Routine: DJ Shiftee on Z2, D2s, and Technics to rock NI Stems

Native Instruments’ Stems have been out for a while now and some DJs have already started incorporating them into their sets. DJ Shiftee also took advantage of the added hardware support that is included in the D2 controllers. His routine blends old and new hardware that shows a new way to play with Traktor’s Stem Decks.

Shiftee Rocks Stems on the D2s

As seen in the video,  Shiftee used the Stem control through the D2 in a way that fits his style of flipping and cutting samples – which is a lot easier when that full song is exported into four different sections. The D2 gives DJ Shiftee a way to control the volume, triggering, and effects of a song a lot more than just a dicer at the corner of his turntable, while the Z2’s DVS capabilities allow him to keep his turntablism a live part of his set in the midst of all this new technology.

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