DJ + Production Gear at NAMM 2016: Rumors + Speculation

We’re just a few weeks away from NAMM 2016, one of the biggest industry conventions and often the hub of new product announcements for DJ and production gear. We’ve got a few clues and ideas of what the convention might bring, read on to see who might be working on new gear and about to make big announcements – including Denon DJ, Pioneer DJ, and even Richie Hawtin.

New Top-Of-The-Line Gear from Pioneer DJ

DJs excitedly contacted us a few months back with a purported leak of a new mixer from Pioneer appeared, but the image was quickly removed from most places online. If the photo was real or not, what makes sense from Pioneer DJ at NAMM 2016 would be a refresh of all of their (aging) top-of-the-line models.

The DJM-900 NXS was introduced five years ago in 2011, and the CDJ-2000 NXS came out in October of 2012 – old enough that it still has a “DVD ROM” compatibility badge on it:

Read our thoughts about the next Pioneer media player (likely called XDJ-2000) here.

Hardware Project From Richie Hawtin/ENTER

Richie Hawtin has always been on the cutting-edge of production and DJing – so it stands to reason that he’d eventually start entering (pun intended) into the gear industry itself. We know that something is coming very soon from Richie and his Enter camp, but the details remain sparse. We suspect it could be a piece of gear that makes the hybrid live production style DJ sets he plays (see Dubfire’s very similar DJ rig as an example) a bit easier.

New Hercules Jogwheel-Free Controller

Things have been relatively quiet at Hercules in terms of new gear that isn’t yet another digital DJ all-in-one controller – but based on two teases so far, it looks like they’re poised to launch a new product that will buck that trend. The teaser video above gives a few brief glimpses at a jogwheel-free DJ controller, but based on comments on the recent finger drumming video contest we held, it looks like that controller is being used by Victo in the video below:

Roland Maschine-Style Sampler

We take rumors from internet-based “industry insiders” with a huge grain of salt, as often people who claim to have inside knowledge on the industry make such a claim just for internet karma. However, over at Gearslutz, user “The Knoq” made a name for himself by first correctly predicting the MPC Touch from Akai that was announced in October of 2015.

His most recent NAMM 2016 claim is that he’s seen an upcoming sampler product from Roland that directly competes with Native Instrument’s Maschine and Ableton’s Push 2, that will use their Analog Circuit Behavior first introduced in the AIRA line. See the complete archived post on Native Instruments’ forums here (the original has since been modified). The sampler will allegedly have modes built into it that emulate classic samplers like E-mu SP-1200, the Ensoniq Mirage and Roger Linn-era Akai MPCs.

Teenage Engineering: New Pocket Operators?

Teenage Engineering knocked it out of the park last year at NAMM 2015 with the introduction of their Pocket Operators, and apparently sold out of the first run of units to distributors within hours of the NAMM showroom floor opening up. It makes logical sense that we’ll see a new model or two in this line as they’re pretty simple devices, and we suspect TE is itching to make a few more similar products available for a new year of sales.

Denon DJ Revival At NAMM 2016

There’s not a lot of detail here so far, but suffice to say that prior to Native Instruments’ Kontrol line, Pioneer’s biggest competitor in terms of standalone DJ hardware was historically Denon DJ. Now with over a full year under new ownership, the brand has teased 2016 as being one of the biggest years for new products from them yet.

The specific direction of Denon DJ is still vague – but I’ve written a bit of basic lay-of-the-land speculation on the above teaser video in this article from last week.

Traktor Pro 3? Kontrol Z4? (Don’t Hold Your Breath)

A new product from Native Instruments has to be around the corner, right? Don’t get too excited, Traktor and Maschine fans, as historically doesn’t attend the NAMM show or launch any new products at the show itself. However, they have been known to launch products in the surrounding weeks (Traktor 2.5 and the Kontrol F1 were announced the week after NAMM back in 2012).

But has NI spent too much time and energy in Stems over the last year to have anything new on deck? We’re hoping that they’ve got some surprises in store for DJs and producers in the coming months, but so far we haven’t heard any rumors to support that.

Do you have NAMM 2016 wishes, rumors, and theories to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • Andrew Nicoire

    traktor s4 kontroller,should be replace with a brand new larger kontroller for 2017with a amazing design with more additional access like returning back the joywheel but more bigger wit led light display in it,plus LCD display touch screen ,recording option , 4 channel standalone mixer wit display led bar, RCA connection,2 mic inputs n 2 headfone input, bigger pad with a new style shape for hot cue,sampler ,remix deck more effect button ,wifi n bluetooth option 2 usb port for pendrive n 2 usb port for 2 laptop user, and at the bottom of the controller should the 4 leg like D2 kontrol, for a better height level on the table i would like traktor u to add a build in fx in cue button lyk brake fx for xample it will mak more amazing ,that traktor kontroller should name it S6 hybrid

  • BeeDunc

    NI is getting their asses kicked from ALL of their competition, large and small. Their controllers are laughably out of date and ridiculously oversized for their button count. They’d better have something amazing up their sleeve, or the loyal customers (myself included) will disappear, if they haven’t already. All the shiny new Serato-native hardware is really hard to resist. I’m talking Traktor AND Maschine. You have no travel-friendly, compact controllers.

