Twisted Gratification: Instant Gratification FX For Midi Fighter Twister

DJing is all about being in the moment, creating new sounds and blends without thinking too much. For that reason, I wanted to make a dead-simple mapping that makes it very easy to create complex effects techniques with just a single press. The Twisted Gratification mapping gives you 16 powerful effects preset, designed with house and techno in mind. Each knob does the job of three effects, adding original flavor or building seamless transitions between songs.

Twisted Gratification Traktor FX Mapping For Midi Fighter Twister

The original Instant Gratification mapping was perfect for bass music and had a very glitchy feel. These effects are much more subtle and emulate popular effect chains in house and techno like DubFire’s Rattle echo and Richie Hawtin’s famous techno snare rolls. Each knob gently increases the level of the effects, while manipulating carefully-chosen ranges that will sound perfect every time.

For example, instead of just dropping out the low end with a filter, why not also add just a touch of reverb and a little drive for grit at the same time. These effects setups would take too long to setup live, so this mapping delivers 16 in a single press.

  • Each row is a different style of effect, each column is a different version of that style. This means you can have four FX units activated at any one time.
  • The bottom right knob is a Release FX knob – press to echo freeze and kill all FX, press and hold to filter the echo freeze
  • Hold any side button to see FX assignment, and press any of the four quadrants of the Midi Fighter Twister to
  • assign/remove FX from that deck.

Twisted Gratification Contest: Limited Edition Twister + $200 Store Credit

Do you have a Midi Fighter Twister and want to show off how it works to the world in a mix? We’re throwing a quick video performance contest – the winner will get $200 store credit and a super limited edition Twister unlike any other made. Here’s how to enter:

  • Download the mapping and set it up with your Twister
  • Record yourself using the mapping – make sure the video looks good, people can see what you’re doing, audio is solid, etc. (See winners of past DJTT video contests for an idea:
  • Videos should be between 1 – 5 minutes long
  • Upload your video to any video site (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc) make sure #twistedgratification is in the title!
  • Link the video in the comments below by Monday, February 15th at noon PST Extended to March 1st at noon, PST!

UPDATE: We’ve chosen lefreak, below, as the winner for this contest. Thanks everyone for entering! 🙂

Watch Ean’s freestyle jam with the mapping for inspiration:

Twisted Gratification 4 deck freestyle jam with the new Twisted Gratification mapping from DJ TechTools.

Posted by Ean Golden on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If you’re a Midi Fighter Twister owner, we invite you to try out the new Twisted Gratification mapping right now on and leave your feedback; or post videos on Instagram with you using the mapping with #twistedgratification in the description so we can check it out!

Want to take advantage of this mapping and future versions of it?
Get a Midi Fighter Twister of your own, available on the DJTT store.

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  • Saleem Razvi

    trying to use this with remix decks and it keeps effecting volumes of other stem rows, any suggestions?

  • lefreak

    I’m disappointed this contest never got any winners announced 🙁

  • keynote101

    seems too difficult to switch between decks. I always want mappings split down the middle so I can control both decks at once rather having to select which deck each time I want to drop an effect. even Ean looks like he struggles with assigning the effects to the right decks a few times

  • lefreak

    Bump, can’t wait to find out which of the entries made it. All of them were great! @eangolden:disqus

  • Joel Smith

    My 8 year old son has used Traktor just a few times. This was his first time using the Midi Fighter Twister and the Kontrol S4.

  • lefreak

    Am i the only one coming here hourly to see if the results of the contest have been revealed?

    • Joel Smith

      It has been extended to March 1st at noon PST. So rest your mouse hand til next week

  • Chris

    btw: maybe this sounds crazy, but i’m reading this article and Mary Poppins jumping in the backyard, and i hear the bamboo-stick song from the movie, and still jumping in an „bamboo Forest“

  • lefreak

    okay… f*** that shit, i was unhappy with my enty, so i went the extra 20 miles and made a new take today.

    HERE is my take on the midifighter #twistedgratification

    greetings from Germany, where clocks aren’t always accurate when rendering slows them sooo much down
    – le fr3AK

  • Jimmy Ornelas

    Here’s my entry, loving the new mapping and will definitely have some fun with it in the future

  • Joel Smith

    Here is my video entry. I am legally blind with no central vision so it may not be lined up correctly.

    I have been working on using drums to trigger Traktor. This is my first go at it.

    took some audio from some of Ean’s videos as well.

  • lefreak

    my take on the midi fighter #twistedgratification i am a bad filmmaker, and not the happiest with this take,but after hours of taping and rerecording and editing i ended up going freestyle. So the track is a little cheezy but at least hand made except for the kalkbrenner sample in the end

  • Ezmyrelda

    I figured out what my ire was with the wording. The annotation just says “First time users”. It doesn’t actually say of what though. It detracts from the clarity of the video when it’s put over the instructions that are relevant for people who know what they are doing. Per Ean’s instructions blowing away one’s entire mapping collection isn’t necessary.

