Pioneer DJ Reveals Rekordbox DJ 4.0, DDJ-RX / DDJ-RZ Controllers

After opening up their beta of an upcoming DJ software one month ago, Pioneer DJ is finally revealing a first look at the Rekordbox DJ software interface, as well as two new controllers that are designed to be used in parallel with the software. Read more about the software inside and see the DDJ-RX and DDJ-RZ controllers.

Features of Rekordbox DJ

Pioneer has built their own DJ software to work with almost all of their DJ hardware – meaning that they’re achieving a hardware/software integration that hopefully will result in similar benefits we see in other similar ecosystems like Native Instruments and Apple. Products that will work with the software at launch include:

  • DDJ-RX/RZ (see below)
  • CDJ-2000/2000NXS/900/900NXS/850/350
  • XDJ-1000
  • DDJ-WeGO3
Rekordbox DJ can be split into two windows- one for performance, one for the library

For now, Pioneer’s focus with the software seems to be bringing it up to industry standard levels. Key features Pioneer is focusing on include:

  • Low latency and excellent sound quality: Pioneer is hoping their software will be “an incredibly fast piece of software with exceptionally low latency, to give DJs natural, reliable control.”
  • A single Rekordbox library: Instead of managing a library that then gets pushed to USB drives, your entire library lives in the software and you DJ off of it. There’s HID support, so that’s perfect for CDJ/XDJ setups. The Library also has the ability to suggest related tracks based on BPM and Key – something that we’ve loved in other softwares that have tried it previously
Rekordbox DJ displaying related tracks
  • Multi-screen option and enhanced browsing: We’re not going to beat around the bush – Rekordbox DJ looks very much like Serato DJ does. There’s a striking similarity in the GUI’s modular elements that can be turned on and off, and different waveform views. Serato is doing something right, because Pioneer is imitating them.
Pioneer’s new Pad FX allows up to 16 FX chained.
  • FX / Decks: DJs can perform with 2 or 4 decks, controllers get plug-and-play access to Hot Cues, Slicer and a 16-slot Sampler. Pad FX can use all 16 pads to chain multiple FX, there are customizable Sound Color FX, Beat FX, Release FX, Slip Mode, Beat Jump, and much more.

There’s also a number of upcoming features that Pioneer is planning – including DVS control, custom MIDI mapping modes, and new Plus Packs that unlock video support and additional FX.

DDJ-RX / DDJ-RZ Controllers

To complement their software developments, Pioneer is also announcing two new DJ controllers that mirror the Rekordbox DJ layout – with colored performance pads, low-latency jogwheels, and a four channel mixer. To be honest, these controllers look almost identical to their Serato DJ-oriented counterparts, the DDJ-SX / DDJ-SZ – with just a few cosmetic modifications in order to help them better match the Rekordbox DJ software.

Now available in the DJTT store: DDJ-RZ ($1999) and DDJ-RX ($999) 

The DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX will be bundled with Rekordbox DJ software, and will retail for $1999 / $999 respectively.

DDJ-RX – looking very familiar to the DDJ-SX

The controllers allow instance access of Rekordbox DJ’s FX – including Slip, quantized Beat Jump, Beat FX, Release FX, Sound Color and Pad FX, as well as a new Sequencer mode which allows DJs to record and playback.



Input and output remain the same as what you expect on the DDJ-SX2/SZ – with the RZ rocking dual USB ports for easy handoff between DJs.

Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack

The new 4.0 version of Rekordbox will continue to be a free download as a music management tool for every Pioneer DJ. In order to unlock the Performance section of the software, DJs will have to buy the Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack ($129), open a subscription ($9.90/month), try a 30 day free trial, or purchase one of the two above controllers (they both come with an unlock of the software).

Starting October 1st, 2015, Rekordbox 4.0 will be available for download – with an in-app software unlock for Rekordbox DJ. Subscriptions will be available starting December 2015.

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  • Trillaz

    Can I play with one of these controllers with serato dj?

