit.

  • Chett Mac

    I would like to see DVS over Ethernet to 900nxs…..

  • Selecta

    Looks nice enough, but it’ll be for old and new Pioneer users only. I cannot see Pio having anything other than a closed loop on this, so it won’t be for guys like me who don’t use/care for Pio gear.

  • John Rodriguez

    Give me HID control of all rekordbox enabled CDJs without extra hardware and I’m all over this. Bonus if it can do DVS duties with some extra hardware.

    • Andy

      that already exists. just connect rekordbox to your CDJs & mixer with an ethernet cable. only thing it doesnt have is midi capability and FX

      • John Rodriguez

        Doesn’t work for CDJ-850s. No DVS either.

  • Jane

    looks a mix of Serato and Mixvibes Cross (they have that optional right hand related tracks browser panel (and many other panels to browse) – interesting but I can’t see myself switching from my DVS/Video enabled Cross. Am sure the FX on this will be great, but I’ve already got most of those in my mixer/rmx1000 setup. But for newcomers this does look amazing if you’re getting all those FX and Pad manipulation in a software package – especially if it works with a variety of controllers

  • Joao Paulo Pimenta

    i need mappings for traktor s4 and mappings for numark nv thank you all support…but it is not possible i can try buy one controller 200 pounds from pioneer for i can use and play with new software rekordbox thank you all

  • Joao Paulo Pimenta

    i can wait and try thank you

  • Big Spenda

    So that’s what happens when Serato and Traktor have a child. It will either flop or dominate the market, it takes quite a bit to convince DJ’s to try something new software wise. I’ll hold judgement for now but that waveform preview is to die for. If it incorporates a sample deck similar to Traktor it will e excellent.

  • Dubby Labby

    Traktor pro 3 should be around the corner… Mmm no.

    • killmedj


  • Nerdtology

    This looks very good, as a Serato user I think, I would get easy used to it. But I prefer a external Interfacebox, like my SL2, because of my 1210s and my Vestax Mixer. Perhaps Pioneer will offer a Serato like box.

  • Johnny Trinh

    I have it, what would you guys like to see
    It is extremely smooth with the xdj1000 platters
    Connects through Usb HID, only 3 use cables are requires

    • dibb

      Does it play FLAC and/or ALAC files?

      • Johnny Trinh

        it does play FLAC i dont have any ALAC files

        • dibb

          Thanks for letting me know!

    • killmedj

      Yeah man! Of course!

      • dibb

        Well, that could be interesting if your library is being shared between RB and RB DJ. Since RB (3.3.0) and CDJ’s still don’t support both formats…

      • Johnny Trinh

        i uploaded a bunch of screenshots to one of the DJTechTool guys

        will make a video when i get a chance

        • Damien Sirkis

          I’m assuming that the only way you have something would be though the Early Adopter Program that was announced the other week.

          If that’s the case, you I’m sure you must have also agreed to an NDA prohibiting you from doing just what you are doing here, right?

          Might want to think about it before you get yourself in trouble.

          • Johnny Trinh


    • Phil

      My xdj 1000 can’t wait to play smoothly with RB dj.
      no more USB key transfer or ethernet cable. 🙂
      But why 3 USB cables are requires?

      • j

        you need a usb cable for each 1000 + a usb cable for your mixer (DJM 900 nxs in my case).

        But you do realize you can already use xdj 1000 with traktor and serato if you dont like usb keys/ethernet

        • Phil

          Thank you for precision.
          I really like usb key, because it’s an easy quick way to mix on every club, but the sync/copy is too slooooooooow, even with a SSD actually.
          With the laptop RB/ethernet connection, most of the time there is no ethernet switch in the DJ booth. (it’s required without Pioneer mixer).
          I did Traktor and Serato user, but I don’t like to have a laptop screen in front of me while mixing.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I was wondering about 3 USB cables as well. I know the XDJS don’t have the same Wolfson DACS as the other CDJs, but it would almost make sense for Pioneer to utilize the internal sound cards the same way as Traktor with advanced audio routing. It would cut 1 of those usb cables out of the equation.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Any WiFi connectivity? I put a router in my coffin case yesterday and Rekordbox connects almost by default by wireless. Enjoying how easy it is to connect with my Galaxy Tab S.

