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  • Jordy Kiekens

    i do only my DJ sets but mixcloud is weird about the 500 mb file upload
    limit(i have sets uploaded above 5 hours so it exceeds the upload limit
    but these last few uploads are so called too big while being less then
    that so i’m looking for a site that has unlimited or at least <500 mb
    file upload if anyone has suggestions please tell me

  • Jordy Kiekens

    i do only my DJ sets but mixcloud is weird about the 500 mb file upload limit(i have sets uploaded above 5 hours so it exceeds the upload limit but these last few uploads are so called too big while being less then that so i’m looking for a site that has unlimited or at least <500 mb file upload if anyone has suggestions please tell me

  • Jerin Khurana

    One of the best music forum Mixcrate but unfortunately there have some problem in
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  • scionfall

    Got to this article from the jump on the recent article about Soundcloud. It’d be nice if DJTT went through the sites again for suggestions.

    Sadly, Mixcrate is no more while Yungcloud makes it very clear there will be problems if you pretty much use any known artist out there in a mix. Beyond the flashing “ORIGINALS ONLY” graphic there’s the list of artists that they say are off limits on the homepage, the “more” button at the end of this links to a wikipedia page with a listing of nearly 100 different record labels. So I would say this is only good for crate digging and not hosting.

    Some commenters have recommended other sites to check out. It’d be cool if DJTT did a quick once-over of their comment section to incorporate those other sites and write about them.

  • Alina Yule

    A place for DJs to play their music 24/7 to live people, with auto mixes:

  • uploadfor

    Here is also a big list of sites where every independent musician can upload, publish, sell, buy, or just share music and songs with the whole world:

  • Anon

    Nice DJ perspective, but it would be nice to also rate these sites on convenience to listeners – ex. how easy it is to download mixes. I tend to be running around all day and if a mix isn’t available for download, it’s not worth my time. Hence, if I see someone post a mix on facebook that’s hosted through mixcloud, I don’t even bother clicking on it, even if it seems like it might be interesting.

  • SC SuperFans

    While these are all decent alternatives, SoundCloud remains the top dog for the foreseeable future – especially for ORIGINAL music.

    I’m not sure how SoundClick made this list. If you think SoundClick is gonna be more receptive to remixes and use of unauthorized samples, you’ve got another thing coming. They routinely suspend accounts for this.

    -SC SuperFans (

  • Tabasco Driver

    Hi amigos,

    There is also that website from Lyon, France.

  • moodyjones is my favourite one!
    Should have definitely been on top of the list.

  • 2WeaK <=… everyproducer should check this one <=great for dj mixes <=both mixes and tracks (not for uploading so not really substitute for soundcloud but it has the networking part)
    (just filled in my profile on some of them to show you what it would look like

  • Blue Collar Prophet

    By uploading a mix of a bunch of peoples music aka “mix” to ANY website you are thus offering that music to be downloaded, ripped apart (provided people have time, and they do) and thus giving out music for free… there are TONS of laws against giving away music for free. That is basically whats hindering any of these websites from allowing you to upload a mix. ANY and ALL companies doing things “legit” are subject to abide by these laws.
    Soundcloud MUST pull OUR uploads because they have to BY LAW. I’m not sure if you know this but the Radio and i mean ALL RADIO must pay to play music. they don’t just get to play it for free… this is why you have commercials, advertising, etc etc… its expensive. when you sign up for any music service (Spotify, Apple Music etc) the money you spend is going to pay for all the music you have open access to listen to.
    on a side note and i would love to hear DJTT views on this, there are big things happening in the music industry right now where myself and millions of others are fighting for a better “fair play, fair pay” act. please read up on this and have a better understanding to the very laws that are hindering you from freely doing anything on the internet with someone else’s art.

  • Robert Wulfman

    I never thought soundcloud was made for DJs in the first place. I thought the upload limits unless you pay top dollar stated that pretty clearly

    • Geesus

      Top dollar? O.o It’s 5 bucks a month for a “pro” account. xD

      • Robert Wulfman

        Relatively I meant… 15 a month for unlimited upload time is certainly more than free

  • Ricardo Payen

    Anyone try Clowdy?

  • Richard Bolt

    What about Podomatic? That’s another very popular podcast sharing site, but no mention of it here?
    A lot of the gay circuit DJs are on there (Rosabel, DJ Grind, Joe Gauthreaux, Tristan Jaxx, etc). And it’s a great place to find new music

  • DJoldschool

    Soundcloud took one of my mixes down for sampling a 20 second dialogue clip from a Sesame St episode from the 80s but ignored some of the 80s tracks I had in it! Moved to Mixcrate since and it’s been great.

  • Nicky H

    The shitty thing is it’s probably not DJ mixes that the major’s were upset over, it’s people uploading Taylor Swift et al illegally.

  • DJ Q-Tee

    I’ve been using for a while, seem to get a decent number views, they also have apps that access their database. Caters for all types of music, with Dance being the major genre.

  • Jacob Sutton

    You didn’t mention the biggest factor here, the fact that soundcloud is arguably millions of users larger than any of these sites (excluding bandcamp, but thats a discography site,not social). Unfortunately NONE of those other sites get much traffic, and unfortunately its hard to get the ball rolling (ELLO – anyone?)