  • N-Cent Thailand

    Good ^_^

  • Dave

    when controlling the software using an xdj 1000, does the `1000 maintain all of its features e.g, hot cues, touch screen, waveform etc?

  • Stesar

    Is anyone out there…Come on, guys…help out1

  • Stesar

    Or do anyone have a mapping done for this…

  • Stesar

    Sorry for asking, but….
    Can anyone tell me how and if so, what I need to do to controll Rekorbox 4.0 all great things from a XDJ-R1…???
    I dont get it…Im missing something here, but I dont know what…


  • MadConfused

    Silly question as it’s not spelled out entirely, is this monthly fee forever or can one just pay the full price and be done with it? Seems a bit excessive considering the amount of money spent on CDJ-2000’s and DJM-800. I suppose one could simply not use rekordbox I guess, but that monthly fee… ugh.

  • rihab

    by dollar ddj-rx how much pls tell me hurry

  • rihab

    between ddj -rx and sx2 which one better u think

  • rihab

    I don’t know the price and here by how I bought it

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    interesting, kind of about time really…how long can we be expected to travel around with cables and wires and adapters oh my!

    • Ranii

      I have a problem with my DDJ RX, which doesn’t allow control to work with the Rekordbox software. I just purchased it today but I can’t get it to work. as soon as I turn the table on the FX 2 on the board starts flashing and nothing works on the board, not even plays but the software works perfectly without the controller.
      Any idea on how to get this to work?


  • r3stless

    I hope there will be a DJ Software which works on HiRes Screens properly, Serato and Traktor suck at scaling in high resolutions. I Ohn a 13″ Ultrabook with Hi Res display both programs suck balls I hope Pioneer manages it not to fuck this Up. I need a DJ Tool which is able to adapt to my scaling settings so i dont need to use a magnifying glass to read the Track names….

  • Egg Foo Yxng.

    basically re-releasing the SZ and SX for their own software seems a bit dumb, but i can appreciate the new features like the Flip-style loops that can be made for each deck. kinda wish Traktor had similar features *COUGH*

    • Ohni Starfall

      Just wait for Traktor 3.0 Maybe we will see something like that. Also loved your track you posted on dubseed. I downloaded ^^

      • Egg Foo Yxng.

        thanks bud!

  • PET2001

    Just bought a DDJ-SX2. Kept for the sake to be able to use any of the three major software RB/NI/Serato or return it for the new RX? Thank you

  • Brandon Orr

    The fact this will support the CDJ 850 in HID mode has me ready to leave Traktor if the software is decent. Can’t believe Traktor never added HID for the 850s. Here’s hoping they support the X1 and Z2

  • RossH

    R.I.P. Traktor

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      More like RIP Serato, Traktor isn’t only about playing your trax out. The performance features in it aren’t found in any other DJ software. Traktor DJ maybe, as it is a stripped down version that doesn’t have the same looping capabilities. You forget the controllerists that aren’t using Live.

    • lala

      well right now Traktor still shows Waveforms on 1000s and 2000s. Recordbox 4.0 does not….

  • Sweetzer

    is xdj-rx gonna be compatible with rekordbox 4.0 dj, doesn’t mention it in the vid?

    • Thamer

      from what i experienced, you can use the RekordBox 4.0 in the export mood only
      the new performance mood cannot be linked with the XDJ-RX

      • Billy

        ive got the dxj -rx and im tempted to install but like comment above there is no mention of the 4.0.2 working on my controller ????? hymmmmm

  • Mateusz Djkulens Winogrodzki

    What about xdj r1??

  • chiel

    I was really hoping for the 4 channel xdj-rx (xdj-rz?) at BPM. Hopefully they still have it up their sleeve.

  • Simon Layoun

    just hopefully stores will retail sell the rx for 999 and rz for 1999 as they say they would. hopefully stores like jb don’t up the price.

  • NKLY

    Still don’t fully understand the difference between buying the app for $129 vs. buying a subscription for $9.99/month. Why wouldn’t you just buy it outright?

