Traktor 2.10 Out Now: Kontrol S5 Support, Dual Aux Inputs

Live right now in the Native Instruments Service Center is a brand new version of Traktor, 2.10. There’s only a few little changes, most notably the support of the upcoming Traktor Kontrol S5, which is due in stores this Thursday (check out a preorder unit here in the DJTT store or read more about the controller here).

The official notes for Traktor 2.10 are incredibly slim and don’t let on a lot aside from indicating that there’s now support for the four-channel Kontrol S5 controller:


  • TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 SUPPORT: TRAKTOR PRO 2 now supports the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 all-in-one controller. The TRAKTOR PRO 2.10 update also includes the required Controller Editor update for TRAKTOR KONTROL S5.
  • AUX INPUT NOW SUPPORTS 2 STEREO INPUTS: TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 features a Mic and an Aux line input that both feed through the ‘AUX’ knob in TRAKTOR PRO 2. To support simultaneous routing of both audio signals, the ‘Aux Input’ section of the ‘input routing’ preference page in TRAKTOR PRO 2 now features two inputs that can be fed to the ‘AUX’ knob together. This feature is available for all users.


  • Scratch Support restored for legacy Scratch Certified devices
  • Fixed Remix Deck tempo control from TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 and D2
  • Fixed freezes/crashes due to certain ID3 tagging WAV files

The 2.10 update for Mac and PC can be downloaded via the Service Center app or by logging into your NI account on their website.

Ready to see Traktor Pro 3? Here’s some of the features we’d love to be included in that update

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  • Regular Citizen

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. 2.10.0?!

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    “Scratch Support restored for legacy Scratch Certified devices.”
    About fucking time, but I’ve already switched to Serato, NI lost me a long while ago.

  • Cut Correct

    “Scratch Support restored for legacy Scratch Certified devices”
    Does this mean the Pioneer DJM T-1 can be used for 2.1 now? I know that 2.0.9 I could not use TSP2 and my Pioneer DJM T-1.

  • hellnegative

    Restoring support for LEgacy scratch devices is a HUGE deal. I was so pissed when I wasn’t able to use my Mackie D.4’s internal sound card anymore. I thought NI was reallly friggin stupid for ever restrcting legacy devices. No more unpacking and repacking my a10 anymore. Thank god.

  • Fayek Helmi

    2.10 Is the most retarded version number ever…. do you even decimal point traktor? 2.10 = 2.1 should’ve at least called it 2.10.1 or something…..

    • hellnegative

      I loll’ed. Things are goiing to get real confusing when they hit version 3. Ex-final scratch users are about to be like….. ?_?

    • ShiftFunction

      The decimal works a bit different in software version numbering, hence why you can have multiple decimal points. You’d pronounce this as two point ten.

      Not retarded, just how it’s been done for years.

      • Fayek Helmi

        YES I am aware of that…. but from my limited experience with the apps that i use that have version numbers, they tend to stay away from confusing numerology like that byt adding a 1 to make it 2.11 or 2.10.0…
        i mean after all i was just kindof making jokes. 🙂

  • mikefunk

    So really nothing new besides supporting new gear. Meh…
    I am waiting for Rekordbox DVS support and I am leaving Traktor until they bring 3.0 version with something groundbreaking like Maschine integration and VST support.

    • killmedj

      Yup I’m afraid I’m with you. =/

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Just my opinion… I’m a windows user and waiting on the release of Rekordbox DJ too, but I can’t help but think that this’ll be another Serato. As it is Pioneer hasn’t released any 64 bit drivers for their hardware and unless they are sitting on them and waiting 2 days to release them, all we’ll see is another 32 bit application. These days we have multiple cores and gobs and gobs of RAM, a 32 bit applications only utilizes 1 core and 2Gb of RAM for your programs… my laptop has an i7 and 16Gb of RAM (I like using more than 25% of my system resources).
      Even now I find that I pull my djm 850 from my set up and swap in my Z2 just for the 64 bit instruction set. Pioneer hardware owners have been asking for updated drivers from Pioneer since Traktor went 64 bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still check out Rekordbox dj when it comes out, but even Cross seems a bit more viable at this point.

    • Martin Wilson

      Might be with you too. Any good guesses when they’ll release DVS support. And what’s your prediction on having to buy a pio certified sound card to access it?

    • Jon

      What is Rekordbox DJ offering that’s “groundbreaking”? I don’t see what reason you have to leave Traktor for a less superior software given that your current requirements list consists of “DVS support”. I mean Rekordbox looks interesting but your reasons for leaving Traktor seem nonexistent. why not just stick with Traktor until they release an update that pleases you.

    • Regular Citizen

      Dude the day has come. DVS is supported in Rekordbox. PEACE!!