Watch The Holiday Finger Drumming Contest Winning Routines

Happy holidays, DJ Techtools readers, friends, and family! In the holiday spirit, we’ve chosen the winners for our finger drumming contest. We had over 50 different entrants from all over the world, all different skill levels, and using a ton of different pieces of gear – so it was really difficult to choose just a few winners. Keep reading to watch our top choices!

Judging Notes: we watched every single submission and between Apoth and Dan we managed to pick a few runners-up and a grand prize winner. Everyone who submitted did a great job – see the end of the article to watch every last routine! 

Runners Up

Listed here in no particular order. Each runner-up is featured here – winners, please send an email to with a link to your Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or other site you’d like to promote and we’ll add it to this article!

Contestant: Supreme-O (Soundcloud)
What We Loved: Lots of variations, super solid and great old-school drumming MPC style chops. Loved it.

Contestant: Capps
What We Loved: Capps is clearly a solid finger drummer.  This was a great take on the pack and good use of other samples as well as a guitar element to really give it a personal feel.

Contestant: DJ Naroh (Soundcloud)
What We Loved: Not entirely just finger drumming and we suspect there might be quantization involved, but the guy is super-talented. The mix/remix sounds fantastic and it’s a great performance. Would love to watch this live.

Contestant: Glass Cannon (Soundcloud)
What We Loved: Hey, this isn’t finger-drumming! That being said, it takes drum-triggering to a new level – not many combine drumming and sample triggering at this level. Way to be super original in this one.

Contestant: Cole Smithers (Soundcloud)
What We Loved: Great remix / solid finger drumming, even if not super technical, and the sonic changes were unique and took things to a different level. Good use of some reversed audio to set the tone and style.

Grand Prize Winner

Contestant: Coby (Soundcloud, YouTube)
What We Loved: Coby straight up murdered the pack and played it in various ways over and over and over. Throughout the entire routine, it never gets boring. Speed is king, but consistency and timing is nearly always on point. VERY solid playing, fun to watch. Talented.

Watch All Of The Entrants

We had so many great entries to this contest – so I put together a full YouTube playlist of every entry that was in the comments on the original post. Watch and enjoy:

Thanks to everyone for participating! If you still want to download the free Apoth soundpack used in this contest, you can do so here (just requires a free DJTT account if you don’t already have one). 

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  • ?The Other Denzel?

    Dj Naroh Was Robbed

  • blindmosquito

    Can anyone help, in the picture at top of page, a controller with 16 buttone plus encoders on either side of a mixer. what is it , i want one thanks

    • Victo

      It Will be revealed at Namm Show the 21th January 🙂

  • dj irving g

    That was amazing! MORE CONTEST!!!!

  • frankiefilth

    Congratulations @Coby and all the runner-ups, everybody did great work! Thanks @djtechtools, @Dan White and @Soundpack4Soundpack. This was a great learning experience and exercise for me!

  • Victo

    Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups ! We need moaaaaar contests 😀

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    What is that controller on the middle left in the header image?

    • Victo

      It Will be revealed at Namm Show the 21th January 🙂

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        Oooooh stealth tease 😀
        I want to guess Livid based (heh) on the pads, but the buttons almost look like the old Torq line…

          • Jacob Stadtfeld

            That looks like a damn fun controller, gotta say; lots of mapping potential there. Looking forward to it 🙂

      • Dan White

        @disqus_victo:disqus – want to shoot me an email about this? 🙂

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          @Dan White : I’ll do it today. (french time ^^)

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          Mail dropped yesterday !
          Cheers !

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        hey i’m going to namm, sounds good. anything going on we should know about?

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        Oh ! I got one of these 😀 😀

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    Congrats to all the runner-ups and the winner!
    Guess I gotta wait another year haha 😀