    In the future if you are going to add a clarification annotation please be sure that it actually clarifies things for those who need it but doesn’t complicate things for those that don’t. Not sticking the annotation right over the instructions one is trying to listen to and watch would be a good start.

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  • DanDan303

    Would it be possible to run this alongside a MF3D instant grat mapping and have both the 3D and Twister for FX control?

  • DanDan303

    Would it be possible to run this alongside a MF3D instant grat mapping and have both the 3D and Twister?

  • hwkspkn

    i currently use my twister for traktor sequencer, and i have some custom functions on bank 1 of the twister. id love to have the twisted grat map on bank 2/3. any suggestions.

    • Stewe

      Totally possible. Please upload your TSI on with a note and we will take care.

      • hwkspkn

        hi @disqus_uKiWkXYr5S:disqus thanks for your response and help . . Which TSI? My whole controller setup? Or do you mean my MFT .mfs file? And where exactly should i upload it? And should I just put “Attn: Stewe” Sorry all this is a first. .

      • hwkspkn

        hi stewe. thanks for your response and help . . Which TSI? My whole controller setup? Or do you mean my MFT .mfs file? And where exactly should i upload it? And should I just put “Attn: Stewe” Sorry all this is a first. .

        • Stewe

          Please zip your Twister’s TSI and MFS files. Also ensure to upload it under the Midifighter Twister category.

          • hwkspkn

            done. 🙂

          • hwkspkn

            Stewe thanks so much for your time and effort in helping me. im curious about is if the tsi edits i just received from you include the tsi’s i created. which would account for the glitches im experiencing. . also the 3rd side button is now the bank toggles? versus the stock middle side bank toggle?

          • hwkspkn

            i think the main glitch is that when i toggle between bank 1&2 some of the buttons (all of top row, and button 2 in row 2&3) dont carry their on/off/color setting over.

          • hwkspkn

            perhaps editing the twisted map by moving it to bank 2 and my mf settings can stay on bank 1 or vice versa. . and not merging my tsi files with it? i can change my corresponding midi cc to move to bank 2 if needed.

          • Stewe

            Remapping entire Twisted FX from bank 1 in to bank 2 is a lot of work… Though this mapping works great as it is right now – wouldn’t share something that’s not working properly. What you’re saying is that the firmware isn’t updating settings between banks which is absolutely not the case here. BTW, your TSI was merged in to 3rd part of the mapping and that worked great on my end. I can make a quick vid showing it working if that’s necessary.

          • hwkspkn

            hey stewe. . just to be clear, i appreciate your work and i believe that you wouldnt share something that isnt working properly. .my response was not to trigger defense. my apologies. . i imagine it is on my end due to some additional mappings that i have. . i didnt include them in my upload because they weren’t specific to the twister and i didnt think they would be needed. . i did remove them while testing but i will do some additional testing to see if i can work out the kinks. . . one thing. . were the side buttons remapped in any way. . for instance to enter midi mode still double middle side button? i will test again and get back to you. thanks again stewe . .

          • hwkspkn

            hi stewe. . . so ive spent the past couple hours acquainting and troubleshooting. . all seems to function properly. the issue i am experiencing that i tried to describe above is that when i am toggling between bank 1 and 2 some of the led functions dont carry over appropriately. . it is like some sort of ghosting of the encoder values when toggling between banks. for instance: when i toggle from one bank to the other some times led’s that should be on are off (after toggle) and also sometimes certain color led’s carry over to the other bank when they should not). .. the buttons still function as they should, i just have to press them a couple of times to reinstate their appropriate color/on/off value. .not sure if this make sense. im curious if you might think this is a firmware glitch? also it’s not every button. . my apologies again. . not trying to be a pain. .thanks for your help. .

          • Stewe

            There should be no glitch of any sort. Ensure to import provided .MFS file in the Midi Fighter Utility and then send those settings to the Midifighter.

  • Kobos

    Track name?

  • DJ gwrii Skrr

    i need .tsi file for dj tech pro U3 station for traktor pro 2.9 help me argent

  • Ezmyrelda

    Waiiiiiit.. what is the technical requirement for blowing away all my existing mappings then adding them back?

    • Dan White

      Always save your Traktor preferences before adding anything new – use the big Export button at the bottom of the preferences screen and you can save EVERYTHING. Good to do as a backup 🙂

      • Ezmyrelda

        Yes, I understand having all my settings backed up is vital.. I’ve done so many things and specifically had to learn a lot of things in order to set up my current routings so I’m not really interested in recreating the many hours of work I’ve already done just to get my powermate mapped properly so I understand the wisdom of having it backed up. That still doesn’t exactly address the specific technical issue that brought you (DJ Techtools) to advise blowing away my mappings then adding them back. That said, as much as I would like to mess with this.. I have sendstorm installed on mine and it’s staying put. I would have preferred if you guys explained what was going on under the hood in MFS so I could implement it on page 2 or 3 and then just remapped the TSIs. Regardless.. Thanks to the Techtools crew for continuing to put out resources to help the DJ community for free. I’m quite sure thousands will get a lot of enjoyment out of this mapping.

