6 Under-Appreciated Controllerism Routines On YouTube

DJing and controllerism routines have the same issue that a lot of other digital media have online: getting heard amongst way too much noise. For a fun Friday article we thought it would be great to round up some of the most under-appreciated (low in views, high in talent) routines that we’ve seen on YouTube recently. Watch all of our favorites in this article.

“Some Will Sing” on Midi Fighter 3D

Artist: Kloosless
Gear Used: Midi Fighter 3D
Software: Ableton Live
Soundpack: Available for download here on DJTT Maps

Kloosless is actually set to become one of the next creators of DJTT soundpacks at this rate. He’s been crafting fun and original finger drumming packs and then making videos of them in use on the Midi Fighter 3D, and giving them out for free! We’re big fans of all that – plus he takes full advantage of the gyroscope in the 3D in this routine – rad.

“Murder” – Jungle finger drumming on MPC1000

Artist: Spinscott
Gear Used: Akai MPC1000

Simply because you’re playing a genre of music that’s fast doesn’t mean that it has to be looped or quantitized. Just ask Spinscott, who has made jungle/dnb finger drumming routines for years. But as he notes text over the video, “Speed without technique is just fast noise.”

“HaveToMakeSomeArt” on Midi Fighter 3D + Arduino

Artist: stk
Gear Used: Midi Fighter 3D, Arduino DIY controller
Software: Maschine

Hey, look, a Midi Fighter clone! We’ve actually seen so many of these that we’ve asked a crack team of creators to work on an updated version of the classic “How To Build A DIY MIDI Controller” video that Ean published back in 2008. Keep an eye out in the next month on the blog for that new piece.

“The Cake Is True” on Push + Launchpads

Artist: Bandesnaci
Gear Used: Ableton Push, Novation Launchpads

Anyone remember how Bandesnaci’s sense of humor helped him win a Midi Fighter 3D from us three years ago? He’s continued to create live controllerism performances, and this one has a great funky vibe to it.

“Family Affair” Live Remix on Z2, F1, Traktor

Artist: Flavours
Gear Used: Kontrol F1, Kontrol Z2, Technics 1200
Software: Traktor Pro 2

There’s something great about DJ routines in unique and unusual places. An overhead shot full of delicious-looking asian food surrounding Flavours’ DJ setup really seals the deal on this live remix of a classic Mary J Blige track. He notes in his YouTube description that the video is a collaboration with a photographer, Cory Johnn, and it really shows in the mouth-watering cinematography.

“I Got U” Live Mashup on Kontrol F1, Korg Nanopad

Artist: FROTO
Gear Used: Kontrol F1, Korg Nanopad
Software: Traktor Pro 2

This is another instance of video that keeps the viewer entertained – not only is it a solid live mashup of Duke Dumont’s “I Got U” against some vocal samples and Remix Sets, but FROTO set the entire thing against shots of footage that he filmed during a trip to Thailand. On the vocal technique, he writes

“I took short chirps from the vocal, slapped on some reverb/delay to make a trail so I could create brand new melodies. The goal is to mashup the songs in such a way that one would think they were a brand new song together.”

Have a recent favorite DJ or controllerism routine that you think we should feature here or on the blog? Share it in a comment below and vote up your favorites. 

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  • Dmitry Zemlanowhin

    Hi everybody! This is my live session with maschine,op-1 and analog keys!

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    What a great post finding and exposing hard work.

  • Jacob Sutton

    v dope article!

    Here’s the laet routine i recorded and this just inspired me to make more!

    Midi Fighter 3D + Maschine

  • Chuck Prudence

    Haha I made one last week. But I still have a lot of work.

  • Spinscott

    Cheers to DJTechTools for including my new “Murder” program on this fantastic post! I love the diversity of the various videos in the thread, and it’s cool to see some Jungle get represented. Excited to keep pushing the limits of 100% Certified Organic Loop-Free & Sequence-Free routines on the MPC. Thanks again! -Spinscott

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Well, good a time as any to plug my live mashup on my current setup.

    4 decks mapped to Push, Behringer MM1, and the Bassnectar prototype MidiFighter I snagged from you guys, loving it. Still working on my video editing; in the future I plan on isolating parts of the screen instead of youtube annotations. Made this mainly to show what I’m doing on the other side of the table for people who might not know what’s going on.

    • Fayek Helmi

      man im dying to get something like that behringer mm-1 controller! seems like they are discontinued and i can’t find it in any of the stores in montreal…

      • noxxi

        Man, i just sold mine!, they are pretty good, the knobs suck though, you cant see them in the dark really at all. plus the led feedback is pretty gay, youd think it was off/orange/blue, but its actually orange or blue or blue flashing, there is no led off. And i found the usb hub to be unreliable.

        I replaced it with a Novation Launch Control XL, which is a pretty good alternative, giving the option of controlling a remix deck with the other channels on it.
        Between that and either a Push or a Launchpad you cant go wrong 🙂

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        Love it honestly. Yeah the knob center points are a little weak but you get used to them. The buttons are satisfyingly clicky, and the USB hub really comes in handy. Perfect for my needs and at a really great price for what it offers.

  • Tony Blanck

    Mine! 😉 custom numark 7 + launchpad + serato DJ… My little DJ story… Enjoy!

      • calkutta

        are u using Serato or Traktor?

        • Tony Blanck

          Serato DJ… 🙂
          Full set with #numarkv10.

    • Kloosless

      Haha Dude, this was an awesome coincidence. Thanks for the notice!

    • Dan White

      spotted yours after you fav’d the tweet… I’m already planning a second article like this one 🙂

      • Alex Favilla

        Dan, you’re the coolest guy ever. Haha thanks!

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      Love this.