A Hungover DJ’s Guide To Recovering From Intense Gigs

For many DJs around the world, January 1st is a day of serious recovery. Even if you’re not regularly playing gigs or even if you don’t regularly drink while DJing, major celebrations like New Year’s Eve are likely to be some of the more taxing events that you’ll play. We’ve got a few tips from our readers and around the web for hungover DJs looking to start feeling better (and maybe even play another gig, as it’s now the weekend!)

Hungover DJ’s Tip #1: Don’t Drink!

This one might be a bit too obvious (and unlikely for a lot of DJs who are celebrating), but treating DJing like a “real job” and staying completely sober the entire time is a solid solution if you want to avoid feeling like a mess the next day.

Hungover DJ’s Tip #2: Drink Tons Of Water, Eat Food

As Ean outlined in this classic article from 2014 “To Drink Or Not To Drink While DJing”, water is one of your best friends when drinking. Most hangovers actually are partly caused by dehydration! He writes:

“Pair each alcoholic drink with 1-2 glasses of water. By replacing your fluids through the night, you not only avoid the hangover but will keep significantly more mental focus.”

Hungover DJ’s Tip #3: Relax As Much As Possible

Try to reflect on a job well done after a long night of DJing, and treat yourself to whatever you want or need. Greasy food isn’t just a guilty pleasure when hungover, it provides necessary fats that help you in your inebriated or recovering state.

Hungover DJ’s Tip #4: Power Through

This goes along with the last point, but we absolutely agree that doing things that you enjoy and are part of your regular routine are likely to be good cures to any hangover. Get back behind the decks, or make some music!

Your Suggestions Here!

We tried to reach out to a few major DJs to get their recovery suggestions in this fun Friday article, but most folks are too busy this time of year touring and spending time with friends and family. So we’re turning it over to the DJTT readers: how do you recover from a long night of DJing?

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  • Michten

    Next up, djtechtools pro guide on doing laundry. a “How to”-guide to make time for mixing.

  • Daniel Duerto

    I continue drinking….

  • Jeremy Espinosa

    We’re spoiled out here in Vegas. We have IV Rescue. Happen to know that at least a handful of the DJ mag top 100 DJs have used their services. You can Youtube search with no spaces IVRescue to hear about the ingredients.


    Vitamin B6+B12 complex BEFORE starting to drink. This is a secret weapon.
    Also, 1 to 2 liters of water before going to bed.
    A pill of pure Caffeine the day after will round things up nicely.

  • Stephen Nawlins

    Well apparently over here People don’t understand that you are DJ and not drinking.
    As I can celebrate the best when I am sober and People seem not to get it and that I am sick of trying to explain it, I got a Special tactic.

    I always drink Ice Tea and when Party People wanna pay me a drink I tell them I take a Long Island but that they have to ask for the DJ-Special Mix. When they order it. The Bartenders are all involved in that tactic and when they get such a request they say “Pay me and I’ll bring him the drink ’cause it’s a bit Special to do and I’ll make it in 5minutes I have too many Drinks to do right now…and so you don’t have to wait” so when the guest paid for a Long Island the Barkeeper brings me a regular Ice Tea after 5-10minutes.
    That allows me to stay sober and let the People think that I am no Party crasher.
    Mostly they see the Barkeeper bringing me the glass I got an eye contact with them and then I rise the glass and give a toast to them and everything is OK for them.

    • playfool

      Id say that’s the way to do it. Worked out pretty good for me

  • dap one

    I have no problem with drinking and DJing for hours.if you can handle your alcohol without getting blackout drunk ,then i don’t see the problem with drinking and playing

    • DJ CERLA

      hardly “scientific”: the guy states Caffeine is a vaso-dilatator, while it’s just the opposite: a vaso-constrictor, and that’s exactly why it’s great for headaches.

  • deejae snafu

    whatever your “cure” for a hangover may be, make sure it isn’t some form of strenuous exercise like running, swimming, lifting , etc. I have known more than a few people that think going to the gym is a good hangover cure, and they could not be farther from the truth. when you push your body after a long night/day of partying , you are not working off the toxic effects but rather overworking your already weakened system , and risking serious health problems like a heart attack or stroke. let your body recover.

