Remixlive: Mixvibes’ “Perfect” Remix Toolbox

Mixvibes recently released their DJ software, Cross DJ 3.0 , that can be used across multiple platforms and now DJs can remix sounds live with Mixvibes’ latest creation, Remixlive. The tool was first teased a week after NAMM 2016 and nearly two months later we finally have the official release of the app.

Universal Remixing with Ultimate Control

Remixlive was teased and from the start we could determine that the app had the basic features of a sampler/sequencer. Multiple racks, sample packs, XY controls, faders, and tempo control. Now, we have more insight on what makes Mixvibes’ app different from the rest.

The app is capable of playing 24 samples at once with 48 samples per pack. Each pack is built of melodies, drums, basslines, vocals, and FX that can be used either as loops or one-shots, depending on the sound. The app comes bundled with 15 sample packs (more to come according to Mixvibes) which can be mixed and matched to create new packs.

Mixvibes claims that Remixlive is the “perfect” remix tool. Is that true?

The remix tool itself is built to play differently than other sequencing apps we have seen before. Multiple play mode allows more than one sample to be played in a column at a time which gives DJs more creativity when it comes to creating music on Remixlive. Each column contains a level fader and filter knob behind the performance view. Also, an instant FX pad gives DJ access to delay, filter, flanger, reverb, and many more effects which also can be controlled via an XY grid. As a DJ performs, sets can be recorded in high quality AAC audio which can be sent via email (small sets) or exported off the device.

DJs can also edit samples in Play mode to make each sound a loop, one-shot, or gated trigger with more controls including quantize, gain, ADSR, panning, loop division, and reverse play. Whereas most apps dictate how the samples are played by their type (drums are loops, vocals are one shots), Remixlive gives DJs all the necessary controls over their samples and then some. Furthermore, DJs can expand packs by using the microphone on their iOS device to record any sound and mix it into to tool. Each sample can also be transposed, is controlled using a high-quality limiter while also staying in time with “ultra-accurate” BPM detection.

Remixlive: An Awesome, Free Tool

Mixvibes mobile apps like Remixlive give DJs a reason to look towards their iOS devices when it comes time to find new gear to utilize in the booth. Standalone apps that deliver control and flexibility come seldomly, which is why Remixlive is a breath of fresh air. Mixvibes has appeared to take what current apps have done for years and innovated it to work with a DJs versatile and quick workflow.

Remixlive is available for free now on iOS devices. Buy it once on your iPhone or iPad, and you have it across all iOS devices.

Check out Remixlive in the app store.

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