New Technics SL-1200G/GAE Turntables Will Cost $4,000

We’ve seen a few different rumblings around the web about a seriously overboard pricetag on the just-announced new Technics turntables that have made a splash at CES 2016. It has mostly been hearsay, but now we have pretty close-to-official confirmation that to buy either of the SL-1200 models, you’ll need to spend four grand.

The Evidence From CES

So Technics hasn’t made an official statement about the price yet, but we have talked to a few people who have reported that at the Technics showcase at CES 2016, representatives have estimated the MSRP to be $4,000 for the limited-edition SL-1200GAE. But on Facebook, we’ve seen a new post from Louis Overfiend of who detailed the specific differences of the new 1200s as reported to him from the lead engineer on the project. The most shocking part is that the engineer also noted that the MSRP on the non-limited edition would also be $4,000.

So, according to the lead engineer on the new 1200 from Technics Japan, the only difference to the base is the top metal…

Posted by Louis Overfiend on Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Note About MAP versus MSRP

Let’s take a moment here to clarify – MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) can and often is very different from street pricing/MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Because turntables are a commodity product (anyone who is a dealer can sell them), most stores will sell them as low as they are allowed to stay competitive.

This is all to say that Technics might be reporting $4,000 as the MSRP, but they could actually end up selling for 15-20% less than that. An example: Pioneer DJ’s PLX-1000 has an MSRP of $899, but actually sells for $697 in stores. Applying that same 17% MSRP markup to the Technics SL-1200G/GAE would mean that street price would be $3,320 – still absurd.

How Many Other Turntables Could You Buy For $4,000

$4,000 is a lot of money. We decided to do some back-of-the-envelop estimations of what that money could get you if you went with a different brand of turntable:

  • 5 Technics SL-1200 MK2s (in 2009): Even as demand increased in the late 2000s for turntables, list prices stayed at $699 on a lot of major online retailers. This was considered expensive at the time.
  • 6 Stanton STR-8.150s (on Amazon right now): These decks have been highly praised for years as being the potential new industry standard (before Pioneer coming in with their own model). They’re reliable, well-built, and
  • 5 Pioneer PLX-1000s (on DJTT’s store): Pioneer put a lot of work into these turntables, but at the end of the day, they’re Technics in spirit and design.
  • 16 Audio Technica AT-LP120s (on Amazon): These are a pretty popular low-cost OEM turntable for DJs – they might not be as fancy as some of the other models listed, but loads of DJs pick these up as reliable turntables to start mixing on.

Would you drop $8,000 on a new pair of Technics SL-1200G/GAE? 

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  • Nick Birkby

    You can put a better arm on a stock 1200 with an adapter base plate and have brass platter disc CMC cut to bulk up the platter weight. I imagine it would get you most of the way to the sonic improvements on these new ones. 🙂
    If they were really aiming at the audiophile market they should have made a motor like the SP10 and let people choose their plinths/ arms/ cartridges etc.
    The audiophiles are unlikely to be overly kind about this revised version. I liked the video though, it certainly looks er crafted…

  • Jimmy Scanapico

    This is sad to see the 1 & only DJ.turntable be over priced & ending the legacy of the past…..I was a big NYC underground house & hard techno DJ in the 90 s at limelight,tunnel & Nasa and only used the S L -1200 MK 2 s to perfect my skills and enforce the sound of my art…………Would never pay $4000 per.Back then i bought them for $500 max per and that was a lot.The legend is dead then…………………………………………………

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Whatever. Anyone who doesnt use FLAC at this point is simply a poseur.

    “Vinyl” is “look at me” “I’m so cool” masturbation.

    Go ahead and pay $4000 for your masturbatory tools. Hell, why not pay $40,000 for your “vinyl playa” so you can show how “cool” and “wiff it” you are.

    And “turntablism” is pathetic pseudo-intellectual jibberish to designate the juvenile music attempts by feces-flinging simians using machines more complex than their low IQ can even imagine.

    But that’s par for the course for the people whose only music instrument invention of fame is the kazoo, i.e., the most annoying “musical instrument” ever known to man.

