Secrets Of A Finger Drumming Champion: Coby Ashpis

Finger drummer and producer Coby Ashpis was the champion of DJTT’s Holiday Finger Drumming Contest in December, taking our provided soundpack and ratcheting it up to lightspeed. Last week he came by the DJTT studio to share a brand new finger drumming routine as well as some of his finger drumming techniquies and secrets in a ten minute tutorial video.

Coby Ashpis: Fresh New Routine

Part of the grand prize for the finger drumming contest that we put was that we would feature a new routine of the winner on the DJTT blog in 2016 – but we did one better and Coby came up from Los Angeles to the DJTT studio. We were able to shoot two videos: a new routine video, and a breakdown of some of the routine combined with some general finger drumming advice.

First up, watch the routine – be sure to watch past the 5:30 mark to see some crazy jazz drumming: 

Coby’s Finger Drumming Routine Breakdown

Since we had a highly skilled drummer in the studio, we decided that it would be great to get Coby to share some of his insights on practicing, putting together routines, and warming up your fingers. Learn some of his secrets in this tutorial:

Want to watch the original winning video routine that Coby put together for our holiday contest? Here it is:

Want more finger drumming goodness?

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