Routine: DJ Shiftee with Drop Top

One would think that between a professional DJ career, running a label, and upholding the reputation as a World Champion DJ there would be little time to come up with creative routines however that is not the case with DJ Shiftee. The DJ and producer recently sat down with Fact Magazine to debut a new routine featuring his track “Drop Top” with Cakes Da Killa which blurs the lines between controllerism and turntablism, yet again.

Cuts, Juggles, and Stutters

DJ Shiftee never ceases to disappoint DJTT with his unique workflow that blends controllerism and turntablisim. In his latest “Drop Top” routine Shiftee begins with a traditional beat juggle and quick cuts of Cakes Da Killa’s hook. Using two Technic 1200s, a Kontrol Z2, and Traktor Scratch Pro, he shows off his classic phrasing skills and lightning-fast crossfading control.

After we get a taste of his scratching skills Shiftee turns up the heat by incorporating a 1/32nd beat slicer into the routine. This technique can be tricky to coordinate, but when mastered it sounds raw in the middle of a set.

The set is finished off with a long brake on the record and then the Curl Up remix of Shiftee’s is cut up in the same manner that started off the set. The softer, synth heavy remix juxtaposes the hardness of the original track and serves as an eloquent finale to this routine. Shiftee, never change a thing.

Send us your routine and show the DJTT community how you play!


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  • Harold

    Not sure “never ceases to disappoint” is exactly the phrasing you wanted there. Maybe “never disappoints” instead?

    Also, a “brake” is part of a car. Perhaps “break” is preferred here?

    Hopefully corrections can be made. <3 Long live DJTT.

    • Flamer

      I guess, there’s nothing to correct here, mate. All true.

    • Flamer 2

      true at least for the first part