  • Laurence Cousins

    Why are you guys hating on the audiophiles? Don’t they deserve to enjoy their records as much as you do?

  • Laurence Cousins

    You have to take into account making product nowadays is going to be a more expensive process, especially if you’re going for being one of the best and you’re building from scratch with new molds and tooling. This particular turntable was intended for high-end audiophiles high and radio Studios and perhaps dance clubs with elaborate sound systems.One viable alternative might be the new Denon DJ VL-12 turntables. They look really cool and they too are built from scratch. Peace, Seneferu

  • djmoxxy

    Completely ridiculous price. With our country still in recession, no good choice for who our next president will be, job nowhere to be found (I have two bachelor’s degree’s in Acoustics and Music Composition with my Masters in Music Tech and Composition on the way and I can’t even get a job!! $8000+Tax for a set of Technics. That is outrageous, disgusting and a disgrace to the Technics name and its die hard musicians and customers. I play on Technics that are well older than 1O-15 years old and they run just a smooth and true as the day they came out of the box new. That’s of course with proper maintenance, but that goes true for any equipment used at the capacity of something like a Technics SL-1200 or SL-1200M3D and the rest of the lot. Sad day when $4000 is the MSRP for a new Technics table. I’ll wait to see what happens when they’re released but it’s not sounding too well so far. Wow, that just blew me away.

  • Combo

    Glad to see and here there is something new coming in!
    The Technics for more than 30 Years where aim to a high classes. All the DJs gave a renominated name to those Technics.

    Technics never thought that the DJ culture became so strong and bought all those Technics. They just target their turntable to the hi-end class.
    Now you can see it again!

    But why to choose an extreme exaggerated priced turntable when I can do the same shit with other turntables?

    I dont need a price turntable to just only have a home.
    DJs this days needs to move from one part of the world to the next small corner and it will be absurd taking with you a pair of turntable that cost 8000k!!!

    This is only bullshit. Now the DJs culture has MUCH MORE possibilities to have a turntable that also do the same as the NEW Technics SL1200G for less money.
    And DJs needs to save money for more gear.

    After the reaction of the people and the sales report of the new Technics SL1200G Technics will see that doesnt have any sense to extreme on the price.

    The production of the Technics is also not that expensive. So the reports in a year will determinate the price 😉

    I will wait until the 01.07.2017 and you will see that the price will drop down.

    Not all hi-end audiophiles likes Panasonic Technics 😉
    They have also MUCH MORE choices like the DJ Culture 😉

    Lets them play Technics play with us. The time is only a factor that will be appreciate from Technics and give up and accept the DJ Culture 😉

  • jmmgarza

    Definitely for the audiophile and not for your average DJ

  • Yuriy Gluzdakov

    Technics sl-1200 very good turntable for LP collectors. This edition Technics-1200 , 50 anniversary look nice, but price $4,000 very expansive. I think, the best way for this edition-
    Golden Edition and realistic price too.

  • Thorens Acchuphase

    This price ($4k) is for limited edition (GAE) of 1200 units with exclusive improvements. it is designed especially for collectors and audiophile segment. The regular SL 1200 (G) will be released by the end of the year, probably at a much lower price and designed for DJ’s.

  • Neil Schubert

    The advantages of the SL-1200 are a crystal controlled “flat” motor that produces precise speed and torque. It is also magnetically shielded and does not produce an AC hum that can be picked up by the cartridge. The hard plastic and rubber dampening on the 1200 make it superior to many high end tables. 33, 45 and 78 (on some models) at the touch of a button, no belts to change, rubber rollers, etc. Pitch is easy to adjust and stable. The platter is quiet and noiseless.

  • Neil Schubert

    I do realize that there are many turntables that are far higher priced than $4000. The problem is that the market for the Technics SL-1200 is not in the $4000 range. It’s an SL-1200…hint, $1200 It is probably comparable in quality to many of the $4000 turntables, and in many ways, superior in quality. I find that many audiophile high end turntables are often clunky, brittle, fragile and high maintenance. And after all of that, many of those audiophile turntables are not as good as an SL-1200. Some suffer from motors that have fixed pitch, and external belts. Change from 33 to 45? You have to fumble around with the belt and motor.

