TraktorAutoNextSong: Traktor Track Recommendations

We’ve wondered ever since Traktor DJ for iOS launched back in 2013 when the desktop Traktor Pro would get the track recommendation functionality that the iPad/iPhone app has. Unfortunately, Native Instruments has kept us waiting – but one independent project brings the functionality to Mac users with a standalone app workflow. Read on for the details of the TraktorAutoNextSong project.

This app is built as an external device to your DJ software – meaning that you’ll have to open it separately and allow it to analyze your Traktor Pro collection on its own. Designed by Anders Fischer-Nielsen, the app is a handy and free way to find good tracks to add to your playlists or to mix into your set in a pinch.

Installing TraktorAutoNextSong

To install the app, you’ll need to have Mono installed – this is an open source framework that allows the application to run. It’s a free download (as is TraktorAutoNextSong) available here.  Run the installer for Mono and then download and install TraktorAutoNextSong as well.

You’ll have to select your Traktor library in your current Traktor folder – it’s called collection.nml and is usually in the current version of Traktor in Documents > Native Instruments.  It’ll quickly analyze your collection and you’re ready to go – now open Traktor and drag songs directly into the app (I found that click-and-holding on a track and then cmd-tabbing over to the TraktorAutoNextSong app works well).

How Well Do The Traktor Track Recommendations Work?

In our testing, the TraktorAutoNextSong app works extremely well. It instantly loads in eight suggested tracks that are similar in BPM and have a key that matches or is close. Since Traktor annoyingly doesn’t do double sorting (that is, sort by BPM second, but Key first), this is incredibly handy and allows using both fields effectively to find good songs to consider.

The results are actually a “weighted graph of every song in a Traktor collection of songs […] the weight is calculated using the BPM of the songs and their different keys”.

One of the drawbacks is that it only reads Traktor’s key own detected field – which historically hasn’t been as accurate as Mixed In Key and others. We’d love to be able to choose our own ID3 tags for Key. A second drawback is that it doesn’t look for halved / doubled BPMs – something that any good DJ knows is a perfectly fine way to look for a good matching track.

Is This “Cheating”?

A common accustation of any tools that help DJs choose tracks is that they’re a form of cheating. In our view, the tool is simply a shortcut to get around a weakness of the software – and as noted above, is the same process as sorting your library by Key and BPM – but in a much faster manner.

If you’re using this in place of selecting good songs that will fit in the moment of the song, you’re of course making a mistake. Trust your ears and choose songs that fit the vibe and energy of your dancefloor. The creator noted in a post on Reddit:

“I plan on using it for preparing sets or maybe for the odd time when I’ve dug myself into a corner during an improv DJ gig.”

Download the current version of TraktorAutoNextSong on GitHub.

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  • Charles Lwanga

    do not download. it had my new MacBook flickering. Dj tech tools, have you tested this app? why is it still up on your website? this app behaved like malware and only a restart got rid of its erratic behaviour. Please do not mislead loyal followers who trust your site. Take this thing down at once!!! or at least have a warning!!!!


    Only thing I’m still waiting on is for them to implement Command + Z to undo a change. For instance, I was just preparing a wedding cocktail hour playlist, exported the songs out to Pro Tools to create a mix, and then deleted the tracks from my Traktor playlist. Immediately afterward I realized I’d rather keep them in a Cocktail Hour playlist just for backup purposes, and there’s no way of undo-ing anything you do in Traktor. If they could implement this, I would be forever happy with the software 😉

  • buxxxxxx

    Does not work here, mac, TR 2.10
    Seems not want to read my 42 MB nml file

  • Zoe Clegg

    this thing doesn’t work, can’t even install the app, any ideas??

  • Abdur Rabbani

    works well for me in traktor pro 2.10.1 , All you have to do is instead opening the collection.nml in the interface window at first just go to traktor auto next song preference setting tab and put it there.

  • Carlos De Castro

    there any way they can explain step by step ???

  • DJ Bockarie

    Any instructions on how to setup traktorautonextsong for window? I opened the collection.nml but the Apps is not opening.

  • tniz

    Any updates on how to get this working? I have mono installed, autotraktor asks me to open my collection, then I get a blue box for a second or two. Then when I drop a track nothing happens.

    • Alexander Laius

      I have the same problem

  • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

    Can’t get mine to work drag a song and only thing that happens is the black in the apps box gets a shade of grey. Set to current collection using TP2.9.0. Do any of the “F backend or whatever processes need to be enabled? Found this at the bottom of creators page.

  • Hoegy

    When i installed trackorauto and it says I cannot open it?

    • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

      Try holding down control while clickin on it. Hit open and open once more

      • Hoegy

        Says file is damaged or incomplete every time. Have installed it 3 times with the same error

        • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

          I’m assuming youre on a Mac? If so check your firewall settings. If you don’t have firewall enabled. Go to Settings>Security&Privacy>General Tab>Check to see what settings for App Downloads. Included a pic of what I’m talking about.

          Also… Did you install “Mono” before installing TraktorAutoNextSong? Just double checking haha

          • Hoegy

            I installed mono before I installed but cannot tell how you know it is

          • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

            Where in the same boat my friend I have no clue where the hell the install but I want to their site and uninstalled it instantly after uninstalling and reinstalling traktorauto where in the same boat my friend I have no clue where the hell the install but I want to their site and uninstalled it instantly after uninstalling and reinstalling traktorauto three times with it still not working just make sure to visit their support site if you decide to delete it unlike some other programs they have these kind of tell you how to do so ha
            I wonder if having spotlight disabled on my main drive and external drive is causing any issues… Hmmmm anyone at DJ TechTools have any input on that one ?

          • Hoegy

            I got mine to work by doing what the guy above said about the fire wall settings. Than I deleted it than reinstalled. Problem now is it doesn’t analyze my traktor 10 library

  • Maxwell James Mansfield Burgoy

    Quick question about .nml files: I’ve got loads of what seem to be older .nml files taking up loads of space on my mac. Are these important or can I delete? Thanks. P.S Cant get this to load my latest nml file for some reason.

  • Jared Singer

    Anyone try this yet? Trying to give it a whirl with Traktor 2.10.0 but it does not seem to be reading my collection….

    • Jared Singer

      Update – I just worked backwards and tried to have it analyze the collection.nml from a older version of Traktor (2.8). It seemed to analyze that collection, but it’s out of date… any thoughts?

      • killmedj

        Yeah me too =/ Be keen to get this up and running.

      • Dan White

        I’ll ping the developer from DJTT twitter 🙂

        • Louis Emile

          Hey Dan any luck with hearing back from them about Version 10?

  • gigglekey

    “Since Traktor annoyingly doesn’t do double sorting” …This!!

  • Unit27

    Gives me a Garbage Collection error 🙁

  • Hans Lutz van Tastique

    where can i download TraktorAutoNextSong???

  • mloops

    One again Windows users are out.

    • Andrea HighBreed Lomba

      And the funny thing is that need an open source implementation of .NET to run….

    • Ezmyrelda

      Really? They have a Windows version on the github page..

  • Hendrik Schreiber

    Sounds like Traktor is finally catching up to beaTunes’ matching songs feature.

    • Ezmyrelda

      Except that since this is an external app.. It’s actually not.. *shrugs*