Uploading DJ Mixes to Mixcloud: Best Practices

We’ve continued to cringe nearly weekly at new stories of Soundcloud’s demise as an ad-free place to safely host DJ content. For the sake of their content, we’ve heard from many who DJs are moving their mixes to Mixcloud. We asked the Mixcloud team to share exactly how best to prep a DJ mix for their platform, as well a few other bonus tips in today’s article.

Soundcloud to Mixcloud Transfer Tool

First up is this handy tool (we mentioned it at launch earlier this year) that lets you instantly move all of DJ mixes from your Soundcloud account with just a few clicks. If you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to throw a life-preserver to your Soundcloud content, this is it.

Click here to try the Soundcloud-to-Mixcloud import now.

All of your tracks that are over 10 minutes in length are instantly snatched up, with much of the metadata transferred as well. You’ll still need to add a tracklisting if you’ve got one.

Mixcloud Upload File Specifics

One of the interesting things about a lot of sites like Mixcloud is that they apply their own compression algorithm to the files that they get. This often means a different format and a different bitrate than what’s been uploaded. We asked the Mixcloud team what file type is best to upload to their site to limit quality issues and delays – their response:

We usually tell people to go MP3 at least 192kbps CBR because VBR can be flaky. MP3 because AAC/MP4/OGG all need conversion before they can be streamed so there’s a delay before it becomes available

In the immediate/short term, there’s no major advantage going >192kbps.

Additionally interesting is that Mixcloud does hold on to all original copies of the DJ mixes that are uploaded – so even though you can’t access or play it, your full 320kbps mix is on their servers. Which leads us to…

Tell Mixcloud To Raise Their Bitrate

At DJTT we do our best to advocate for DJs and improve their experiences in booths, clubs, websites, on hardware and in software. In this case, we’ve learned something interesting about Mixcloud’s bitrate limitation (192 streaming audio at present): the streaming bitrate isn’t limited due to copyright licensing, but rather based on user demand.

It’s not limited due to licenses. Our streaming bitrate is based on a combination of factors to deliver the best user experience to the listener, taking into account platform (e.g. Apple bandwidth limits), data restrictions, file size and sound quality. We have also done a number of tests with listeners to learn where they can discern the difference.

We will consider higher bitrate in the future if we get clear feedback and user requests from our community for such a feature. Simple!

While distinguishing between 192 and 320 kbps might not be easy for a lot of people, for DJs (whose ears are constantly listening for “is this right?”) it’s often very noticeable. Retweet the below post and let them know you want to up the ante on their streaming:

Ready to record your DJ set? Here’s our guide on how to do it right. 

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  • DJEcliptik

    Mixcloud currently streams their mixes at 70k AAC. They use AAC to maintain quality while providing low bit rate stream, so the low-end user can buffer. I’d say let them at least provide users the option to have it stream at 128k AAC or higher.

  • Tu4nt-Abl3

    192 stream losless download it will take >30sec to download in full quality

  • Tu4nt-Abl3

    fuck 320 do losless

  • Reticuli

    Why the hell are they even using MP3? Quit using that format and switch Mixcloud to something like OGG or AAC if you’re not going to stream lossless. MP3 is a waste of bandwidth when there are vastly superior formats out there. Youtube is AAC, by the way. Even switching to AAC using the current bitrate would produce superior results. Thanks for actually wringing this information out of them. They’ve been very cryptic and evasive when I’ve talked to them over email.

  • terrencemike

    G’day.. Mike here…

    I’de just like to link you a mix of mine, as i think its quite well made and would love if you checked it out/and let me know if you think its good enough.. As i certainly believe it is!


    Cheers, and have a good day!

  • Hana Sheala

    I am 40 and I still cant, but… if I use 320 kbps mp3… make 320kbps from it…. and then mixcloud makes 192 kbps mixes, these are 3 compressions im a row, which can create artifacts.

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  • DJ alt.rock

    I can always hear the difference, and I’m 40 years old.

  • Mijk van Dijk

    I also would like to mention http://www.hearthis.at, which to me is kind of the best of both worlds (Soundcloud/ Mixcloud) and has a sweet import function from Soundcloud AND Mixcloud plus a download/ download for share option.

  • Mijk van Dijk

    Generally I love Mixcloud for DJ mixes. However, when I upload a live set (or a DJ set which contains many of my own tracks) I get the message, that because I uploaded more than 5 tracks of the same artist (well, quite obvious in a live set…), it may not be visible to listeners in the USA due to copyright complications.

    I find this pretty stupid….

    • Hana Sheala

      me too. Usually soundcloud allows artist some freedom in this.

    • DJ3W the Water Walkin' Warrior

      It’s an FCC thing. I have a radio show and rarely get flagged by that because I don’t play more than 2 songs by the same artist in a 2 hour show. It would be nice if they gave the option to select what type of content you’re uploading. Either a mix or a music show. There could be a difference in how it’s viewed.

    • Diego Garcia

      I agree its ridiculous I normally change the names and titles a little bit adding extra letters


    Host your own mixes and content on your own website. Problem solved.


    Yeah after having my account terminated by Universal and Sony flags I’m done using SoundCloud for DJ mixes… With SoundCloud selling out DJ culture I think a big thing we could all be doing in the DJ community is promoting the hell out of MixCloud to our listeners, followers, fans, and general public to up the traffic and user base. That is one area that I would really like to see MixCloud improve in, because the amount of new listeners who may stumble on your mix there is very small. In one day on SoundCloud, I have as many listeners as one month on MixCloud.