    I love SOUNDCLOUD and it sucks that everyone is ripping on them when we should really be focusing our collective efforts to tell the major labels who are messing this up that we want to compromise, not just watch the biggest resource disappear.

    I think we should start a petition to SC and the majors that we want to estate a simple way to KEEP copywrited material online and still pay the copywrite holder.

    SOUNDCLOUD ROLLS out ads. If you have a bootleg/mix/anything with other peoples material – it WILL have an ad – and it will only go to support the copy write holder.

    Majors get paid – we keep our music.

    ….but if the sc algorythm is cathching you, you’re probably not doing all you can)

  • Sebastian Frohnmaier

    Which of them offers included rss-feeds like SC does?

  • Softcore

    +1 for because it can be suitable for mixes and single tracks AND also sell your original work.

  • neurogami

    Just signed up for Yungcloud. Be warned: They emailed me my user name and password in plaintext. Security seems to be a low priority there.

  • Pablo Lopez

    check out it’s very simple to use and unlimited space it’s not just for music but also for artist and writers

    • Juan Gonzales

      its a good website

      • Brenda Lopez

        reallly easy to use!!! I’m no computer bro but it’s easy to use

  • Kevin

    I’m surprised Hulkshare is not on this list!

  • Synymata

    I feel like SoundCloud is going through what Reddit went through. Yeah some shit hit the fan. People got pissed at Reddit for some decisions and said they were going to march over to Voat, but when the dust settled, the site felt the same.

    Yeah its pathetic that major labels won’t let artists upload their shit to their page, but this effects maybe .1% of the artists on SoundCloud. Even if SoundCloud goes bankrupt, some investor will step in and claim it, and hopefully pay someone to make a decent app lol…

    • Matthew Kavanagh

      It affects any artists using any remixed or mashed up material from a vast multitude of artists under the ‘Big 3′ record companies’ ownership. Do you really feel like “.1%” is an accurate ballpark of that group?

      • Synymata

        Fair enough. I do agree deleting an artist’s wholr soundcloud page for using copyrighted material is horrendous business practice.

        But again, artists would rather make do with the shitty-ness of soundcloud, then move somewhere else.

    • Ricardo Payen

      PLEASE make a better app. lol

  • Nacor Carmona Blanco

    I use; nice website with no restrictions (for now).

  • Knth

    What about 🙂

  • maddin

    i´m paid member of hearthis and before on soundcloud.
    i ove hearthis and more the staff: tell them a idea and they got a solution after hours till a few days.

  • Andre Bedard

    I have found this site ( which allows you to spin live for people to listen and once you’re done you can publish your mixes for others to listen to if they missed your set. Kind of a personal online radio if you enjoy mixing regularly.

  • Andre Bedard

    I’ve recently found this site which is great for DJs. Allows you to mix live for people to hear and you can chose to publish your playlist after you’re done mixing.

  • René via 'Allo 'Allo

    Has Bandcamp increased its upload limit then?
    I was of the impression that anything longer than around ten mins, was too big.
    With the inclusion of Bandcamp on this list, should we assume we can upload mixes there?

    I get it’s inclusion, for the uploading of original remixes and tracks, however I’m not so sure mix length files can be uploaded, and think you’ll find they are pretty strict on uploading other people’s work (I have an account with Bandcamp, and it is a fantastic place to upload original music, and to find new music).

  • Gregory Guerrier

    I’m surprised DJTT didn’t know about The Future FM which is a website that host mixes for DJ’s especially some of the worlds top DJ’s known worldwide. The great thing is that we have unlimited uploads, we get paid & artist get paid & it’s completely legal.

    • s.molinari

      This is a pretty decent site. What I like is the tracks are also listed, sort of. And isn’t that one of the main goals of a site like this? Find a track in a mix you like and (hopefully) go buy it? These kinds of sites should be seen as sales generators and not sales deterrents and I think does a pretty good job at that.

  • Martullia

    What has DJTT against soundcloud? This claims that this site is making are they doing for several years now. Well big surprise soundcloud is still around. This is just some form of bashing soundcloud. Wo is paying you to do this mixcloud? Al these alternatives are great if you have fans already. But after trying this so called (fake) alternatives, i noticed that the reach of my music on those sites was at most 5% of what it is on soundcloud also there are no or not enough opportunity’s to get your sounds heard on those sites. Sure if you are Carl Cox it does not mather wich site you use. But for a simjple bedroom DJ as me there is no alternative for soundcloud. Because what is the point of posting it if none listens to it.

    • Dean Zulueta

      Hey Martullia!
      Thanks for the feedback. For the record, we were not paid by any of the companies mentioned in the article. Also, this is meant to bash Soundcloud but rather offer some alternatives for those who think that SC is not living up to expectations.

      Personally, I think the issue is bigger than just hosting and individual DJs. I believe it brings up some great discussion regarding copyright law and the way it is interpreted.
      Maybe this does go over the bedroom DJs who are just into the music but even so these platforms can offer a form of crate digging for those who aren’t into posting music.