      Funny story, ordered a pair of 900NXS last week to upgrade from my 900s. Order came in on Tuesday, but they got the order wrong. I show up with my 900s in hand as trade in and they show me 2 boxes of 2000NXS!!! They were about to ship them back and I look at my buddy at the shop and I say “you know what man, it’ll hurt… but I’ll take em. Besides, it’ll save you from getting a write up.”

      I have to say they other than being shiney they are pretty sweet, but they also have a steep learning curve.

      • Dubby Labby


        • Oddie O'Phyle

          No, Rekordbox. Connect mobile device to router and patch ether net cables from NXS in to it for the network switch. Stream over wireless 802.x. I mounted a small n router in my coffin case, super easy now.

          • Dubby Labby

            I first believe you were asking for new feature until I realized you had made an statement. Now I would ask your opinion… Where do you think will be kuvo in the ecuation ( for future developments from Pioneer perspective)?

            Thanks mate.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            This is just my opinion. Kuvo is a cool idea, but it would be up to the club that you are in to network the CDJs during set up, provide a wireless hot spot and do proper maintenence like firmware updates. In theory it’s a good idea, but the service might not be offered from club to club. As clubs acknowledge the new features offered by the NXS series we may see Kuvo support grow. At this point I can see a lot of people overlooking the addition of WiFi in the booth, it’s a new feature and from my experience a lot of DJS are hesitant in trying something new.

          • Dubby Labby

            Thanks for share your thoughts. 🙂

    • Marco Yanez

      Thanks Johnny, do you know if works with DDJ series???? I really nervous because I just bought it!!!!!!!

    • Daniel Ventura

      Hy Johnny, thx for offering your experience with this Software…
      what do you mean only 3 cables? i think it’s one usb cable per Player, right? any possibilty to use lan Connection?
      are the waveforms on the Displays viewable? that would be so great!
      what devices are supportet?
      is this Software 64bit (Windows)?
      any signs that this Software is from serato? or is it completly pioneer?
      thx in advance for your answers!

    • Sean Bannister

      Is it midi mappable?

    • digitalself

      is there any capability for a shared/cloud-based library?
      i’m part of a duo, we tour separately sometimes, we need to have a shared library. it’s a huge pain to have to transfer it to an external drive etc.
      doesn’t need to sync the files, just the cue/playlist/analysis data. please tell me it does!

  • mikefunk

    I am getting sick of my Traktor. Good news.
    Hopefully they make import export more robust (not like in traktor)

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    *Crosses fingers for a robust midi mapping engine

    • Mark Settle

      If it’s designed to work purely with Pioneer hardware, I can’t see MIDI being an option — it’ll be entirely plug and play. Pioneer DJ appears to be making the Pioverse a “you really don’t need anything or anyone else” experience. They’ll provide all the hardware you’ll ever need to support their software.

    • Dan White

      It does look VERY similar to Serato.

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        Is it known if the layout will be customizable enough to make it look more like Traktor? (IE. Screw vertical waveforms.)

        • Gavin Varitech

          In the toolbar at the top the pic says “2deck vertical” with a drop down
          next to it, which leads me to believe you’ll be able to select different GUI layouts.

        • Johnny Trinh

          there is a split screen mode where the library comes out and the decks, there are horizontal and vertical wave form options for 2 and 4 decks

    • noxxi

      I knew this comment was coming 😀 it does though

    • Kam

      looks better than traktor though

      • Chris Combe

        it’s easy to stand on the shoulders of giants.. knowing Pioneer it will run like a dog with three legs unless they have completely gotten rid of their current software team. Rekordbox was one such example…