  • Neil Schubert

    Technics made some great amplifiers and reel to reel recorders as well. The problem is that Matsushita stopped making some of the ICs used to drive the motors in their turntables and reel to reels. This is probably the reason for the high initial cost, as they have to re-make the driver chips on new equipment.

  • Neil Schubert

    What Technics should do is make a few different models using the 1200’s platter system. How about a linear tracking version with a standard cartridge mount that uses common headshells. Or even better, how about a straight arm version? The SL1200’s dampening system is good enough to cut a record on, the height adjust is great on the tonearm, but I prefer straight tonearms. I don’t do back cuing or scratching. How about an “auto cue” button that would automatically rotate the platter back a half turn from stop mode!

    • Laurence Cousins

      You ‘re offering some positive feedback.

  • Neil Schubert

    That’s a little steep for a Technics 1200. Maybe this is just the limited edition price. Why SL1200GAE? Generation Audio Engineer? Someone needs to test market that, it is like Sony calling their prototype CD player the “Gontor”. When I first heard that I was in pre-school, and a number of students thought that a CD and Gontor had something to do with an STD!. Anyway, the price is a bit high.

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  • D. Paul League

    I absolutely agree with Panasonic to do this. The mystique (real or not) has made the 1200 a prized piece of equipment. Strike while the iron is hot and gouge the public for as much as you can get. We seem to forget the Technics line went out of business because no one was willing to pay the lower price, so the sales were too low to continue. Now the demand has risen and they’re doing the smart thing by limiting them to an anniversary item. People, the company is in business to make money.

    An aside is the DJ market, because there are already plenty of low cost, high quality models from other manufacturers. The new model is focused on audiophiles, just like the first ones were!

  • Cj

    Mann Bump This , I Just had the chance to play around with the new Pioneer Turntables and really i feel at home on them just like a 1200. I own 2 pairs of 1200’s and they work fine. I will be getting the new pair of pioneers to go with my nice new pioneer mixer. Pioneer does care about dj’s . I do remember seeing those 1200 gld’s cost what the Pioneer turntables cost now. To the djs considering spending $8000 on a pair of New technics , more power to you if you choose to do so. I know i wouldn’t do it .

  • John

    This thing not only looks like it will be super smooth to mix on, but a much nicer listening deck as well. I actually think they’re aiming more at audiophiles than DJ’s with this anyway. Why wouldn’t they as well? Vinyl sales are going through the roof, and most of those sales are not from DJ’s. Most DJ’s are on CDJ’s now (far more than on 1200’s). Their re-launch last year was always supposed to be about hi-end audio anyway, and this is in line with that ethos. The 1200 was originally released as an audiophile deck, but it had some small glitches that put a lot of people off. Luckily it was the perfect weapon for mixing on, and they were able to capitalise on the DJ market. For an audiophile turntable, $4000 is not a whole lot of money. Some people will pay $2000 for a tone arm alone. Look at the Acoustic Signature range to see what I’m talking about, and that will put it in perspective a little more.

    • Aarne Bielefeldt

      but you can’t install a separate tonearm on this!!

      • Aarne Bielefeldt

        The motor design does look very promising. It reminds me of the venerable Kenwood L-07, a superior state of the art turntable that did not survive very long in the late 70s early 80s. Any player of this magnitude that challenges the SP10-MK3 (Technics’ technological nun plus ultra of the 80s) should have a mounting location for a tone arm of the users choice.
        The Technics EPA-100 of the 70s is far superior. THEN the 4000$ may
        make sense. Also we NEED the specs. But, these are for practical
        purposes unmeasurable below 0.02 or 78dbs rumble noise specs, soooo….
        Cogging was a feature of inferior direct drives of the 80s and not present in the Technics MK2 (Quarz) players. I listened (and DJed) on many tables and know what that sounds like.
        This turntable, as presented, is a cross between the well known “DJ’ 1200 and the tour the force Broadcast table audiophile tables of long gone. It does, in fact, have a limited audience as all audiophiles including me will ask for a separate tonearmmounting option. They must offer another version.
        My money is quite loose in my pocket but I would not buy this for either purpose but stay with my 70s SP10-MK2 broadcast table and old school 1200. Not to mention Ebay is full of these battle ships.