  • EA Prieto

    I wanna see Numark’s rumored iDJ Pro 2

  • Samuel TRJ

    Somebody Knows??

  • couic

    I got a hard-on when I saw the hercules controller. my next toy !!!

  • zeejack

    I hope the price for 2000nxs will drop with the new releases!

  • Chris

    btw: the blowjob-song of Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, is such an incredible work of art, that i have to join first some pur chill out music from Lounge Masters. Otherwise i can’t realize the action from NAMM.

  • shawn kemmel

    they need to drop traktor 3.0 soon because this is starting to get irritated. i get sneers and looks from people when i roll up with my s8. saying that the software is unreliable and the waveform set up is rubbish. If they just release a midi controller with a platter on it and have it so that you can use horizontal waveforms and so on they will win a lot of people back to it. But for now its just a ‘techno’ dj’ing software. Ive been turned down from clubs because i use traktor lol. i mean come on native instruments. i love what you got but you need to do some serious overhauling or you will be left in the dust by pioneer dj and serato.

  • Omid 'Kamayo' Ali

    pioneer needs a 4 channel version of the s-9!

  • Jake Bergeson

    Did anyone else notice the blurry pic Richie posted? It def had orange and green pioneer CDJ rings in it. Which means Richie might switch over to using the new CDJs since he hasn’t ever used CDJs. At least to my knowledge he hasn’t anyway!

    • Jake Bergeson


    • Dan White

      Good point! Although he could be posting from a shared booth of some kind where CDJs are already semi-permanently installed

      • Jake Bergeson

        Good point. They do seem to be on a higher elevation then the rest of the setup, but they are still powered On after all!

        Or perhaps they could be testing them to see if they work with this new stuff since a lot of DJ’s still use CDJ’s.

        I wonder if the new unreleased CDJ’s aren’t on that table though, and they’re testing them out with the new Rekordbox as well instead of traktor.

        • Phil

          Under the Richie shooting picture, he speak about sake … Japanese drink … Pioneer come from Japan 😉

          • Dubby Labby

            Sake is one of the spaces inside Space Ibiza. Nothing related to Pioneer.

      • Jake Bergeson

        I think it’s just Rich referring to his personal love of Sake in this instance lol. The place they were at is a club/warehouse in Berlin.

  • Scott Frost

    I think NI started something with the modular series, I think they are all due for an Update X1 MK2 / F1 and Z1 … The price points are great and the quality is excellent. That way you can buy what you need/want – the D2 is nice but big and too pricey. You may as well buy the whole S8.

    Pioneer needs to launch a new mixer with more than “new color” fx. The mixer market is pretty much at it’s peak, unless they come out with something to compete with the MP2015 i can only see an updated mixer with a few new fx and better sound card.

    In Music will put Denon DJ in the ground…. sorry to say this as I was a long time huge Denon DJ Fan since 1990. They will turn this in to Numark MK2.

    Maybe DJTT will show up with a 4 channel 16 push button / 16 twister knob style controller? – who knows what might appear!

    • BeeDunc

      X1 Z1 are way overpriced. Basically $200 chiclet toy controllers. I would love to have a that combo, but no way are they worth $400 for the set, that’s ‘real controller’ country. Rather have denon 6000

  • mikefunk

    We’ll see Traktor 3.0 in 2058

    • Dan White

      Traktor *Pro* 3.0, maybe. Traktor 3.0 looks like this:

      • Chris Combe

        ahh I remember this version really well, well the UI hasn’t really changed all that much. I’d love a more modular UI which you can drag and drop, customize further as well as the ability to have a full screen midi mapping editor.. too many missing features to mention.. 😉

        • CUSP

          Yeah, we’ve been asking for that for years. It appears the people who “get it” are the makers of lesser-known applications.

      • Chris Combe

        actually the most obvious update NI will bring if an overhauled graphical engine to leverage hardware acceleration so you can have the same level of graphical fidelity that you can on the screens of the S8 & D2 (in fact they will probably just port it).

    • B

      Yeah, it is about time that the Xone 92 gets an update, cause the DB series are rubbish.

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      I’m seeing dual USB ins, a USB flash drive slot for recording I hope, isolator for the BeatFX, more visually accessible FX pad, and FX channel select indicators under the cue buttons. Parameter control on the ColorFX ala DJM2000, chunkier ColorFX knobs, and a lack of MIDI clock send control.

      Lookin’ good.