      • Martullia

        Sure soundcloud has its issues but in my opion it goes to far to leave the soundcloud community. Where many users invested much time to get followers and search things they like. In stead of turning your back to soundcloud offer solutions. The copyright issues is not only present on soundcloud but in the entire entertainment industry. The problem is not soundcloud. But the greed and the lack of innovation from the people running the industry. Because they can and will not adept to the digital time, company’s like soundcloud and users like deejays are getting punished. Copyright laws are outdated and the politicians don’t care about what the people think but only will follow the money. That are the real issues.

        • Matthew Kavanagh

          Most aren’t leaving.. their accounts are being terminated due to 3 copyright strikes. The choice then lies in making another account at the risk of the same happening again (inevitable, at the rate tracks are being removed), or move on. It’s just critical thinking and common sense that pushes the move.

          You can push for a musical revolution, but I’m just trying to continue sharing right now. I don’t have a lawyer.

      • Matthew Kavanagh

        Trust me, us bedroom DJ/producers are getting hit just as hard, as I could fill at least a few full size buses with friends/acquaintances I know who do this unprofessionally and are having their accounts terminated.

      • Ebu

        If i see the image above the article and read the first sentence…yeah surely it´s typical soundcloud bashing. In internet you just repeat an opinion again and again and then it becomes truth for many.Someone really believes that hearthis or others wouldn´t have exactly the same issues when they´re as big as Sc ?We can change the platforms every year but it makes no sense. It´s not a Sc problem, it´s the copyright law which is quite out of fashion and it´s the companies and labels for which music is nothing more than a business. Never had any problems with Sc, maybe because i never use any major label music in my mixes and remixes. For us…those who are interested in underground/independet music Sc is still the best tool i could imagine. So why not supporting them ? Why this shitstorm every time Sc has a short downtime or mixes of some “famous” artist were taken down ? I don´t get it.

        Everybody who would like to leave should leave and these “buy followers and likes”-services hopefully will follow…after that maybe Sc gets back to what it always has been to me…a fantastic opportunity for sharing ideas with an worldwide community. and i´m more than willing to pay for this !

        • Dean Zulueta

          I do agree with you that the heart of the problem is copyright law. It is not Soundcloud’s fault that take-downs happen. They are simply following the laws and rules that were in place long before the site was created and, in hindsight, I should have stated that more clearly in the piece. Copyright law is why this is even a topic of discussion and a lot of these sites are subject to the same treatment from governments and major record labels.

          SC is an awesome site with a great community. They have created a site in which major artists and bedroom producers can release and share music on the same platform. That is amazing and would be just a dream for bedroom producers twenty years ago. Personally, SC works for me as a producer and DJ because of that fact.

          The list is intended for those who find truth in the belief that SC is a sinking ship. That isn’t to say the belief is factual (which it’s not according to the data).

          TL;DR: Different strokes for different folks. However, all strokes are subject to crappy copyright laws.

        • John Viera

          Soundcloud has been taking down mixes. Mixes are what DJs do. Wake up.

          • Geesus

            This exactly. Even if you set your mix to no downloads, they still remove your mixes. This is why i stopped paying for a pro account and went to Mixcloud. I just want to share what I do. I’m not trying to make a living and not everyone I want to share with is able to hear what I mix without a site like MC.

    • Matthew Kavanagh

      Compared to other articles (of which there are many recently), this article was very honest, fair, and helpful. Whether you agree or not, Soundcloud is (due to music industry pressure) removing tracks and accounts left and right, which is causing producers and DJs to give up on it. Maybe in time you’ll see what is going on. Until then, good luck.

  • Rasti Tkac

    Cool rundown! I’ve been searching for this kind of comparison. You also might want to check out It’s, similarly to an SC clone, based in Argentina.

  • QCube

    Another problem that small artists and producers like myself experience on soundcloud which seem to have more effect on my daily work with soundcloud is the big ammount of fake accounts and advertising of pay for follow services. I sometimes have the feeling that 80% of all klicks, likes, comments, messages and reposts come from atomated accounts which is a verry negative experience for anyone who wants people to actualy listen to the stuff you make. I want a indication on how much people like the track i made and not advertising how i can buy myself more pc generated followers. I find this to be verry sad. Hope soundcloud stays allive because i still love it and dont want to switch somewhere else…

  • Jane

    this may be a tricky question bu which of these sites has the largest amount of users/listeners/reach ? I’m guessing Bandcamp has a lot, but how many of those are listening to dance music/DJs etc?

    • Dean Zulueta

      It would be hard without some stats for sure but I am assuming Bandcamp because their reach goes far beyond dance music and DJ culture.

      • Gregory Guerrier

        Alexa Internet traffic statistics which is a very credible source of public data gave each ranking level of the websites listed in this post. I’ll list them here from the most global traffic to the least. Smaller number equals higher global popularity.

        BandCamp // 1,464
        8Tracks // 2,416
        MixCloud // 4,702
        SoundClick // 20,829
        MixCrate //59,714
        HeartThis // 101,848
        YungCloud // 295,938
        TheFutureFM // 314,423

  • Dubby Labby

    Apple music.