Djay Pro: Four Decks, iPad Pro Support, Video Mixing, Cloud Streaming

The Algoriddim team, who are behind the top-selling iOS app djay, has put out a brand new version of their app designed specifically for more advanced DJs. The new app, djay Pro, was designed with the new iPad Pro’s performance-oriented specs in mind, and allows users to do 4k video mixing, view HD waveforms, mix on four decks, run the app in the background, and much more. Watch the intro video below and keep reading:

  • App: djay Pro
  • Requirements/Platform: Any iPad running iOS 8 or later
  • Price +Availability: $29.99 (on sale for $19.99 for launch) on iOS store

djay Pro – What Makes It A Win?

Despite using mobile devices for pretty much everything else in our lives, a lot of established DJs have resisted any movements towards iOS for a variety of reasons. But particularly with this new release of djay Pro, we imagine that most DJs will have a hard time justifying that there is a significant feature set not available for them on iOS.

The new app incorporates a lot of the features that users of other Algoriddim products will find familiar – but takes them to the next level by putting them all into one app:

  • Djay Pro Desktop Interface: The desktop version of Djay Pro for Mac was the first app to feature a lot of the advanced user interface modes that are in this iOS version: horizontal or vertical colored waveforms (four decks, of course), FX racks and XY pads, live sampler/drum pads.

  • Video Mode: Remember Algoriddim’s vjay video mixing app? They’ve integrated all of those video mixing features (and more) into djay Pro, with visualizers and videos able to be mixed in real-time, transitions, visual FX, and overlays all available. You can save the video output in 1080p, output it via HDMI, or even stream it wirelessly with AirPlay (no word on the latency there yet).

  • Spotify Streaming: Just like the Djay Pro for Mac desktop app, Algoriddim has integrated the ability to stream straight from Spotify into the iOS app. See our video on the feasibility of actually DJing off the internet in a club with Spotify/djay Pro. You can also load tracks from iCloud or Dropbox for cloud-based DJing.
  • Echo Nest Recommendations: One of the most robust online engines for analyzing songs, The Echo Nest, is directly integrated into djay Pro for song suggestions, based on “danceability, BPM, key, music style, and how well the song mixes with the currently playing track.”
  • Multitasking: With iOS 9, djay Pro will allow users to open other apps and interact with them without closing their DJ software. Pull open a text app to make notes about requests, or text your friends to hurry up and get to the club. Yes, this works with Split View as well, so you can have both apps locked and loaded onscreen at once.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Again, this is an iPad Pro-oriented release – so working with the Smart Keyboard and integrating over 70 keyboard shortcuts was a necessity.
  • Cue/Grid/Metadata/FX syncing: Make a change in your iOS version of djay Pro but want to see it on your desktop? They can be synced automatically, allowing for easy preparation. Hey, Native Instruments, whatever happened to you all fixing this feature in the Traktor DJ app…?
  • Hardware Integration: Out of the box, there’s native support for a number of controllers from Reloop, Pioneer, Numark – and support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces, meaning you could mix externally.

The new app is available now for $19.99 (limited launch sale price) on the iOS App Store.  Had a chance to play with it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  • thanatos

    do you know how many cue point it got ?

  • Tina Sloan

    Tried it, pretty good, but fails in one important area: Complete lack of midi learn or user created midi mappings.