Gate Color FX: Quick On-The-Fly Mixing Tool On Pioneer Mixers

On newer models of Pioneer DJ’s mixers, there’s a powerful Gate Color FX that allows the DJ to remove part of the signal coming based on volume. See how the gate effect can be used for mixing two tracks together, and why additional functionality on the DJM-900NXS2 makes it even more dynamic than before in this new video.

Using Pioneer’s Gate Color FX

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This technique works really well when you want to be able to cut a song down to its barebones beat, and really lends itself to long form mixes. To get the most out of it, also consider throwing on a second layer of effects to the gated channel (the Beat FX are always post-Color FX in the signal chain, so reverbs/echos/etc work well).

Compatibility: Worth noting, the Gate Color FX is only present on a few Pioneer mixers:

  • DJM-900NXS2 (when you turn the knob to the left in the “Sweep” Color Effect)
  • DJM-900NXS/SRT
  • DJM-850
  • XDJ-RX

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Check out the tracks we played in this video:

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  • MarxSound Audio Services

    This effect is not just limited to the high end mixers, its on the controllers as well-it’s just not laid out as physical buttons, but you can perform the tricks the writer demonstrated:

    The effects settings are within Rekordbox-if you have a controller without multiple dedicated color EFX buttons like the high end mixers have, you can change the EFX assignment of the basic “Filter” button on your DDJ controller.
    For example, if you have an Pioneer DDJ-SR or RR like i have, it’s set to default as the lo passhigh pass filter effect, but near the top of the Rekordbox performance screen, you will see a tab that says EFX.
    Choose this tab and the change the setting from default to user and us the drop down tab to choose a different EFX assignment, all the various effects that the higher end mixers and controllers have are there. You just don’t have physical on the fly button push ability or the convenience of having different EFX assignments on different channels.

  • Martullia

    Nice video, Would be nice if there comes a vid about the Rmx to. How to make best use of it (preferred Rmx 500 i own one). The DJM 900 N2 is probably not to be find in many clubs. Really like this tutorial video’s. Would be happy to see more of them.

  • Bas Curtiz

    I love these effects on the Pioneer mixers, esp. how its laid out on the right bottom.
    Though, these mixers are still expensive like hell.
    Is there a cheaper alternative out there that does the job well?

  • Philip

    too bad Traktor don´t has this kind of Gater

    • Spacecamp

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate – maybe in Traktor Pro 3 we’ll see an update on advanced FX…
      No word on TP3 coming anytime soon, though.

  • Dirtylooks

    Interesting! Good tutorial!