  • Jake Bergeson

    This is a Serato Killer IMO, so long as the DVS system is good. Also, I’m betting a lot of bigger names that are using Traktor at the moment jump on this train as well.

    Time will tell I suppose, but it looks like they really took the best of both worlds pretty blatantly. I’m not complaining though, it looks like an awesome product. Now if only it ran on the new iPad Pro….

    • NKLY

      It’s certainly compelling to have one library across all platforms (CDJs, controllers), but Serato still dominates the DVS crowd and I don’t see that changing fast. This will all hinge on how reliable rekordbox DJ is so I look forward to the review…

    • Dubby Labby

      Maybe traktor 3 will be for ipad pro focused. Starting in x86 but looking foward to the future iOSX merge the next year…

  • Deej Breeze

    Can you this on the pioneer sx if so when

    • Mark Smith

      It is compatible as stated in he article.

  • Phil

    Video plugin :)))

    • Nosboost300

      this is definitely what i want.. because HID sucks ass.. the difference in HID between cdj850 and cdj900nxs and 2000 is pretty much nothing.. makes having a higher end cdj pointless

  • RogueDJ

    I find it funny that their own software doesn’t display waveforms via the screens of the XDJ-1000, CDJ-2000+ 2000NX, and CDJ-900NX (am I missing any others haha)

    • Nosboost300

      Been my gripe for every form of HID… i had high hopes for HID but so far its been a big pile of crap across the board.

  • Gianluca Djveleno Baer

    I feel a bit fooled! compatibility wego 3 controller of children! and XDJ rx which costs 1,600 Euros and not compatible! these are idiots!

    • Mark Smith

      How is the RX not compatible when it is a Rekordbox stand alone unit? It may not be yet however I’ll bet you eventually it becomes one.

    • Nosboost300

      why would you need rekordbox dj for your xdj-rx?! i can’t see myself every using rekordbox dj with my cdj 900nxs setup.. don’t see why you would? The purpose of that unit is to get away from the laptop screen?

  • Richard

    It’s a great pity that the video shows no wave form on the XDJ1000 (or CDJ2000nxs). Pioneer had a great opportunity here to give users of those players the exact same experience they get playing a Rekordbox USB stick locally with all of the advantages of software (especially the effects) on top. But they’re actually showing less wave form than you get with Serato at the moment (which at least displays the basic whole track wave form on the player). Maybe this is on the roadmap and they haven’t implemented it yet but without the full wave form on the player it’s then using the software feels like a step backwards.

  • Chubs

    A HUGE mistake on the DDJ-RX: The headphones cue is now on the FRONT panel! WOW! NOT SO MUCH GOOD NEWS!!!!

  • JT

    For those of us having a DJM mixer (mine’s an 850) I wish they will come with a deck controller like let’s say the left part of the DDJ-RZ.
    A controller with no screen…otherwise I will stick with Traktor

    • ?The Other Denzel?

      XDJ 1000 ? CDJ 900? CDJ 2000 Nexus?

      • Mike

        Those aren’t really comparable. What JT is talking about is a controller with the FX knobs, sequencer record buttons, Pad FX, etc. that are specific to the Rekordbox DJ software. I’m also very interested in such a controller. It would make it easy for those of us using hardware Pioneer mixers with Traktor or Serato to make the switch over to Rekordbox DJ and have all the controls available rather than just some if we were to buy CDJ’s or XDJ’s. Modularity is attractive to a lot of people.

        • JT

          Exactly…and something affordable (no need for a screen) the laptop will do the job

    • Ben W

      if they ‘custom midi control’ actually works well you will be able to have a midi controller for that

  • Don Stone

    $9.99 subscription for what?

    • NKLY

      I’m curious about that too. It seems like you can buy the app outright for $129. Is the subscription more like a monthly payment plan until you hit $129? Or is there some advantage to paying $9.90 a month forever?

