Pioneer DJM-S9 Review: A New Hybrid Battle Mixer

Pioneer is set to start rolling out their brand new, two-channel DJM-S9 battle mixer to stores in the next few weeks. We decided to send our review unit over to two DJTT friends who know Pioneer DJ gear very well – DJs Cotts and Ravine – and have them take it for a spin and share their thoughts. Watch the full review inside:

DJM-S9 Review

Reviewed: DJM-S9 battle mixer
Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ
Price: Available now for $1697 here – support DJTT with your purchase.
Availability: ~end of November

Review Highlights

Don’t have time to watch the full review? Some of the biggest highlights on this DJM-S9 include:

  • FX switches similar to the RMX-1000 release FX switch – allows quick addition of effects in a fun way.
  • All onboard FX are post fader – designed for quick turntablist FX additions, a bit different from Color FX.
  • RGB performance pads have four modes – similar to on Pioneer DDJ Serato controllers – Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, and Sampler.

  • Wide array of crossfader adjustments on the front of the unit
  • Instant mic echo control on the front panel

  • Much improved turntable grounding posts (they’re all metal, way easier to use than any others on Pioneer gear)
  • Dual soundcards allow two DJs to do back-to-back sets or just easy DJ swapouts
  • Magvel Fader Pro – magnetic contactless crossfader like on Rane battle mixers (way better for cutting than on other DJM units). Also super-smooth upfaders!

Have any questions about the new DJM-S9 mixer?
Let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer them.

Watch More: Cotts and Ravine share their insider CDJ tricks in this tutorial.

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  • Gemini Boi

    I have this same exact question. Which one to buy???


    does anyone have the pioneer s9 mixer and if so how long have you had it and are you having any major issues with it or with the software? all info is good info for me i am looking to buy a s9 but so is it worth buying the s9 or should just get the 62 but i like the big button and the set up of the s9 with the rane 62 haves small buttons everywhere.

  • Ray Djcrunchtime

    I would instantly buy a version of this mixer meant for traktor. When NI came out with the Z2 I was unimpressed and have stuck with my pioneer 909.

  • Zed

    Unwatchable video, cam moving all the time made me wanna throw up…

  • justinbasile

    I’m wondering if an hypothetic upcoming Kontrol Z2 MKII would include some of the sweet features of the DJM-S9 (both crossfader & linefaders seem awesome, pads are well positionned), or if NI will stupidly iterate their model with a feature mashup of their S5/S8.
    I’m actually curious, because they recently kind of disappeared of the battle mixer market (almost 3 years since the initial announcement of the Z2…).

    That market is definitely exciting 🙂

    • DJ D-One

      I was just thinking the same. A Z2 MKII with a diferent pad positioning and a high res screen would be awesome. If the price was not as high as the djm-s9 or the similar Rane alternatives i would quit being a serato user cop me one.

  • Phil

    Where’s the contest info?

  • Chris

    btw, did anyone recognize that the things going in cycles

    (need some chants, about it
    Ole Gjeilo – northern lights
    Jupiter 8000 –

  • deejae snafu

    i really wish that these manufacturers would get the crazy idea that… its 2015 and turntablists use more than 2 channels.

    • acts_one

      don’t remember the last time I personally ‘NEEDED’ more than 2 channels. Haven’t seen a DMC/RedBull set where a DJ is using 4 decks…..

      • deejae snafu

        it might might be the most common thing, but using 3 decks is where its at.

        • acts_one

          Too bad that Rane didn’t update the Empath…..

    • DJ D-One

      A shit load of turntablists now use 3 channels. 1 Constant playing deck and the two turntables, turntablism has became so complicated and “pre-produced” people dont even notice theres a 3rd deck playing some stuff on a lot of the modern routines. Not only that its usefull to have an extra channel for samples, i personally use the extra channel for NI Maschine stuff.

      • deejae snafu

        i agree, and i wish the market would recognize this and stop making battle style mixers, 2 channel only.

        • DJ D-One

          Most do, even the old Rane 56 has an Aux In (altho it only has a gain knob, for sample stuff or a backtrack in turntablism i guess its fine) The Traktor Z2 that is much cheaper also has this… The DJM-S9 does have a aux in but it looks like its only selectable from he main channels so you can’t hear all 3 things at the same time, that is rather stupid for a mixer that costs 1.8k

  • deejae snafu

    who needs all that crossfader control…. to cut you only need one setting…sharp.

    i guess hamster if anyone still does that…. but cmon,

    plus who is going to be able to decipher what any of that is for in a dark environment?

    im sure its a nice mixer, and would be fun and all… but developers keep adding on useless features, just to make it sound more “new”

  • citydj

    the dj city review was much better

  • mikefunk

    I watched other review and guy said it’s best sounding mixer from Pioneer ever, better than 900 Nexus.

    • Mark Smith

      I’m not surprised. Pioneer mixers typically sound klnd of flat compared to A&H or Rane mixers.

      • mikefunk

        Yep. Confirmed. I listened to Pioneer (most of them) and I have A&H which is best sounding mixer I had (Denon, Pioneer, Numark). I never tried Rane but MP2015 is on my next list.

    • Juliet Ellis

      i am looking to buy a dj mixer for my 9 year old for christmas but have no idea what type to buy any suggestions you could share with me?

      • mikefunk

        Buy cheap Numark. 9 years is very young.

  • Kutscher

    Vera intresting mixer so far. The dual soundcards will improve the Club Setup für shure. Blut why Theo arme testing it at a battle mixer. 900class mixer With Support for serato and Traktor is all we need. Hope the future club mixers will benifit.