  • x

    Their not aiming for djs to buy them, its more high-end hi-fi stereo systems. There are hi-end turntables that cost more than $4000.

    • Aarne Bielefeldt

      Separate tonearm mounting option and auto return or at least autostop!!!!!!

      • Aarne Bielefeldt

        Then I order it. Otherwise I will stay with my broadcast Sp10-mk2 and 3 tonearms with the original 1200s for DJ work. In the office I have a sl1600! it is the 1200 with automatic stop. wonderful. Whats the big deal of having this on a modern turntable??

  • Marco Yanez

    I’m thinking that this is all a marketing strategy to make free publicity….After think twice I cannot believe that Panasonic marketing and sales guys are ignoring all the potential massive sales if they drop the price around 2K per unit… in fact if Panasonic executives are smart enough, right now can be a critical moment just when Pioneer release the NXS2 increasing the price only adding a touchscreen and 4 hot cue buttons….

  • yerko

    i will pay 8000 for this unit. no problem….

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  • jbchengito

    My DJ friend made me laugh. He said: “This must be pay back for Hiroshima.”

  • DJT

    DJ Jazzy Jeff said something about this on his Facebook timeline…

    “Everyone is posting the return of the 1200. I have a different feeling about this. Trust me these have been the cornerstone of every DJ for the past 30 years and I don’t know how life would have been without them…BUT they were never intended for us to DJ on…they never really gave support to the DJ community. They have been discontinued and relaunched 100 times even if it has been urban legend. I bought my 1st pair for $245.00 from Sound of Market in Philly and saw them get to over $1000.00 because of the fear they would go away forever. Vestex,Stanton etc have tried to replace them but never quite could. Then the patent runs out and we get the Pioneer Turntable which with my eyes closed I can’t tell the difference…costing less than half the price with all the little upgrades and from a company that kinda gives a shit about DJs! So before I get super hyped about the return of the 1200…lemme make sure there gonna care about who’s using them and there not $2000.00!!! Time will tell!!! Just MY thoughts!”

    • Laurence Cousins

      I agree with Jeff. I’m not a DJ, but I am a musician. If you read the story of the 1200s ,the new head if Technics, Ms. Oshawa or Osaka I believe is her name is a jazz pianist. She is listening for perfect accurate sound. Not necessarily DJ performance. Have you absolutely have to have the new 1200G, save your money. If not, there are less expensive alternatives. I want this custom made African dunun drum, but it will cost me $850 to purchase it. That’s base price. Just my thoughts.

  • audiojunk66

    Even if i win the lottery i wouldn’t buy these turntables for that ridiculous price.
    I keep my Denon SC3900 for scratching with timecode.

  • Pioneer DJ Reveals CDJ-2000NXS2 + DJM-900NXS2 - DJ TechTools

    […] Both the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 will be available on the DJTT store for preorder later today – the MSRP is $2,199, but final street price might be lower than that (closer to $1,999, if the last models are any indication). (Sadly, Pioneer confirmed that that is also the street price. That’s more than half of a new Technics SL-1200G/GAE turntable!) […]

  • Earnest

    I suspect that the build quality and price of these new 1200 units are aimed at clubs and studios looking for installation units that will perform under the use (and abuse) of multiple DJs night after night. $8000 for decks might make more sense for an established venue. It certainly doesn’t for most of us grinding in smaller venues, or even in our bedrooms.

    Maybe the Pioneer tables are the ones meant for us? I can’t say for sure, but I couldn’t imagine taking 80lbs/$8000 of decks in the field for a wedding or a corporate gig. If you can, then GLHF.

    • Laurence Cousins

      I agree. I would be afraid they might get scratched, no pun intended

  • Mr Smith

    You would be an idiot to buy these turntables for $4,000 a pop… even for $2,000 a pop.. Seems like they are trying to anchor a high price point so that when these drop for $1,000 people will think “what a deal!”
    I’m just glad there is competition and other options.