      • ksandvik

        I can’t see any benefits of a subscription model, myself. Just looking at the Traktor 2.x license that has been upgraded for free now in my case since 2009 or so if I remember correctly.

      • Dubby Labby

        Check the max7 new fee model and maybe it brings you some light about possibilities. It isn’t perfect but almost affordable.

    • Russell Cory

      Subscription plans make it legal for software features to be rolled out as they become available. This is not legal to do for flat paid subscriptions outside of something like the Apple App ecosystem.

      Adobe recently went through the subscription change with all of it’s software and it’s been awesome. Updates come out multiple times a year and major functionality is added each time. This would be impossible with the flat fee model.

      • Ralph Wood

        Russel, subscription plans do NOT make it “legal” for software features to be rolled out. Software upgrades have been happening for a very long time, some paid, some free and a subscription has nothing to do with any upgrade being “legal”. Adobe certainly did switch to a subscription based service however it was and still is being met with resistance and disapproval.

        Articles like, along with, go to illustrate the varying differences with the general publics perception of “value” on software along with changing views on ownership of software, rent vs buy.

        The same principal can be applied to this genre. Many will be able to use their traditional equipment by simply turning on their mixer, decks etc and using tradiditional media to mix and play while others may opt to use software and hardware controllers. That software that was purchased for a fee eventually will have a newer version and as a result may be given at a slightly lower price for those who have previously purchased or offered for free, or simply for full retail price.

        I believe the biggest hangup with this model is that people feel that they are constantly paying “fees” and adding yet another “subscription” cost to what I would surmise is already more than enough for most people today, certainly works against the model.

        I do wonder, why on earth would anyone need to pay a reoccuring fee for software when the initial cost is $129.00 up front and be done with it. Now, if the initial fee is $129.00 and there is a reoccuring fee afterwards then I believe that’s going to be a problem for many, especially if they stop and look back at history of dj equipment and software and that many could still fire up a physical piece of kit and get to work without needing to mess about with licences or subscription fees.

        I certainly hope this isn’t the case with Pioneer as I was set on picking up a DDJ-RZ but with the possibility of re-occuring fees after the initial cost, has me thinking twice. Then again, there will be others who will happily fall in line.

        • Russell Cory

          Ralph,Through the Sarbanes-Oxley act it is illegal for a vendor to add unadvertised features to software that has already been paid for.

          People may not be happy about it, or like it, but it’s a fact.

          Someone buys software at a one time flat rate of say $129. They get what they get. The vendor can fix bugs and fix broken functionality but that’s it. Those are the only updates that can be made. If you want more functionality, you have to buy again.

          Whereas with a subscription the advertised features can be changed on the fly. So the vendor can add any new features they want, whenever they want.

          So YES, subscription based software can legally have new features added on the fly, where as persistent software can not. And YES, it is illegal to roll out updates that have new functionality.

          • Ralph Wood

            Hey Russel, updates are
            rolled out every day, it’s up to the end-user to implement them, same as with Adobe products. I can choose to upgrade my suite or not, or so I thought.

            Looking closer at your reference to the Sarbanes-Oxley act, it certainly seems now, sadly, that what was once a simple practice of offering updates to individuals that they could
            choose, at their discretion, to either partake in or not, is now an illegal act?

            I can’t help but feel that this is just a workaround for companies, but at the same time an excuse to drum
            up new business to drive the “economy” further or rather to stifle creativity and progress, Tricky and sneaky, my personal take on it frankly.

            It may be deemed illegal, but it doesn’t necessarily make it right. Considering that software companies have been offering upgrades or increased features to entice their clients for years. Dirty pool….

          • Russell Cory

            I think a lot of the problem is with the nomenclature surrounding the word “update” and the emotions people have with the concept. Sarbanes-Oxley made it illegal to ad new features with a software update. It did not make it illegal for anyone to choose to install or not install software, or which version of the software is available.

