Routine: Kypski Mura Masa Live Remix on Traktor, Maschine, Korg MS-20

We’re excited to share a new routine from Netherlands-based DJ Kypski, which incorporates live turntablism, controllerism, and production all into one routine – similar to Enferno’s live remixes we have featured in the past. Watch below as Kypski goes to work on Mura Masa’s fantastic “Lovesick”:

Gear used in this video: 

We hope to continue to see more DJs incorporating this level of live remixing and performance into their routines – while it might not be realistic for every DJ, this works best in a routine setting – where you can show off your dexterity and originality in a concise video package.

Kypski is taking an interesting and unique approach to his performance series and hoping to raise money on an associated Kickstarter to produce more of these videos – check out the video below explaining the concept:

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  • James Jameson

    I love this, but there’s one thing that I cannot figure out – is it possible to load Maschine samples to scratch (in real time) in Traktor? It seems like that is what he’s doing (in and around the 1:00 min mark) but I don’t think that is possible! It’s either a feature of the Z2, which I do not own, some sort of custom Maschine/MIDI routing, or something else I’m missing. Help!!


      He’s got to have some mapping where that bank is triggering cue points in traktor for the scratch segments. If there’s a way to do this in Maschine I’d love to know

    • Marcin Baniak

      With new traktor 2.10 You can map sample/remix decks to any controller, trigger even 4 samples at one time and control them with timecode. With older versions of traktor You was able to map only 4 first slots or buy kontrol F1 to trigger samples, sample/remix deck was always scratch controlable. Or like Neverkilltime wrote he just triggers cue points.

  • MuWu


  • jm2c


  • Victo

    Very nice performance. It’s always a pleasure to ear some scratch integrated like a gentle instrument in a “band”.