NAMM 2016: Mixars Debuts, DUO + CUT Battle Mixers

We’ve seen some very vague teasers from a new brand, Mixars, that kicked off their company at this year’s NAMM 2016 convention. The brand is focused on (unsurprisingly) DJ mixers and has launched a complete lineup of mixers, turntables, and headphones. Two of the mixers, the DUO and CUT, caught our attention as being potentially big wins for DJs – keep reading to find out why.

Mixars DUO Serato DJ Battle Mixer

  • DJ Gear: Duo Serato DJ Mixer (official product page)
  • Manufacturer: Mixars
  • Price: ~$999 retail / MAP
  • Availability: TBD

Mixars is taking aim at a market that Pioneer and Rane have fought over recently – the two channel Serato DJ mixer. What you need to know is that this is a Serato-supported mixer, with an Innofader on the crossfader and two solid Alpha upfaders. The layout is basic but spacious, meaning that for a lot of DJs looking for a two-channel Serato DVS mixer that doesn’t cost over $1000, there’s a well-designed option soon to hit the market.

The pads (which at the flick of a switch can be alternated between SP-6 and Cue Point control) feel really solid, have more-than-acceptable response time, and rock full RGB backlighting to match the color of your cue points.

In terms of I/O, there’s everything you would expect – XLR master outs, 1/4″ booth outs, RCA master out, two line/phono inputs, a record out, and even a USB hub with two ports.

On the front of the unit, complete crossfader curve adjustment controls and Microphone/Aux inputs complete the feature set.

Mixars CUT Basic Turntablism Mixer

  • DJ Gear: Cut battle mixer (official product page)
  • Manufacturer: Mixars
  • Price: ~$249 retail / MAP
  • Availability: TBD

We’ve seen a number of low-end turntablism mixers designed for vinyl DJs come out in the last year, and this one seems to be yet another solid option. There’s an Innofader on the crossfader, and has a lot of the same features as the Duo mixer above (just without a soundcard or Serato support).

There is basic crossfader curve adjustment on the top of the mixer – not as convenient as the front, but still solid. Worth noting on this mixer, the EQ knobs are big and chunky (great!) but a bit more resistive than normal mixer knobs. This might be appealing to some DJs, but could also shy others away – YMMV.

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  • Ben CP

    Hahahahahaha… Load of rubbish. They copied the Z2 and charge more than an actual Z2. These mixers are pants, get a much nicer Traktor Kontrol Z2 for half the price.

  • keynote101

    what bothers me is the size, with no where near the amount of functionality as the s9 why is it near the same size? I would be far more interested in this mixer with a much smaller profile, like the dj tech x10

  • David Perkins

    I bet this dies a complete death before it gets released, not good value, not well spec’d, not visually appealing, mini-Innofaders are simply useless for scratch dj’s and may aswell be made from cheese…so add another £$ for an Innofader Pro/pnp.

    • Steve Brown

      the mini inno just an alpha with a circuit board on it.

    • Rasp Haunt

      i agree…if this is for kutting…like REAL Kutting…The Mini Pnp wont even come close…a pro or pro 2 would sweeten the pot….but also,I never heard of these kats that are making these…so…maybe in a 1 or 2 yrs run we may consider these/// it me or are they ugly like N.I Hardware…jus saying…and i like N.I. But this is a bit too obvious…DJTech and ReLoop must be chocking in laughter ….lol…..

  • Diego Mark Cornelius Duran

    More info on decks and the mixer. For sure catering more towards the turntablists.

  • Diego Mark Cornelius Duran

    The Z2 was $800 when it came out and the only thing “wrong” with the Z2 for me was the fact that the faders weren’t adjustable all the way around. Bitch all you want but the fact that all faders have curve and a hamster switch shows that Mixars is actually catering to the skratch market. More so than the Z2 did. If you are a turntablist you might like this more simple layout. Don’t get me wrong. It’s no 62 or S9…BUT it’s not trying to be. Mark said the “core” fans of the site would be happy and by and large I think they should be. I really don’t think the price is that crazy at all. The parent company behind Mixars is known to put out quality stuff. Bells and whistles are nice but why pay $700 or more for a bunch of features you won’t use. Yeah its simple but why is that bad? It’s not gimmicky. Yeah it’s a Z2 clone, but every super OEM deck is a clone of Techs for the most part. The fuck everyone always trying to re-invent the wheel? Put this in the hands of Q-Bert, Craze, Fly, or any other DMC champ they’ll tear it up. If you couldn’t throw down a great set on this, fix your skills not your equipment.

