Melodics: New Finger Drumming Practice App

Recently we’ve seen a big move to app-based education, using games and intelligent processes to rapidly refine skills and knowledge on a certain subject. Sam Gribben, former CEO of Serato, has taken this concept, applied it to learning how to finger drum, and today is announcing a brand-new software called Melodics.

Melodics: Duolingo for Finger Drumming?

The core concept is pretty easy to understand: have you ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band? It’s that classic concept – notes on a scrolling scale – but applied to finger drumming. The app gives you instant feedback on how you’re doing – if you’re hitting the notes right on the spot or if you’re early, late, or completely miss.

Similar to other learning applications like Duolingo, Melodics has a series of “lessons” organized into sensible skill levels that quickly allow players to progress and build their abilities naturally. Start off with basic patterns, getting more complicated and adding elements with each level.

I’ve spent a few hours playing and practicing on the software, and so far it’s exciting because it’s the first app of its kind – the lessons are designed to help you “get” the concept of finger drumming, instead of just taking a simple “repeat after me” approach that you might expect. Just a few lessons in and you can start feeling the beginning of dexterity in your fingers – it’s very exciting.

Melodics is a free download for Mac (Windows support is coming soon) – with 20 free lessons included (all different skill levels and genres) which you can play as much as you want. The full power of Melodics comes with a subscription – $10 a month – which unlocks a ton of content, exclusive unreleased stuff from artists, and new lessons and music every week. We’re going to review this subscription content in the next few weeks and see how it is!

Some of the content is coming from pretty significant artists..

One of the best parts is that Sam and the Melodics team has taken the time to pre-map tons of pad controllers to the software, meaning it requires very little setup for almost all major controllers. In addition to lots of common DJ mixers with pads, this also includes the Midi Fighter line – if you’ve got one, plug it in and you’re ready to drum. You can use Melodics with your keyboard – but ideally you want to start building your muscle memory on great-feeling arcade buttons, not mediocre keyboard keys.

Stay tuned as well for more information on top-secret DJTT finger drumming content in Melodics coming soon!

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  • Daks

    I need Help my Midi Fighter 3d id not being detected my melodics at all! 🙁
    I am Using a Mackbook Pro

    • Tim Wessling

      Sup Daks, i gots the same problem. Did you ever work this one out. I’ve emailed support at Melodics, no response yet..

      • Daks

        yes sorry about a very very late reply but i just change the firmware as if i was using traktor i think its called traktor mapping i’m not sure sorry hope it helps! 🙂

  • Daks

    I need help my MidiFighter 3D is not being detected at all by melodics! 🙁
    Using Macbook Pro

  • djmoxxy

    This program is legit. It has a few bugs to work out. For example, the GUI stutters every bar or so, causing the student to visually see the blocks to play sounds off grid, which can hurt with levels 5 and above. Personally I love it. I try to just listen to the preview, see the pads that are triggered for the specific tutorial, close my eyes and try to just zone in on the actual beat and metronome to trigger the samples on time. I can see this program turning into something very useful in the future if Melodics can somehow partner with Ableton, Reason, Maschine and others to allow someone to take their cue point or controllerism set and build a practice file out of it so as to dial in the sounds and their cues as close to perfect as humanly possible. I love it so far. When I’m stuck on a song I have found myself just going through the lessons until my creative juices start flowing again. Thankfully I have Push, MF3D, Multiple MIDI Keyboards, Maschine MKII, various iPad MIDI controllers and have been going through the lessons, using the fingers that I normally don’t use in a set. I’m ambidextrous but Melodics helps bring out the dexterity in both sides of the brain. I’m all for it.

  • Dr Beatz

    Super fun and simple to use. Accessible to small kids even. I plan to use this with my students after the holly-daze. Like any community, it takes user input to build. Be sure to submit comments IN THE APP feedback section. Sam personally responded to every one of my feature requests in a matter of minutes. With support like that, I can see this app going real far. $10 a month is SOOOO worth the price for what you get. BRAVO and my hats off to you.

  • Drei

    Wassup everyone! Do you know if there is any Traktor Kontrol F1 mapping for Melodics? Thank you!

  • Dario De Lima

    For some reason, could not get this to work with midifighter 3D, had no issues with NI Machine. The App ays the Midifighter is connected but when pressing the arcade buttons nothing worked.. am i missing something?

  • Chaser720

    Only complaint with this software is it requires a straight orientation of your controller. I’ve always played in the diamond orientation that Mad Zach does.

  • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

    I played with this last night and had a blast. I’ve had a small interest in finger drumming but I never got past a frustrating five minute practice session. This software makes it fun and provides building blocks for your skills. Even if I never end up finger drumming in a set/performance, Melodics is worth it for the personal entertainment value and improved timing/coordination.

  • King Coil

    Been enjoying it so far. Super slick design!

  • David Brown

    Can’t wait for windows support. This is the tool we needed. Thanks for featuring it DJTT!

    • Dr Beatz

      its working on windows now, go get it

  • ?MU?SH?OO?SHI™ ?????

    I’ve been playing rhythm games since I was 8, mostly Dance Dance Revoltuion (and Stepmania) and lately, lots of Love Live: School Idol Festival, which I’m sure have helped me time fingerdrumming and cues for me. This looks like a combination of rhythm game and teaching tool, if I can get it running on my ooooold 2007 MacBook I’ll try it out. If not… I guess I’ll wait for the windows version to come out XD