        • Matías J. Padilla

          Using the big import button ensures that all settings are loaded correctly, effect settings included. Sadly this will overwrite existing mappings and it’s why you are advised to back them up and reimport them at a later stage.

          • Ezmyrelda

            Using the big import button only implies to me that it is useful for importing a great number of individual mappings or that one would use it for blowing away previous collections of mappings for new collections of mappings. If they were to tell me that their experience has proven that this mapping only works properly when imported in this way, I would say “fine, ok. Duly noted.”. As it is, all they are saying is blow away all of your current mappings and add them back. In my experience these sorts of processes don’t help with fail safing things, they just add more complexity and places for for things to go wrong. Just by the description alone the process doesn’t sound rock solid enough for me to bother messing with it. But! If other individuals have few current mappings I see no reason why they shouldn’t try it. I’m sure it’s a great mapping.. I’ve just had to develop an ability to avoid giving myself headaches in certain arenas. With the amount of mappings I have and what they do.. For me personally.. Messing with this mapping is a headache waiting to happen.

          • Spliff Jesus

            There are regular backups made by Traktor. Hit the big import on the bottom left and the directory that it loads to should have a folder called “backup” in there. In that folder one’s for the collection and the other is settings. Go through loading the latest settings .tsi files until you find the one that predates nuking your stuff. A backup saved my life not long ago… Now I make my own backups on the regular.

        • Ezmyrelda

          I wonder why when I ask a technical question deserving of a technical answer I get people telling me shit they believe I do not already know. Is it because I present as female?

          Please gentlemen.. If you are going to pop in with answers to questions I didn’t ask.. Go out of your way to make it something I do not already know. Because you are going to have to if you in fact wish to enlighten me.

          • just an observation but

            Your tone is brash and belligerent. People took some seconds out of their day to attempt to answer your question. Neither were an affront to your gender identity. Please be grateful for being acknowledged.

          • Ezmyrelda

            Ahh, yes.. the anonymous courage of a person telling me I should be grateful that people are attempting to tell me things I already know despite the fact that I clearly knew them to begin with. Be grateful for being acknowledged? Hey.. uh.. Fuck you. My question still hasn’t actually been answered. “Back up your shit” is amateur hour.

            I can’t take your reply serious for a number of reasons. First your anonymity is a copout. Secondly comparatively my tone isn’t brash or belligerent. You only believe it to be so because I am a woman. Were I not a woman you wouldn’t have felt it necessary to reply in the first place. Thus shitting all over your assertion that it wasn’t an affront to my gender identity. Certainly not an overt one. It never is.. That’s the fucking point. If men want to feel superior in their knowledge and experience in these matters they need to come with something more tangible than “Back up your shit”.

            If YOU have a technical reason as to why blowing away my entire mapping collection is necessary for installing this particular mapping please. Offer it up. If not.. You, like all the other replies have nothing actually useful to offer. I’m not obligated to offer up fawning adulation to people who “took seconds out of their day” to offer basic information that wasted seconds of mine.


  • Shane Robbins

    Will this be available for the Midi Fighter 3D?

    Looks, sounds good!

  • Audiogame

    Now for me it’s time do that on ableton… I think with traktor’s on guitar rig it’s relative easy to replicate something similar

  • Ivan Alvarez

    is this mapping works in parallel with the sequencer?

    • Ezmyrelda

      One would presume. Though I have not tested the particular mapping. That said, The sequencer works on a different and lower level than mappings and could only be changed with a firmware revision.

    • Ean Golden

      yes – it works along side with the sequencer. If you have the sequencer and Twisted Gratification installed, just press the middle side buttons at the same time to Toggle between the two.

      • Nonie Vitales

        Ca i use it with the traktor fx mapping, sequencer and twisted gratification?
        along with the f1’s?

      • lanceblaise

        For loading them into the MF Utility on top of what is already in there for the sequencer, is there anything specific we need to do? I want to keep my twister sequencer still working at the same time.

        thank you.

      • hwkspkn

        i currently use my twister for traktor sequencer, and i have some custom functions on bank 1 of the twister. id love to have the twisted grat map on bank 2/3. any suggestions. .

      • Joel Smith

        Any thoughts on when the winner of the contest will be annouced? Sorry to ask here but I never got a response on the FB page.

  • Madden Wachsenhoff

    I would pay good money for a pro mapping for Traktor and Denon SC3700 pure midi mapping (non hybrid)

  • Sammy Porter

    Id pay for something similar to this mapping for Serato DJ!

    • Trueegg

      Yes!!! Can we please get something like this for Serato DJ 🙁

  • Victo

    Very nice mapping work on this one !
    I like the way you totally optimize Traktor Fx’s.