  • Open Minded

    i still cant tell the difference between 192 and 320. even on a loud system

  • calkutta

    the bit rate should stay low so people wont gank your song and upload it to their ‘whatever’…i always keep my uploads Dodgy so that the masters,or when i do the routine live,it sounds Perfect…and also allows people who like the work to purchase the master work from me and me Alone…so after 20plus yrs in this business…I say keep it FM radio quality and sell the Real Product to your Fans…I dont even send master recordings to Promoters cuz everybody lies and steals in the DJ World…it just sucks when they steal from YOU-,not sample you and pay you with Points,i mean cold Blooded Ganking like TeeOh and other DJ’s do and say ‘Hey man,I thought you said it was cool’..even when one owns the Rights and the Masters and the Song itself has live Juggling and Skratching done within it….Sampling Beats is one thing…But i would go as far as to say that 89% of most DJ’s today are just Chopping their Favorite Stuff and re-building in Fruity Loops or some other free shit and not even creatively…then kutting AHH and Kut Like a Guillotine’..or Freshhh’ on top…Big Deal…in the near future ,if we cant see you do it,then its because you cant do it- YouTube will divide the Men from the Toys…..Mark my Words Kiddo’…the Grown ass men DJ’s are coming for YOU….

    • tehmeck

      Beware the real DJ apocalypse!

    • Jacob Sutton

      even if you uploaded a top quality wav. – if someone rips it from you, its not high quality…..

      • calkutta

        ahh,i did not know that..thanks man…

  • Prato

    Ive been pretty happy with Mixcloud. Used them to archive my weekly radio broadcast for the last 5 years. There was a period of time where you could embed a MC player on Facebook but that went away which is unfortunate. One thing that is cool is the preview feature on their site that plays a “minimix” preview of the posted mix when you hover over the play icon. Basically they apply automatic crossfades to a sort of needle drop preview of the entire upload. If they could make that into a postable video to promote shows…that would be useful. mixcloud.com/frostedbreaks

  • tehmeck

    Mixcloud has released some new rules that make it much less listener friendly.
    “As a non-interactive streaming service, our licenses don’t allow for tracklists to be made visible in advance. However as you listen through a show or DJ mix set, the track names will be revealed.”

    I am moving to Mixcrate, which also hosts downloads of the mixes.



      YO! If i’m correct this is based on the location of the listener and pretty much only affects listeners in the USA. For the rest of the world listening to your mix i’m pretty sure they can see the full tracklist. Reverse scrolling is also blocked in the USA.

      • tehmeck

        If you are correct, there must be something wonky with my internet connection. I’m in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I’ve tested mixcloud at two friend’s houses so far (with different service providers) with the same results. I still have to scrub all the way to the end to get the full tracklist.

        • SHONSTARR

          In that case I’m guessing it’s a USA /Canada thing then. You know we’re brothers from another haha 🙂 …Or maybe the policy could have recently changed to include Internationally. I know at one point from a MixCloud interview it was just an American thing. I will play around this week with some International ips and see what happens.

    • partofthepuzzle

      That’s a kind of deal breaker for me: as a DJ contributing my mixes and as a listener to Mixcloud in the U.S.

    • Jacob Sutton

      thats terrible! DJTT – THIS is what we need to protest tweet aha

  • midiman

    djs can hear the difference 192-320? i am a dj i cant but even if there are some djs out there with healthy ears, who cares? the uploaded mixers are for listeners not dj´s and these people her music on their shity smart phones… even 64 bit would be enough for that.

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      If you listen carefullythen you can hear it. If you’re not paying to much attention then it’s fine to find new mixes and tracks to purchase.

    • renan jegouzo

      lot’s of peeps can hear the difference between 320k and uncompressed too…

  • Emiliano Galván

    Hello! I have a question, what about Soundcloud’s streaming rate? 320? 192?
    thanks !

    • Chris Wunder

      soundcloud takes in whatever bit rate you give it, then applies a filter which removes all of the bits and then leaves you with a notice that it has been removed lol.

      • Emiliano Galván

        ah ok thanks !

        • Chris Wunder

          lol I was just kidding man, I dont have the actual answer to your question.

    • Irvin Cee

      Soundcloud is 128Kbps joint stereo.
      But the downloads are in orignal quality.
      Thats one of the reasons why I still prefer downloads. Let the listener decide for themselfs what quality they want…
      I have no problem listening to 128 Kbps while I’m waiting for the bus, but when I’m listening to music to enjoy it, I need at least 320Kbps.

      • Emiliano Galván

        so, soundcloud = 128 / mixcloud = 192

        • Irvin Cee

          Don’t know if mixcloud is joint stereo.
          128 joint stereo is most of the time better quality than 192 regular stereo. but less stereo effect/wideness.

          • Emiliano Galván

            Joint stereo? Wow I really dont know about that!
            Whats the best WAV to Mp3 Converter?

            Thanks for the info!

          • Irvin Cee

            I made joint stereo sound attractive but it isn’t.
            Never use it, unless for low bandwith streaming.
            I use Golwave for editing and converting my music files.
            It’s a wav editor but also has a batch manager to process lots of files in one shot.
            It’s not free but it’s very affordable and equals much more expensive wav editors.
            Mahe sure to change the mp3 process quality to high in the settings if you want better quality mp3.
            It’s however a trade of with processing duration and will take much longer to convert/save a mp3.

          • Emiliano Galván

            yE3, i alse read that joint stereo sucks jeje
            its for low bandwith like you said!

        • Bernhard001

          if you download mixcloud streams, you will get 30 MB stream for one hour of music: +/-60 kbps says my audioplayer.