Fresh Audio-Reactive DJ Lighting Projects: LED Strips, Laptop Stickers

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at audio-reactive accessories and projects for DJs! For a fun Friday article, we thought it would be interesting to look at a few of the cutting-edge projects that are gaining traction and might bring innovative audio-reactive DJ lighting to the masses. Read on for more:

ViVi Music LED Controller

This is a new Kickstarter that came across our radar earlier this month. Addressable (meaning every LED can be individually controlled) LED strips have become incredibly common in all kinds of lighting projects. The biggest obstacle to easily getting started using LED strips in DJ booths, art cars or home studios is usually the programming side.

On Kickstarter, Mat Kachur is crowdfunding a music reactive LED controller that lets you plug quickly plug in LED strips to the bass, mids, or treble output. The controller creates a dynamic lightshow unique for each part of the audio spectrum – unlike other typical audio reactive lights, it actually has patterns and adjusts the results based on the overall volume of the input (no adjusting a sensitivity knob every time the track changes).

Worth noting, this Kickstarter only has a few days left and is still a few thousand dollars short of their goal, so if you want to make it happen, pledge your support here.

Stickerlight: Laptop Sticker Lighting

For digital DJs, often the most prominent surface facing the audience is the backside of your laptop. But instead of giving your laptop manufacturer free advertising, what if you had a cool audio-reactive logo based on your own design? That’s exactly what Stickerlight does.

Stickerlights designed from your own custom logo will likely not be a cheap purchase, but we suspect plenty of DJs (particularly mobile) will find it to be well worth the investment.

Need a DJ logo? Read our post, DJ logo design 101, for our advice.


This project is a bit more cheesy and less practical than the other two, but personally I’ve been waiting for a project like this to come out since I started DJing: audio reactive headphone cables:

Glow Headphones are earbuds – not exactly ideal for DJ use – and there’s not a lot of info on the actual quality of the drivers themselves (the purchase page says “Premium Sound using high-end Audio Drivers” – pretty unspecific) but it’s still a fascinating concept.

Right now the project is still in the preorder stage – you can lock in a pair of these audio-reactive headphones for $179. They’re available in Red, Green, or Blue colors, come with a carrying case, and will have a companion app that allows additional brightness control.

I’m less interested in this particular pair of headphones, and more interested in seeing other similar lighted audio cables that are developed in the future. What if all of a DJ’s audio cables had sound responsive lights in them – so you could see the signal from your left and right decks just by looking at your cables?

Have you seen an interesting audio-reactive DJ lighting project that should be added to this list?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature the coolest finds in the article!

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  • BPM

    Call me ghetto or old school but i do prefer hard wiring l.e.d’s to an old receiver/amp as if it were a speaker and only run mid, high or bass per l.e.d. or strip (or preferred light) so that they pulse and fade to the beat of the frequency played through. you can get some pretty decent lighting backgrounds, stage washes, facade lighting or under bar or chair lighting without high prices or cheap mock-ups that last a week… besides, its original and endless possibilities but that’s just me, dj gear is expensive so i get the good decks and cheap home lighting. plus i get a lot of “where do I get those?” in my online streams for simply having exit signs and other lighting setups that flash/fade to the beat of the track… Keep ya-self original Cheers’

  • Julian Morales

    Arduino + LED Strips 😉

  • DubluW

    The thing that upsets me the most is the use of trashy EDM in bar enviroments.

  • Zeke Brick

    For audio-reactive LED strips, the Lumazoid is much better.

  • CUSP

    Well, these are curious. I like the Laptop sticker the most (of the 3), but they are not as professional as the DJ software driving it. If we’re talking “Pro Visualization”, we should be talking Resolume Arena or Modul8.

  • Rolfski


  • blulabel

    Proofread your work

    • grammar nazi whom?

      You forgot to put a period at the end of your sentence.

      • grammar nazi nazi

        punctuation isn’t grammar

    • Spacecamp

      Always good advice – but do you care to share what you’re referring to? 🙂

      • blulabel

        Most notably the very first sentence in the article, however, it looks like you’ve cleaned it up since my post. Light Show is two words, though.

        I wasn’t trying to come off snarky or as a know-it-all, because I suck at grammar but, if I notice it, then I know it’s pretty bad.

        • Grammar_is_my_ocd

          the comma should go before the ‘but’ in your sentence. “I suck at grammar, but if i…”. The more you know 😉