  • {test tags template and PR} New Technics SL-1200G/GAE Turntables Will Cost $4,000 | testqa4

    […] – We’ve seen a few different rumblings around the web about a seriously overboard pricetag on the just-announced new Technics turntables that have made a splash at CES 2016. It has mostly been hearsay, but now we have pretty close-to-official confirmation that to buy either of the SL-1200 models, you’ll need to spend four grand. […]

  • Alfredo Cajar

    Hell 2 the no! Technology brings prices down not up. They are made in China.

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    Are we just going to ignore the RP-800s?

  • DJ

    I am glad I still have a pair of m5g’s and k5’s in unopened boxes…………..

  • Charles

    would be very very surprised if this is true.. prob just the ol trick you play on you significant other.. “Honey I just spent 8k on two turntables” – ” WHAT THE FUCK ITS OVER BETWEEN US” – “Actually honey they were close to 2000 tax in” – “Ok honey, its ok..”

    • Vern Kowalski

      I’m really surprised at some of these coments. The average Dj struggled to build the reputation of the 1200?……come on……really? Also, another coment. Panasonic never built anything of any quality. Wow! The reason every Dj used 1200’s was because it was an absolutely superior product…..Technics built the reputation of the 1200…..not the average Dj. I understand that the new table is overpriced, but come on you guys.

  • DJ Buckshank

    Fuck that. Now I’m really glad I got rid of my 1200’s. After using Technics for 21 years, I officially want nothing to do with this company. This is STR-8 up Offensive.

  • iamgeneral

    One word summed it up pretty much. “Absurd” even at $3250.
    WTF were Technics lead project engineers , R&D and em slaming” , while making and pricing this crap.
    Biggest Fail ever since 1970 for the company.

  • Ike Tuner

    Like everyone I excited to see the return of the 1200 but after seeing the price I realized that she’s not in love with me, music, or turntablism. She loves the money. TIme to move on…Shes nothing but a Low-class HO with a HIGH Class look.

    • Laurence Cousins

      You’re so funny. You made my day. May want to check out the Denon DJ VL-12 turntable.

  • TJ Monte

    I have been true to the brand for my entire career and do own 12 pair of Technics. Celebrity DJ’s could possibly want to purchase these over priced units but the average loyal DJ that struggled to help build the brand of the Technics/Panasonic 1200 Turntable is now getting shunned down. you probably will sell the some units, but Really I think you let a lot of DJ’s down with this move. The street grinding DJ’s struggling to keep your Brand ALIVE, will obviously not be able to afford these at this price. What were you Thinking?

    • 2cent Jason

      they’re release the standard edition later on, this just a limited run.

  • Cory Evans

    Exploitation at it finest….10K to DJ….FOH

  • Rare Itch Project

    Crazy. Great news however if you’re trying to sell ya decks, at that price, second hand prices will probably go up.

  • Shaun Gti Van Tonder

    Just bring back the classic SL 1210 for Goodness sakes… They bring out this new flagship model get us all excited and then put a price tag of $4000… Are they on drugs ? Come on now. Us DJ’s had no issues with the classic 1200’s.. For sure have the new flagship model but give us the option of the classic 1200’s too.. We are DJ’s not audiophiles

    • bruce

      I”ve been DJing for over 30 years and consider myself an audiophile aswell.The MOMENT you get a good phono stage and a goooood cartridge you will simply throw your mixer out the widow period.Grow up djs and start listening to THUMBS UP TECHNICSthe music

      • Klappa

        You should grow up! You are fantasizing!

      • Mrquick

        if you’re an audiophile, you dont want a technics, dude.
        you want a Thorens 124 or 125 if you into vintage or the US-made VPI’s

        • Laurence Cousins

          I concur. The new Technics is competing with Thorns, Regal, Pro-Ject and other turntables that cost the price of a house. If you want the new 1200 to be less expensive, you might as well purchase a super OEM.

  • noxxi

    The sad thing about these comments so far is that people think that “because its an audiophile grade turntable” its worth this much.

    These commenters need to understand the difference between a batch produced boutique product and a mass produced highly marketed product. The price of these other high end turntables does not go into materials, it mostly goes into “R&D” in other words, the boutique manufacturer charges a hefty boutique premium.