            Using the Adobe example. I hopped on the Cloud subscription when it first came out. It just made good economic sense. Major releases to the video software I use were usually in the $1800 to $2200 every 16 to 18 months. Whereas the subscription service allows me to get 3 rounds of major releases for the same cost as one single release did previously.

            MAXON GMBH makers of Cinema 4D also offer a subscription service for their software. It’s also a much better expense in the long run. $650 a year vs $1900 every 16 months.

            Software As Service looks to be the business model that a lot of companies are going to utilize for the future. They are guaranteed an income stream for a contracted period. The user gets guaranteed support for a contracted period. If it’s priced correctly the user actually saves money over the long term.

            It’s not a bad model and I’d rather do that than something like Serato or Virtual DJ’s incessant tiered charge system.

          • elmooso

            What is this nonsense? Traktor adds new features with free updates fairly regularly.

          • Elmooso

            Did a little more research because this comment really just made no sense to me and:

            A. Read through the major points of Sarbanes-Oxley and as far as i can tell it says nothing of the sort. It has to do with corporate financial disclosure and auditing.

            B. By your logic the Traktor update that implemented the remix decks (version 2.5) was illegal, as that functionality was added as a free update to anyone who had already purchased a license. Same story with the update that added freeze mode, and again with the recent update that added stem decks.

          • Russell Cory

            Not my logic. I’m just re-telling things as they were explained to me by a corporate lawyer that specializes in tech.

            I think the whole thing is rather stupid.

          • timtam

            I handle SOX compliance for my company. This is one of the most ludicrous assertions I’ve ever heard.

          • Russell Cory

            Not my assertion. Just repeating what I was told.

            There are a ton of lawyers and accountants at large firms like Adobe, Autodesk, and Apple that interpret it this way also.


    I dont know why, but i want to try it 😀

  • Christopher Allen

    Meanwhile those of us who ditched laptops a long time ago for vinyl or USB just sit back while the compatibility wars begin. It was cheaper in the long run!

  • Nerdtology

    Looks very nice. What´s missing is a Mixer support like Serato DJ. Plug and play with DJM and 2 Turntables, or an external Interface Box like NI or Serato have.

    • Mark Smith

      DVS is coming. I am sure it will be plug and play with their other items however I think they focused on their largest market first.

  • Jane

    hoping will this work with their Rekordbox XDJ-Aero (maybe with an extra pad controller for unlocking those extra features?)

    Tbh it looks a *lot* like Cross (such as the related tracks sidebar) – just wondering have they worked with Mixvibes again on this ?

    • Mark Settle

      Neither MIxvibes or Serato have anything to do with rekordbox 4.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Wave over wave reminds me of a revamped Torq with Traktor tree and browsing from first glance.

  • Nicklas Boesen

    Can it work with Pioneer XDJ-R1?

  • mikefunk

    OK. I was waiting to say this for a long time.

    FECK TRAKTOR! This fat cow of bloated, bugged software!

    • dibb

      I wonder if this means that CDJ’s finally get ALAC (&FLAC) as well..

    • blackavenger

      ALAC is all well and good, but it’s FLAC that I have been after all these years. No digital stores sell ALAC. However, I have bought hundreds of FLAC files over the years. So close, but no cigar :-/

      • culture_drone

        The good news is that you can convert them to ALAC without loss of quality.

        • ksandvik

          ALAC and FLAC are lossless, if a conversion changes the quality, then someone wrote a really crappy converter program.

      • dibb

        FLAC is also supported in RB DJ 4.0. Check the link. But what happens if you export those FLAC’s to USB to play on CDJ’s? My guess they will add FLAC/ALAC support to their CDJ-line by a firmware upgrade.

        • blackavenger

          if they do that I’m saying bye bye to Serato. FLAC support is the only thing that has kept me on the platform.

        • Reticuli

          According to Pioneer, they can’t add FLAC support to their transports because they’re dependent on incredibly dated internal hardware that makes the old Numark gear look super high tech. People don’t realize the junk they’re paying huge prices for.

