Pioneer DJ Introduce CDJ-TOUR1 + DJM-TOUR1 Touring Setup

Earlier this year at NAMM 2016, we saw the first public prototype of Pioneer DJ’s new festival-ready professional DJ system – what they’re calling the TOUR1 line. Today, Pioneer is officially making it clear that these aren’t just prototypes: meet the CDJ-TOUR1 and DJM-TOUR1, set to hit the market in August. Keep reading for details.


  • The TOUR1 lineup will be available starting in August 2016
  • CDJ-TOUR1 will cost $4,999; DJM-TOUR1 will cost $5,999
  • The units feature advanced sound quality ES9018 32-bit D/A converters that “deliver incredibly low noise and distortion” at 96kHz/24-bit output
  • Each unit has a fold-out screen in addition the normal displays
  • The screens are powered by built-in CPUs – and they can show a variety of waveform and browsing views, which seem to suggest a ton of new display options for future Rekordbox devices:
Some unique waveform displays on the TOUR1 screens
  • The layouts are very similar to the CDJ-2000NXS2 / DJM-900NXS2
  • The build quality and input/output ports on these units are significantly more robust – suggesting that these will be used exclusively by big festivals like EDC, Ultra, etc.
The full setup: four CDJ-TOUR1s and a DJM-TOUR1 (click to zoom)
An overhead of both units – click to zoom and see all of the details.

Pioneer DJ has sprung this announcement on us last-minute – so there’s not too much commentary in this article yet. Check out the feature sets of each unit below (note that these are directly from Pioneer’s press release):

CDJ-TOUR1 Key Features

1. Advanced sound quality for large-scale venues

The CDJ-TOUR1 features an ES9018 32-bit D/A converter, made by ESS Technology, to deliver incredibly low noise and distortion even at the super-high volumes needed for large-scale events. It can reproduce 96 kHz/24-bit high resolution sound and send it to the DJM-TOUR1 or DJM-900NXS2 through the SPD I/F digital out. FLAC and ALAC formats are supported and the power supply is separated from the main circuit board to further reduce unwanted noise.

CDJ-TOUR1’s 13-inch screen with an optional glare cover/ glowstick deflector

2. 13-inch fold-out touch screen for enhanced browsing and control

Use either the standard built-in 7-inch or the fold-out 13-inch LCD full-color touch screen. The larger screen shows more information to help you browse and select tracks faster. Plus, with its own built-in CPU, the screen offers the potential for other features in the future. Both screens feature the same information as the CDJ-2000NXS2, including:

  • Track Filter mode: use the touch screen to filter tracks by rekordbox information such as BPM, key or My Tags.
  • Keyword search: bring up the Qwerty keyboard to search for tracks by name.
  • Multi-colored Wave Zoom and Multi-wave view: see detailed waveforms or opt to see waveforms from up to four CDJs at the same time.

3. Lockable LAN port for secure connection

The CDJ-TOUR1’s LAN port has a NEUTRIK etherCON® connector featuring a latch lock, so compatible cables will stay in place no matter what vibrations or knocks are thrown at them.

4. Isolator feet, tilt screen and display shade adjust for any environment

Adjust the isolator feet to ensure a stable set-up on any surface and tilt the 13-inch screen to suit your preference or the lighting. Attach the display shade to protect from the sun’s glare when you’re playing outside.

5. Familiar layout and features inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2

The CDJ-TOUR1 has the same layout and performance features as the CDJ-2000NXS2 to help you feel at home. Prepare your tracks in rekordbox as usual, adding Hot Cues, loops, tags, etc. – then load them to the CDJ-TOUR1 and trigger features including Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Hot Cue Auto Load.

6. Pro DJ Link enables even more features

Pro DJ Link lets you share one source across up to four players and unlocks a host of information and features such as Beat Sync and Beat Countdown.