  • M. Brown

    DUO would be worth it if it had built in EFXs and worked with Serato and Traktor

    • Carl Williams

      does state that serato efx are post fader. and it prob will work with traktor just not dvs.

  • Jonathan Chasse

    love the usb hub idea

  • 11Fletcher

    The Duo is too expensive for what it seems to be, as people said in comment it’s almost 400$ more than a Z2.
    But the CUT seems very cheap, 249$ with Innofader build in (an Innofader is more than half of that price), looks like this one will kill lot of entry level mixer for scratch from other brand.

  • noxxi

    overly expensive copycat mixers

  • phillip diaz

    The Duo is ridiculously expensive! 1K for a Z2 clone for serato??
    how is that Budget?? The Z2 is currently priced at 600€!!
    So, just by having a Serato sound card inside makes it worth 400€ more?
    I admit it got my interest, but with that price tag… Nooooo thank you!!!

    • Jerr1233

      Remember when the Z2 came out it was $800. Also compared to the next cheapest Serato mixer the Rane 61 its $300 cheaper. So its probably priced right about where it needs to be. I would have liked to see $800 or so but its not ridiculous.

  • deejae snafu

    i feel like im looking through a window into 2010…

  • Itchy and Scratchy

    cross fader cut in is nice feature

  • nprev

    Duo: A Z2 knock off.

    Only $200 dollars more than a Z2 from a “new” company that sold budget mixers.


    • Gavin Varitech

      Unfortunately the Z2 isn’t plug and play with Serato.

      • nprev

        Unfortunately the Mixars Duo isn’t plug and play with Traktor.

      • Ben CP

        That’s a good thing. Switch to Traktor ASAP.

    • jprime

      Unfortunately the Z2 is tightly knit with Traktor.

      • Carl Williams

        couldnt you use the soundcard for traktor, just without dvs?

        • jprime

          No idea, I have no interest in using Traktor on stage. Proven too unreliable for me 🙁

          • Carl Williams

            weird, never heard of any traktor problems since the 00s.

        • Gavin Varitech


    • steve

      Oh how quickly you forget… The Z2 was the FIRST DJ mixer NI EVER created, and that was a little over 3 years ago!!!. NI is still a “new” company to the hardware game themselves. Their history is in software not hardware. It’s funny how NI have managed to convince people that they have been a hardware from the very beginning which is completely untrue.

      • nprev

        I don’t think you understand what the quotes on “new” means. Mixars derives from DJ Tech. The quotes on “new” means that this company is not new, because quoting words is either making a sarcastic statement or meaning the opposite on what is spoken. They’ve been making mixers for some years now, and this branch or offspring undergoes a different name with possibly the same set of practices and creation, just as you’d think Lexus = Toyota = Scion.

        And yeah, obviously NI’s origin is in software. So no, I did not quickly forget.

  • mikefunk

    How to launch new company that nobody needs….

  • Brian g

    Love this mixer DUO

  • mastahanksta

    Not impressed…
    No one is thinking out the box anymore 🙁

    • jprime

      There’s always that new Hercules controller for you

      • noxxi

        easily the most interesting product so far

        • mastahanksta

          This is what I want to see…I created it myself in a 3D program sent it to NUMARK but the shot it down.

          • noxxi

            thats actually kind of cool, you could probably make something like that yourself if you put your mind to it.

          • Steve Brown

            by “shot it down” you mean told you they didn’t like it, nobody would ever build or buy such a thing, then Immediately started developing it.

          • jprime

            I’ll give this an upvote. Neat idea

  • Ron Dj