    I suspect that this turntable will appeal to imbeciles with too much money on their hands and not enough sense. Or perhaps audiophiles who can seriously hear the difference between a 4k turntable and a 699 one, in other words, imbeciles.


      699 is still expensive for turn tables.

      • noxxi

        I totally agree.

  • Brendan

    Unlikely to buy — we’re absolutely dealing with a bigger beast than the trusty old aimed-at-DJ Technics 1200. And this is pretty disappointing, really.

    I didn’t fancy settling on any of the Super OEM models — e.g. Pioneer, Audio Technica — having sold my Technics last year, but that might be the only viable choice.

  • Bradley Fried

    I think you are using the wrong comparables to analyze the price point of the new 1200. This is an audiophile table, that can also be used to mix but you have to pay the freight for the engineering and materials used in the new build. Look at the McIntosh MT-10, VPI Classic Direct Drive, Luxman PD-171, and SME Model 15. This is the space that the new Technics brand is aimed at, and compared to these tables, the new 1200 is a bargain.

    • Mark Smith

      I wish others posting on other sites would realize this. I fully understand their position. They are a Technics with eyes set upon competing with true high end audio manufacturers just like they did before they discontinued the last generation. The field has changed as well as the almighty $$$. They would never say no to anyone buying them even DJ’s however they’re definitely not competing with Pioneer, Stanton, or Numark at the end of the day.

      • jbchengito

        Does anyone actually remember Technics equipment? Does Panasonic even remember? Their MODERATELY PRICED turntables were good, but all their other equipment was utter CRAP. Their amps, receivers, speakers (especially their lousy speakers), tuners…. all junk that you’d buy at big box stores. So now their brilliant game plan is to enter the miniscule “high end” market to make their company profitable? It’s a joke. No one is buying their few high end offerings these days. And when they DO have a product that would fly off the shelves to a wide, wide audience of young people which has recently opened up, the produce an item aimed at a fraction of the population. What imbeciles. Stick to TVs Panasonic.

        • Mel Brown

          I’m boycotting all of Panasonic electronics for this one. I won’t be missing anything because they’ve never put out anything of quality.

          • jbchengito

            Absolutely. I’m kissing good-bye any Panasonic products.

    • Dan White

      Then why continue to brand it as an SL-1200? We’ve never seen prices for this line of turntable be anything close to $4k.

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        They just use the hype around the original 1200s to market their new high priced thing. Actually a quite smart move…

      • 2xUeL

        FWIW, you guys may know this already but there’s a cult of audiophiles who modify the 1200. They mainly loved the DD motor and would almost always swap out the tonearm for a (much) better one. This table is clearly aimed at them, not us (I’m a DJ and audiophile but on a budget so no mods to my 1200s). It is confusing and in IMO lame the way they teased us by making it look so much like a 1200.

      • 2cent Jason

        it a limited run, they plan on releasing standard version later on down the line, you of all people should know this, nothing wrong with making high end products, isn’t that what we all want…

    • noxxi

      Don’t you think those boutique turntable manufacturers are massively price gouging? its like the old “$20,000” rule, where you go to an audiophile trade show and everything on show is $20,000 dollars.

      I get what audiophiles are all about, but they are mostly a bunch of morons, to them, the laws of diminishing returns and the limits of the human ear are non existent.

      This is a mass manufacturer, selling what could be a product they could expect to sell in droves, making this price point insane, just think of all the other highly engineered products out there, the rather overpriced cdj is one and it comes nowhere near this price point, and you can talk about R&D till the cows come home, but that does not justify a price point this high, given that at the most, and i mean at the highest most generous most, it possibly costs $1000 to manufacture, and at those prices were talking about a batch run, not a mass production run, which this pretty much is.

    • Combo

      Dude! Audiophiles have more than just Technics as a choice.
      Technics is dead for the Audiophiles 😉

      The look of the turntable is also EXTREME important for the choices the audiophiles they have.
      And the new Technics is not at all the best.

      The audiophiles they already saw the Technics in their time. Why to choose a new copy of the old one?
      This is only a re-make of the old Technics. The only difference is:

      TECHNICS went crazy on the price.