DJM-TOUR1 Key Features

1. High quality sound components for a warm sound, in any large-scale environment

The DJM-TOUR1 is the world’s first DJ mixer to have an AES/EBU digital output, meaning you can connect directly to front of house, even over long distances, with no loss of sound quality.

It’s also the first DJ mixer to include a high-res word clock input, ensuring a high grade digital audio signal to front of house for precise synchronization and the best possible sound quality. And the power supply has its own dedicated circuit to further reduce unwanted noise, while power factor correction (PFC) reduces distortion across the frequencies.

Like the CDJ-TOUR1, the mixer features an ES9018 32-bit D/A converter for low distortion and a dynamic range of up to 129 dB. It also shares high quality sound components with its NXS2 counterpart, including a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card with a direct digital connection via SPD I/F port and USB port, 64-bit floating point mixing processing, enhanced dithering technology and a low-jitter clock – which combine to deliver an accurate, natural sound.

2. New fold-out 13-inch touch screen shows information from up to four players

Browse playlists and use the touch screen to select tracks for up to four CDJs connected via Pro DJ Link. You can also choose between horizontal or vertical multi-wave view – and the vertical view includes an RMS meter to help you monitor and control the volume for each channel.

The DJM-TOUR1’s screen showing four vertical waveforms

3. Lockable LAN port for secure connection and 5-port LAN hub

The DJM-TOUR1’s LAN port has a NEUTRIK etherCON® XLR connector featuring a latch lock to keep compatible cables secure. Plus, a five-port LAN hub means you can connect up to five players or laptops to the mixer.

4. Two independent headphone inputs for easy back-to- back cueing

Two independent headphone sections mean you and another DJ can cue tracks at the same time without hearing each other’s input. Each headphone input has its own volume control.

5. Aux input supports a range of sources

The Aux input is an XLR/TRS combination port, giving you the flexibility to connect your choice of external devices including drum machines, effectors, synths and samplers.


6. Tilting screen and display shade adjust for any environment

Tilt the 13-inch screen to suit your preference or the lighting and attach the display shade to protect from the sun’s glare when you’re playing outside.

7. Familiar layout and features mirror the DJM-900NXS2

The DJM-TOUR1 will feel instantly familiar as it shares its layout and robustness with other pro-DJ mixers including the DJM-900NXS2. Like its NXS2 counterpart, it features improved channel fader/EQ curves, high quality Sound Color FX, quantized Beat FX and an Independent Send/Return.

8. Built-in KUVO Gateway lets you broadcast set information to your fans

The DJM-TOUR1 is our first mixer to have a KUVO Gateway on board so you can easily connect to KUVO: our social platform that lets you broadcast information about what tracks you’re playing, in real time, to fans around the world.

These units are likely to be popping up in professional mainstage festival DJ booths this summer – would you be excited to play on a set of TOUR1 units? Let us know in the comments. 

If your interested in getting the new Pioneer TOUR-1 models
and want a deal, message DJ TechTools here for special “friends of DJTT” pricing!

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  • @blamethedj

    Fail. Unless I’m missing something here it’s way overkill. I’m a user and fan of Pioneer

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    TOUR1 didn’t even hit the clubs yet and they already have a MK2 in the making

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  • Richard Fyoog Narbrough

    I suppose it’s worth asking, if you bought say the DJM Tour-1 and connected your CDJ 2000 nexus 2’s to it, would you get the full compatibility of the screen on the DJMT1 working or do you have to buy the CDJ Tour1’s for all that to work? Interesting to know as I agree for a home set up this full “Tour” lot is ridiculous but still having the one screen on the DJM and using normal CDJ’s would be quite cool and save a fair whack of cash!

    • Vecchiarelli

      I’m wondering this as well although $4,000 on top of what I paid for my DJM-900NXS2 is a hard pill to swallow.

  • Denn Is

    Looking forward seeing Steve Aoki stepping on that tilt screen…

  • Chuck

    Those who can afford will purchase this set-up, those who can’t will buy different pièces of gear (my case).

