Mixxx 2.0: Free DJ Software Gets Even Better

Software for DJs will usually is expensive, and many of the cheap/free options have license restrictions or lack-luster features. Mixxx 2.0 hopes to change all of that with, a new update that brings a slew of features to a truly free DJ software.

Mixx is a freeware DJ software program that has been around for a few years, created by a team of hackers, artists, and translators who are driven to create the best free software for DJs. After the team announced an updated release of Mixxx 1.12.0, which will become Mixxx 2.0 we decided to take a look at the software and highlight some features that every DJ should know about.

Mixxx 1.12.0 is now Mixxx 2.0

When it comes to release numbers extensions to the 1.xx typically convey that the release is an update that improves upon the software. Originally, the latest Mixxx update was to be just that however so much work is being put into the upcoming release that the team decided to officially announce that the next version of Mixxx will be Mixxx 2.0, an updated expansion of the software bearing new features and major improvements in performance.

The Mixxx 1.12.0 beta was released in April of this year and since then the team has been improving on the software immensely with bug fixes and more controller support. The key features that were included in this release and the official 2.0 release coming at the end of this year include:

  • 4 Decks with a master sync
  • Effects with 4 effect modules and 5 built-in effects (more to be added soon)
  • Configurable user interface
  • Music key detection and shifting
  • Vinyl audio pass-through
  • 4 Microphone inputs and 4 Auxiliary Inputs
  • MIDI Mapping GUI
  • RGB Musical Waveforms
  • Improved pitch-independent algorithm

Mixxx 2.0 is shaping up to be a complete solution for DJs, adhering to today’s unspoken standards of DJ software (i.e. stacked waveforms, harmonic mixing, effects, etc.) The team is also talking to the community and engaging with active users throughout the whole process.

Why Is Mixxx Different?

What makes Mixxx 2.0 different from the other DJ software companies out there is that Mixxx is built by the DJ community to be a versatile, light-weight solution for DJs everywhere. After seeing student DJs use this software to mix music on my college radio station to what it has become today I can say from first hand experience that Mixxx has grown a lot over the past year.

Hands-On: Mixing with Mixxx

After playing with the software for 15 minutes (without reading any manuals), I was able mix a set with just the keyboard. After installing Mixxx 2.0,  I imported my Traktor library and began mixing tracks. It felt intuitive and I was able to mix a set with ease. The software works well and it feels efficient.

Many community-based projects fall mercy to the strength and foundation of the community creators however that isn’t the case with Mixxx 2.0. The software is being put to the test by DJs of all skill levels from all over the world. There aren’t many free options for DJs in terms of software and Mixxx 2.0 is a DJ’s best solution for free software. Whether it is a party in a college DJ’s dorm room or a club event, this software is provides DJs with the necessary tools to build a set. The extra bells and whistles may be missing, but if you need to get from point A to point B you can’t complain that your car isn’t a Ferrari.

The Mixxx development team released Release Candidate 1 on December 5th with the hopes of having the official release of Mixxx 2.0 to be available “in time for your New Year’s Eve parties”.

You can support the software and interact with the community by visiting Mixxx’s blog. Mixxx 2.0 RC 1 is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The team is looking for testers, MIDI mappers, and translators so if you are looking to get on the ground floor be sure to check out their website.

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  • Matthias

    I am very excited about this. The new features are one thing, but having an open-source audio software that is well maintained, has a decent interface and scores way above “doesn’t suck” and “good enough” is great!

  • RJ Ryan

    Thanks for the review, Dean! I’m a Mixxx developer and am happy to answer any questions.

    Mixxx is “open source” which means that anyone can get involved and make improvements to the software. If you’ve ever made a website with HTML/Javascript then you already know enough to create your own MIDI/HID device scripts to totally customize your workflow.

    For more information on how to contribute check out our wiki: http://mixxx.org/wiki and our project on GitHub: http://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx

  • Buts

    Checked out the beta last week and it actually looks pretty good. There isn’t a mapping for my Pioneer DDJ-T1 however, so for now it’s quite useless to me. I might try to make a map in the future, Mixxx is really getting on point!

    Getting a bit tired of Traktor and I would love to explore other possibilities. Mixxx is definitely on the short list.

    • pixelbreak

      I get you, Traktor is more a middle step between DJing and Live Performance, so for more DJ focused user it seems too busy. I’m into deep to abandon ship but have thought about it, Serato is quite reliable from what I’ve read and hear but I don’t like the GUI

      • Buts

        I only use my controller at home, live I’m playing with CDJ’s and Rekordbox so no ‘in too deep’ for me.
        I don’t really know what my problem with Traktor is, but I would definitely like to try something else for a change. Just had a look at MIDI Scripting for Mixxx. I’m not really familiar with MIDI or Javascript (but I am a c++ guy), if I had more time at hand to figure all this out..
        I really love my controller but it doesn’t seem like it’s quite widespread, support for it is rather scarce.

        Nevertheless, Mixxx seems to have come really long way. Would love to contribute my mapping if I ever get it done.

          • Buts

            Yeah I know, I had a look at it earlier. Thing is my finals start in January so I don’t really have a lot of time at hand to fiddle around with this for hours/days.
            Will definitely take a look, it’s always nice to contribute to a great open source project :-).

          • Be

            That’s okay. Maybe you could map it for 2.1 🙂