          • dibb

            Didn’t know that but after having read a thread about this on the Pio forum I think you’re right. I’m not at all a Pio fan, but sometimes it’s just convenient to play from USB stick on the CDJ’s. Having to maintain a RB version of my library with my ALAC’s decoded to AIFF’s is just a huge PITA. A function that would auto-decode FLAC/ALAC’s to AIFF’s when you export to thumb drive would solve this.

          • JF_Amadei

            YES Exactly! I knew already that the current CDJ line (that is the ubiquitous 2000 / Nexus) cannot technically decode FLAC / ALAC but just the ability to transcode into AIFF on the fly while exporting would literally make me save hundreds of Gbs of space in my hard drive,,,

    • Jake Bergeson

      WOW!!! Finally. It’s about time! Great news.

  • q&a jay

    is this “related tracks” feature from mixvibes

  • Gorian

    Why won’t they implement Beat Effects, like on the DJM-mixers? This, and making them post-fader, is a dealbreaker for me.
    And also; this means that the DDJ-R*-series won’t be compatible with Serato, right? I’m sorry seeing them go that way. :/

  • Alex

    I think they just pulled a fast one on Serato here. I thought it was going to be some sort of hybrid deal with Serato, but nope, it looks like they took inspiration from their GUI and their development process with Serato and worked on it more themselves. The DDJ-RX and DDJ-RZ really hit the coffin in the nail on that one; they want this industry to themselves.
    This is an insane paradigm shift. Before to use a Rekordbox setup, you needed to invest in a >$1000 setup (i.e. CDJs or an XDJ controller). Now even a DDJ-SB works with Rekordbox. Any kid that starts on a SB can go to the club, jack into the ethernet router, and instantly be up and running with quad 2000NXS’s with Pro-DJ Link running seamlessly. And with all the new kids trying to be DJ’s nowadays, I think the game just changed >.>

    • mikefunk

      All I want is Open DVS I am tired of Tractor issues and not sold on Serato 80’s look. I am waiting for new industry standard software and this one looks great. It would be fantastic if they started supporting all other mixers and controllers. That would be their way to steal the market. I am talking not only about certification for Pioneer mixers but for Rane and even A&H mixers plus all NI controllers like S8. That would piss off NI for sure but will give us some choice. I’d love to use RB with my Xone DB2 and Traktor vinyls. I really want that. Mostly because Traktor sucks balls with music preparation, they should have separate app for it (like Trainspotting). Plus Traktor crashed too many times on me in unpredictable moments and simply I do not trust this software anymore. Every update is like rolling a dice. I want change and this looks promising.

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        Pioneer opening their Software up to other DJ controllers… dream your dream.

        • Scoresman

          Pioneer wants Rekordbox DJ to be the best solution and will keep it closed to other platforms. You are right, they want the entire market

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Have you taken a look at Cross DVS?

        • QAMRONparq

          As far as I know, One DJ doesn’t have DVS support.

    • NKLY

      Agreed. It’s hard to see this as anything other than a “k, thanks, bye” to Serato. They modelled Rekordbox DJ software so closely on SDJ that all they have to do is re-badge their remaining controller lineup (DDJ-RR, DDJ-RB) and bam, full ecosystem.

      • Mark Smith

        They don’t even have to do that since the current Serato Controllers they offer are compatible. They’re already ahead of the game and this software isn’t even available yet.

        • NKLY

          Ah, you’re right, I didn’t realize that!

  • thundercat

    wonder if the RZ now has post fader fx?

    • blackavenger

      That’s a good question.

    • Nosboost300

      color fx i don’t think were ever post fader? and i can’t imagine effects within software to ever be that way either

  • Salmon Solly-p Potgieter

    Looks awesome definitly gonna give it a try, just REALLY hope they planning on implementing video playback

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    “Custom midi control”

    Stoked to see how they manage this.

    • Ben W

      this is the major thing that keeps me with traktor. might be enough to make me switch