SubPac M2 Launched: Improved Wearable Subwoofer + Giveaway

Last week our friends at SubPac announced a brand new iteration of their wearable bass/sub bass monitoring system, the SubPac M2. The new version brings a significant overhaul both on the aesthetic and technical aspects of the design. Keep reading for the full details!

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Subpac M2

Product: SubPac M2
Subpac (formerly Studiofeed)
Preorder now on DJTT’s store ($399 now $349 in the DJTT store)

SubPac’s wearable bass monitoring system has already been through two generations prior – the M1 and the M1 Bluetooth, which brought wireless streaming to the unit. But for the last few months, the M1 has been completely unavailable – and now we know why.

The Subpac M2 has all new materials (“vibrotactile membranes”) that are now ergonomically shaped to maximize the amount of body contact and comfort. While the M1 felt more like a backpack, the M2 will likely feel more like a piece of form-fitting armor.

The internals have seen an update as well, with new “optimized tactile transducers for improved accuracy and energy efficiency” – hopefully allowing an even longer charge for the built-in Li-ion battery, which is estimated at 6+ hours for a full charge.

There’s also been some improvement to the control box, which on the M1 model was a bit awkward – the Subpac M2 control box is slimmer, with dedicated placement points on the unit and a flexible cable that attaches it to the main unit.

The whole thing comes in a bit heavier than its predecessors, but it’s still only just over five pounds, very reasonable.

We’re excited to see and feel it for ourselves – and the DJTT store is already taking preorders for the units, set to ship in mid-December 2015. These units are extremely limited (SubPacs have never been easy to get lots of stock of), but we’re excited to have some of the first. Preorders are $20 cheaper than normal pricing, and are first come/first ship.

We’re also giving away a Subpac M2 – just use the widget below to enter:

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If your a producer and struggle mixing down your low end, you need to try a Subpac – check one out here

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  • Kid Nervous

    Wish I bought my M1BT from DJTT…

    I happened to preorder through subpac’s website. Got a unit with a faulty LED that doesn’t work properly. Customer support from the company said the issue could be fixed with a firmware update that would be ‘out soon’. So I held on waiting for the update, checking back in every week or so for a couple months.

    Months later I was told that I would have to send the unit in to get it fixed. At this point I’m getting frustrated because I’m seeing the same unit I paid a ‘discounted’ pre order price for, pop up at retailers like DJTT for even cheaper than what I paid (making me feel like I paid them to extra to beta test their product basically.)

    But I say OK, send out a return box with rma label and I’ll send it out. They say they can’t do that. So I say OK, email me a return label and I’ll find the box/packaging. They say they can’t do that.

    At this point they’re telling me to ‘post it back using cheapest option with the rrp as the stated insurance value and they’ll refund me straight away to papal.’

    Well to start with, it’s not exactly cheap to send an insured package with that value from the US to UK. And beyond that, I don’t even have a PayPal account for them to send the refund to.

    In summary, if you REALLY want one of these units, buy it from a local(ish) retailer with good customer service and return policy.

  • Mike Kowalczyk

    Always wanted one of these, wish I had the funds for one lol. Heard nothing but good things about em.

    • Kid Nervous

      If you find yourself saving money just for one of these units, don’t. It is purely a luxury item. Unless you have more money to sink into getting it fixed, don’t bother.

      • Mike Kowalczyk

        Have you had a bad experience with one? I’m only into it because I can’t run a sub at the moment due to noise issues.

        e/ I just read your comment below so ignore this lol.

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