  • Chris

    in austria we have some well known beer, from Salzburg (salt-castle) its the stiegl beer, it was founded in 1492. Or you can have some Fohrenburger as well. we had some top water, but we use it only for beer

  • nopalmex

    I see many healthy people around here. I’m glad. For those who do take the alcohol and like to party a bit more, I hints to you these tips.

    1) Lots of water. Before, during, after the party and when not partying. You have no idea how good does this do to your body. Many hydration.

    2) By the next day, a serum. This can be done with mineral water, green lemon and salt. Phew it is best to revive.

    3) Hangover cure rock star style. If your mom is not around to scold, you can start the day with a beer, or blodymerry. What hangover? ..only one!


  • Chris Alker

    When I drink at gigs I space out my cocktails with water, and cap it at 3. Drinking the same non sugary drink all night helps. Worst hangovers come from a variety of cocktails in one night. The next day I make sure to get up like a normal day for breakfast and coffee, but nap later to refresh. If you can set some simple rules for yourself, the discipline will make recovery easy.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Glad to see that don’t drink is up there at number one. I think that moderation is the real key here though.. It would be amazing if everyone could be like laidback luke, but everyone isn’t.. I would say that people should learn how to spin inebriated, learn how to spin high, if it’s in their interest of being occasionally high or inebriated. But learn how to moderate oneself so that they don’t continually wake up with a hangover the next morning.. Want to enjoy a beer during your set? Great. Slowly nurse it.. Ignore it in favor of your next mix.. and then when you have dropped a phenomenal mix that deserves a sip; Treat yourself. and then get right back to what you are there for. Mixing.

  • Scott Frost

    i can party with 1000+ people and not have a sip of alcohol. NRG drives me. You wouldn’t drink at your day job, so why drink at your night job.

    @Audio1 sorry to hear about your stoke, hope you are doing well and have a great new year! – And I also have no hangover 🙂

  • Audio1

    Simple. Don’t drink. I speak from experience drinking heavily in the SF club scene from 2005 til early 2015 when I suffered a mild stroke, and revealed my alcohol consumption had caused both kidney and liver damage. I am now one year sober, and over the years realized that DJING sober is the smartest thing any DJ can do. Its easier to drink on the job in clubs and the festival scene. Corporates and Private events, Its a No-No. When I was a heavy drinker, I tried the 1 alcohol drink chased by a water. It helped somewhat but more made me run to the bathroom to pee frequently. Unless if the bathroom is next to your DJ booth and there isn’t a line waiting, This will be a problem for most DJs. Happy New Year 2016. I did my gig last night. No hangover. 😉

  • LJ MTX

    Private and corporate events are typically inappropriate to drink at. I don’t think that is what this article is talking about. Play a festival or major venue in front of 1000’s of people, booked by promoters who love to party and drinking (and often other party favors) is the norm. Tell any Rock & Metal band ever that drinking is unprofessional on tour and they’ll tell you what a p*ssy you are. Just sayin’

  • Agungald

    IMHO… You may say you don’t drink, but in crowded and crazy party, someone who thinks your set is awesome could show in your booth and offer you to drink, sometimes even from from the bottle directly in front of their face. Why you have to drink that? Because they are high roller and the venue owner would like you to drink that just to make those high roller happy. It is hard to refuse that kind of situation. Drink less is the only thing you could do..

    • Audio1

      Sounds like a Will Power issue to me. Most owners and promoters will respect your wishes if you opt to be sober. Its in their favor as there is no excuse for there being any issues with the music.

      • Agungald

        I would like to, but yes different place, different gigs, different club/party culture. I think it is best prepare sober at first. I Normally don’t drink, until they force me to drink, thankfully most of them won’t get you drunk..
        It is great to hear club owner and promoter in your country have that kind of option. The culture here is kind of sappy and juvenile

  • Lando Morales

    I don’t drink and DJ

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  • Scott Frost

    Don’t drink – simple. It’s unprofessional.

    • Stephen Nawlins

      I started with my first gigs in a Club where they had a resident nobody in the Club not even the owner called him by his DJ Name, as he was drinking between 15 & 20 Heineken during a gig, everybody called im DJ Heineken.
      He never came sober to Gigs and certainly never left sober so he don’t even realized when People called him that way…Sad!!!