  • Nexing

    About time I’d say.
    Sabre 9018 have been a perceptible improvement in sound quality DAC (and a paradigm change in noisefloor lowering) which at Big Festivals (there are hundreds yearly) amplifying thousandfold their signal, becomes quite relevant for clarity and intelligibility, however no Audio Pro brand had yet implemented it!!
    Bravo for Pioneer here. (hope Pio keeps its DACs updated, SABRE upgrade coming soon).

    ///Also extra-nice touch that I will be able to get there -easy :)- and just plug my gear into DJM-Tour1 via its two unconverted SPDIF input channels (has four of them!!) from my fantastic OTUS RAW’s separated 2 SPDIF outputs. :DDD
    Meaning I may program two simultaneous the ONE DJ’s output mixers, each carrying several players with their configured VSTs…
    …(guess from NVMe SSD, DDR4, thunderbolted thin & powerful laptop, yet to come near)

    • labamba

      Nobody cares. Cuz nobody can afford it

      • Nexing

        What if… actually DJ Mixers or Controllers utilizing SABRE latest generation (136-140 dB noisefloor) DACs do exist at prices that many could afford?
        As it is now, we may already find a plethora of US$100 DACs using the 9018 chip. A fact that placed together with the situation of companies like Numark, DENON, Rane, A&H and the rest, that are being relegated by the Rekorbox linkage, then it is very likely many of them will want to match the actual Pioneer´s specs point that is attainable.
        If the audio resolution bar is inexpensively raised, the industry would tend to move along.
        We would -and you probably too- care when that happens.

  • John Viera

    $26,000 so David Guetta can request it and play one 45 minute track on one deck. Amazing.

    • Aaron Jaraba

      Instant doubles/triples/quads means he can play the same mix across 4 decks 😉

  • Puffadumps

    I have a feeling this set is just their prelude to future consumer based equipment with built in Rekordbox.. I.e. their RX line but on steroids. Maybe a DDJ-RZ with built in Rekordbox?

    • Dubby Labby

      And iPad pro based surely.

  • Scott Campbell

    All the great inputs and outputs and still they used and IEC power port!?!……and not even a locking one! I would expect to see a PowerCON a/c connector at the very least. No matter how you spend on the gear if the mixer comes unplugged the party stops!

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Haha… so true. They just left the most vulnerable point in the whole setup as it is but introduced reinforced lan cables…

    • davepermen

      Nah… Seen enough djs where nothing is plugged in. Still worked just fine ?

  • #seriously...

    Pioneer Marketing “Listen Guys we need the Pioneer logo to be brighter, larger and closer to major EDM stars faces on stage”

    Pioneer Product “Well we could put screens on the CDj’s and put glowing logos on the back”

    Pioneer Sales “Add high end sound cards and we can even double the prices and make all the festivals buy new gear!!!!!!! It will be huuuuuuuuuge…

    • Matt Play Davis

      Or maybe they are filling the need for stages at festivals such as burning man and others where the gear needs to operate all day long in dusty or moist environments with a glaring sun for several days in a row while offering the highest quality audio playability and output to huge festival systems that will not malfunction due to vibration ..

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        Isn’t that what a USD 2,5k machine (2000 NXS) should be able to deliver right away. Isn’t that how Pioneer promoted their product before? Introducing this higher quality line of product is their way of admitting that their cheaper but still very pricy gear is not good enough for pro use.

        And I highly doubt that you will see even one single “TOUR” unit at burning man.

        • Matt Play Davis

          No Pioneer has never claimed the NXS 2 series to be able to withstand what the Tour series can. The Tour series is just a far more robust version of the NXS 2 with some more bells a whistles. Maybe you won’t see these specifically at burning man but I was making a point of the type of environment these can perform in with malfunctioning due to the elements.

