Watch Vekked’s Winning 2015 DMC World Championship Set

Want to know what it takes to make a top-tier DJ routine at the 2015 DMC World Championships? It seems like Vekked has had it figured out, having completely dominated the Online division of the DMC this year and then going on to win the entire title. Watch the winning routine below, just released on the official DMC World YouTube channel.

What’s especially fascinating about this routine is that Vekked is absolutely pushing beyond the traditional and stale by using different elements in his DJ set – original productions (the Sega theme edit which we’ve heard in previous routines from him), use of three decks (watch carefully about 2:40 and notice how there’s a “background” track while he’s juggling the metal guitar riff on both turntables), and even fader-based manipulation of sample pitch.

This is what it’s like to go beyond turntablism and instead incorporate the trifecta of DJ specialties – controllerism, production, and turntablism – all into one routine. Congratulations to Vekked for this win of the 2015 DMC World Championship, and enjoy your gold-plated Rane TTM57 MKII – try not to get too many fingerprints on it:

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  • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

    Clever use of the Whiplash sample. Very impressive techniques, I can dig it. I can also hear the tempo and beat fluctuates like a flag in the wind. Kind of hard for me to listen to after a while. Me and my band in high school practiced a lot of weird time changes (5/4 to 7/8 to 4/4, etc), and I get that it’s more of a performance in this arena.

    • Vekked

      I hear you man. It’s sort of the nature of the game… It’s like practicing the most complex drum solo you can and then get put on a stage on another person’s kit setup by someone else at weird heights with less than ideal sound. I put in hours upon hours practicing each part of this to a metronome but on a different setup with zero soundcheck it’s a much different game, the absolute best you can hope for is like 90% as good as you can do at home.

      • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

        Ahhh yeah I’d feel the same way if I had to play somebody else’s guitar that I’d barely had a few minutes to adjust to before tearing into it. Lots of amazing cuts in there and will have to check out you on your main rig. Will probably blow me outta the water haha! Cheers and congrats.

        • Vekked

          No doubt! I wish we could have more warm up and such to perform our best on that stage but I understand in practice you gotta keep the show moving cuz the audience isn’t there to watch DJs warm up lol. Here’s the video that qualified me for the world finals:

          The rules for DMC online are less strict so I was able to use more equipment, for the live battle I had to settle for workarounds that aren’t ideal.

          • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

            Thanks for the responses and clearing stuff up a bit! Hat tip and all the best to you man!

  • mikefunk

    I am EDM DJ and this things don’t excite me as other scratch DJ’s but I can recognize the skill and shit load amount of work included. Kudos!

  • KeepPushingCreativeButtons

    “This is what it’s like to go beyond turntablism”
    It’s rather his turntablist approach to djing IMO, which makes this routine possible

  • HedSnap

    Amazing stuff! I think some of the negative comments this performance will get is that it’s so different then what you might expect and doesn’t highlight more traditional skills. Having watched a few of Vekked’s routines I’d say I’ve enjoyed some of his previous videos more and maybe that’s because those skills could be seen more in those videos. Can’t be sure either but it seems the crowd wasn’t as into it either. As a fan I hope he can incorporate a little more of the traditional with his creativity. Much respect!

    • Vekked

      Yea for this routine I went as far as I could away from traditional, because at the world level there are so many guys who are good at traditional scratching/juggling routines, and it’s really hard to distinguish yourself. In order to win DMC World you have to take risks and try new things and pretty much just cross your fingers haha.

      The crowd was definitely into it though! People from the crowd told me that during my “Sega” routine it was the first time they heard people singing along with a battle routine LOL.

      • Lee Wardlaw

        its all about embracing and using the technology to 100% do not understand why many turntablists have used the sample decks that much b4 tbh its another tool to make more things possible no doubt it will get used well
        The more turntablists have the approach of al just stick with the old ways the more the youngsters will shine with their new ways of doing things some times change is good

      • steve brown

        after being disappointed by several dmc winning performances, very nice to see the and Hear(this part cant be understated) what you do, congratulations!
        great to see creativity and enthusiasm(again this part is very important, cause if u aint excited about what youre doing, how can anyone else be) keep getting excited, keep doing making new tricks, dont rest. thanks for keepin it fresh.

  • RolfSki

    Lol, you should check out some DMC finals from the analogue age, where contesters actually physically juggled the records, were doing all sorts of crazy stuff and REALLY put up some show. Makes this just look like some boring, skill-less kindergarten.

    Hell, any DJ Shiftee routine looks more creative and exciting than this.

    • Vekked

      Hehe, Shiftee just gave me big props for this routine today 🙂

      • DJblaze_DJbooth

        Don’t worry about the haters Vekked! You MURDERED this sir! Congrats once again…

      • RolfSki

        Of course he gave you big props, you won and probably rightfully so. As an ex-champion he’s supposed to do that.

        Doesn’t make your routine in the same league as his though (no offense btw).

        • Vekked

          Haha I’m sure he didn’t give me props out of formality, Shiftee isn’t the dude to give out easy props. You’re totally allowed to have your opinion, just know that some of your idols might disagree, and their opinion holds a bit more weight 😉

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Hey man, out of the ball park questions here… 519 or k-dub mean anything to you?

        • Lee Wardlaw

          props due where props due

        • kebzer

          Dude, have ever heard of a competition called “Supremacy”? Check it out, you might be surprised.

      • JacksonParodi

        Dude, Vekked, I just want to give a shoutout to you for interacting with your fans (and not-fans) here online. I saw you also responding to YouTube comments, and I respect the heck out of that. I dug your set, and congrats on the win!

        • Vekked

          haha thanks dude!! I try to interact with people as much as I can (although it’s hard sometimes…) because I always wished I could talk to battle DJs I watched on vids and ask them questions and stuff when I was coming up… trying to do what I always wished was there for me!

    • Lee Wardlaw

      rolfski maybe u should enter the dmc sure u would win it if u mix as good as u talk chap but tbh the best dmc style was from some mad japanese boy that moved the needle and dropped it at some points on the records to create a new beat well done vekked good job