          • here_comes_the_sheik

            I just read through pioneers specifications again. Do they even claim that the Tour edition can “operate all day long in dusty or moist environments” like you are suggesting?

            The only things noted are “isolation feet” and “reinforced sides” which I guess are the bumpers on the side which hold the flatscreen tv on top of the unit.

            And the CDJ 2000 nxs are definitely marketed as the club standard, pro tool, workhorse. Of course you would expect them to withstand some abuse.

          • Matt Play Davis

            Yes the NXS 2 is the “Club” standard and they are claiming the Tour 1 to be “Festival Proof” .. I don’t see the stuff I mentioned in the specs either but I was at NAMM looking at these and specifically observed a conversation where someone who throws events at burning man ask about more rugged features for those conditions and Pioneer staff said the Tour 1 series is addressing those features to perform better in those conditions. The things I stated are what I heard at this time. They seem to mainly be marketing the sound quality of which FLAC files can be played and the highest quality sound can be delivered to front of house with word clock. Everyone is bashing the screens and agree it is more than necessary maybe but it is exciting how much of the Rekordbox eco system is built into this standalone setup.

          • here_comes_the_sheik

            Thanks for sharing your observations. Seems strange that they don’t market these more rugged features more as I this would definitely be interesting for a lot of professional users.
            Actually most of the festivals I played / visited the equipment was taken better care of than in clubs and bars. As they always have a technician / stage manager, big tables, fresh air, big stage away from the dancers. But a more rugged, maybe liquid proof, easy to clean CDJ would be a godsend for owners of small, sweaty underground clubs.

            I really think a TOUR1.5 without screens could be a big sucess.

          • Nexing

            Which leads to point the need of those dusty, sandy, smallish, medium size open air events, together with the humid, sweaty clubs that need anti-moisture, UV, and particle-proof features.
            These are potential users that add up to a rather big number,
            Some Pioneer Tour1 derivaties could very well cater for such not well-off budgeted customers.

  • Nicky H

    I think just the mixer with the screen would be fine – not sure why the CDJ’s need them as well, overkill but they will be at all the big festivals & clubs, guaranteed.

    • Big C

      I agree with this completely. I’m actually interested to hear if the touring mixer will work with the regular CDJs. It’s overkill price wise – but the feature set is enough to really make me consider it if so.

  • Orgasmix

    – “SPD I/F” -> S/PDIF
    – “etherCON XLR connector” -> etherCON LAN connector
    – “independent headphone inputs” -> uhhh headphone outputs actually. I know what you meant but it’s poorly worded. Separate cue sections each connect to one headphone OUTput.
    I understand you type fast because you wanna be the first to publish this new info but please edit out the mistakes after

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    This isn’t for us to buy and I’m not sure how successful it will be, but props to Pioneer for trying something.

  • bla

    getting rid of the screen? Nah, let’s put 5 laptops on the table!

  • ioannis

    Pioneer always behind .

  • FishFace

    Pioneer approves of serato face

    • Psychofrakulator

      DJ had that blank stare since the beginning of DJing and you know how we called it back then? Nothing. DJs look like that when they were focusing on their work and equipment and we had no reason to mock them, because of some false sense of backwards thinking superiority.

      • Gavin Varitech

        DJs focusing on their work and Serato face are two totally different things.

  • Djfdv Frédéric

    very very good

  • siclove

    does not look sexy at all nice with the pro audio exits and stuff but it would be only usefull to a few festival promoters and backline rental company´s but it´s only shitty rekordbox and not serato or Traktor compatible

    • TheQuakerOatsGuy

      Butter face. Those inputs and exits are looking good from behind but….

  • Gavin Varitech

    I’m as big of a Pioneer guy as you’ll find but I hope they sell a grand total of zero of these.

  • Marchz García


  • bil gates

    what os its running ?

    • noxxi

      windows 95

      • Nicky H

        Made me laugh 🙂

  • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

    I feel bad for promoters. It seems like they are stuck on the never-ending task of chasing down the latest pioneer gadgets for headlining DJs.

  • Toolman

    So no need for lab top then ? In that case super monster setup would like to have a go !!!

    • couic

      > lab top

      • Nicky H

        lap tob?

  • Miguel V.

    Pioneer DJ saying to artists, “Just bring your goddamn music!! We’ll do the rest!” Want computers? here have the most technologic advanced piece of equipment ever invented for musicians. Saying quality is better with pc and soundcard? Not anymore! “But i do b2b and work in a duo, so i need extra soundcard.” So have independent headphones cueing! “I’m very skilled and mix 4 decks, an external source(ex: drum machine) and an effector…”
    Fine, aux line, world clock and send/returns totally mappable for every channel in and out! Happy now?
    Oh and the price? Not that much for wath it does… If you wanna mix like this you wont find any alternative, that’s why pioneer dominates!

    • noxxi

      not much for what it does…. its does nothing more than a laptop and cdj 2000 nexus. about the only thing it does is show you extra info that isnt really necessary, you think theres going to be 5 screens worth of indispensable info to show? no chance, its gonna be 4 screens showing the same thing, and 1 showing waveforms

      • Matt Play Davis

        It will perform in a festival in the desert for multiple days straight without dust or moisture reaching any internal components and will not malfunction due to vibration from the festival sound system and the DJs will be able to see track information even in the glaring sun. That is what this series is intended to do. Think of a $30,000 Midas concert console. Pioneer DJ is now playing in that world, and the first DJ gear manufacturer to do so.

        • noxxi

          yeah that is true, never thought of it like that. seems like an no expense spared kind of setup though, they wont be any more durable than regular CDJs, with the exception of the RJ45 ports

          • JayMan

            They are reinforced

    • John Viera

      It doesn’t have Traktor.

  • thundercat

    Pioneer must have heded Trump’s ranting to “build the wall, build the wall!” between the DJ and their fans!

    • Psychofrakulator

      So after all these years of “Waaah, DJs aren’t supposed to look up from their equipment and smile and look and wave at their audience” it’s now suddenly a bad thing when they are hidden again?

      • Ezmyrelda

        I’d like to know where you got the idea that DJs weren’t supposed to connect with their audiences. That’s a new one to me.

  • jm2c

    AES/EBU out and a clock input! Thought I’d never see such digital beauty.
    Wondering whether FLAC/ALAC supports 96kHz though?

    Kudos to pio for upping the digital game

  • Jos Bredero

    An highly advanced DDJ-RZ :-). But I wonder who is gonna use it like it supposed to. It seems to me that there is so much information that you can be overwelmed and not looking at the audience anymore. The prices? Well only for big festivals like Emporium.

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    We will still hear Pioneer DJs ranting about how much more skill you need for DJing with CDJs than with a Laptop. Oh wait… those are actually 5 laptops each worth a small car on stage.

    The industrial design team must have been drunk… what an abomination.

    • sinbad

      Well dude it’s pioneer the industry standard what do u expect they’d been here for while. u can go cheap if u want u hav a choice…

      • tdr01

        Yea if the new technics turntable cost $4k a piece then what do u expect from pioneer, lol

      • noxxi

        not buying 25000$ worth of 6000$ decks with screens…. going cheap…..

        What? you must be a baller or a fanboy

  • Maurício Lopes

    I was impressed at first. Then i’ve seen the prices… omg!!!

    • pixelbreak

      well, the prices are intended for festivals and club promoters who can afford this gear. This setup is not intended for home use, a total overkill but I some internal audio features would be good since the Pioneer price tag is too high.

      • Gavin Varitech

        Even the sound vendors doing events like EDC are not going to be all about spending $40,000 just for decks and a mixer on one stage.

        • pixelbreak

          I reckon the prices are crazy, but Pioneer is not known for reasonable prices.

          Also in 2-3 years they will ship the “next industry standard”.