Xone:PX5 Mixer: Allen & Heath’s 4-Channel Mixer For The Masses?

The first images of the new Xone:PX5 mixer from Allen & Heath have appeared online after the company held an exclusive event at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin, Germany. So far it looks like the natural successor to the Xone:92, with built-in digital FX, send/returns, and a built-in soundcard. Keep reading for images and details.

Posted by Mijk van Dijk on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 Details

It’s been a while since Allen & Heath has put out a feature-heavy four channel mixer, and this one has an impressive set of specs. Based on social media images from the event, the feature set includes:

  • 4+1 channel analogue mixer
  • Internal Xone:FX engine
  • Classic Xone VCF filter with HPF/BPF/LPF and resonance control
  • Four channels, each with Phono/Line/USB inputs
  • 20 channel 24-bit 96kHz USB2 internal soundcard
  • Send/Return and Master Insert mode connections for external FX
  • Dedicated Mic/Aux Input/USB Return channel with peak indicator
  • 3-band EQ on every channel
  • Record Out (USB and unbalanced RCA)
  • 2 ground terminals for turntables
  • X:LINK ethernet connection for plug-and-play connection to Xone:K series controllers

For those who haven’t used Allen & Heath mixers before, note that there is only one filter on the unit, not a per-channel filter. You assign the channel(s) to the filter and then are able to select what type of filter you want to use, and apply it. We mention this only because this is much different from other similarly priced units on the market like the Pioneer DJ DJM line up. That being said, Allen & Heath’s filters have always sounded impressive compared to Pioneer’s.

It’s also worth noting a few interesting elements about the effects on this mixer. First, the built-in effects seem able to be assigned pre- or post- each channel. The FX send also appears switchable between external, internal, and both. This might mean that you can send an FX loop signal out of the mixer, into your computer for digital FX, back through external hardware FX, and into the mixer again – a pretty powerful option if this is the case.

Xone:PX5 Price + Release

The biggest unknowns so far, as usual with these types of teasers, are the price and release dates. We expect a Fall  launch at either the BPM convention in the UK (September) or at ADE in Amsterdam (October). We expect the price to be somewhere around the current price of the Xone:DB2 and Xone:92, between $1,299 and $1,500.

Keep scrolling below for a bunch of other photos we’ve spotted around the web from the Xone:PX5 teaser event:

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The new @allenandheath is looking very nice! #mixer #allenandheath

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Posted by Mijk van Dijk on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We’ll update this article as more details emerge about the new mixer, and if you spot any other great images of this new mixer, please share in the comments.

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  • Matteo Salfiti

    is this mixer recommended for vinyl setup(Technics)? I’m looking to buy a xone 92 but i would like your opinion guys


  • Top Secret Squirrel

    Alright… so I actually have this mixer in my hands right now. This is hands down the best things A&H has released since the Xone:92. Don’t sleep on this one kids. This is a real analogue mixer, with a class compliant (no driver issues) 4 channel soundcard feeding it. The Digital Effects are incredible, head and shoulders above the DB series. This is the mixer that the DB2/DB4 was building towards. The filter sounds incredible… you can push it to the limit and it sounds good at every position.. the wild setting is not piercing, but clean and fluid. You can distort the Tape Delay on this thing… and is sounds GOOD. You can play this thing like an instrument and if you understand what that means then you know what I’m talking about. I am in love.

  • Sad fan

    Looks like I’ll be keeping my 92’s once again. Another XONE and another mark missed.

    Unless you’re integrating an interface that supports Traktor Scratch, Serato Scratch Live, and Pioneers new Rekordbox DVS, then skip the interface all together. Waste of resources on both the software end and hardware end for A&H.

    If it works on none of them, you just forced a user to purchase R&D for something they don’t need. If it works for 1, then you’ve alienated the other 2 user groups. Internal interfaces have to be all or none, or don’t bother. At a bare minimum 66% of users will have to plug in an external interface anyways.

    RCA outputs on a master??? Someone didn’t drink their coffee that R&D day.

    4 phono pre’s for all those DJ’s still mixing 4 turntables… yeah… It should only be 2, or if you’re doing 4 make a switch EXTERNALLY to switch between RIAA/Line. NOT jumpers internally that involve a complete teardown of the mixer.

    1 AUX instead of 2

    1 return instead of 2

    No pre/post on the AUX send

    Skip the internal FX, more R&D gone to waste for something 10% or less of users will actually use. The vast majority of users are using some type of software and have more than enough built in.

    Why inserts on the mains? I see absolutely no use in this for a DJ mixer. More wasted R&D

    No 4 band EQ

    Allen & Heath has really lost their vision. They need to compile a group of high profile artists and create something end users want, not what they think we want.

    Everything after the 92 has been pushed to the side by end users, clubs, production companies, major artists.

    A&H needs to make some major moves or their going to way of Vestax in the DJ world. I still have 2 of my PMC-50’s and I’d take either of them over this new PX5.

  • Maxwell James Mansfield Burgoy

    Am I right in thinking I can ditch my Audio 10 and run the PX5 straight to Traktor? If so, take my money!

  • andrew

    I was at the event, according to the Allen & Heath rep I spoke with, the suggested retail will be 1399 Euro.

  • Aaron Lamb

    If this is built anything like the 43C I would not even consider it. It looks like an upgraded 43C and doesn’t make me tingly like the previous generations of A&H mixers. Needless to say the 43C is an OK mixer, but it isn’t all that great and holds less weight in the digital DJ realm and definitely not worth what they sell for.

  • Mark Calica

    What I care about is that they finally have a master 1 and 2 output (except the 92). The db2 and db4 was lacking on that. I still love my db2 though.

  • Rick

    seems like this is a 4D without the MIDI controls and one less filter, which is replaced with the fx engine.

  • Martullia

    I am happy to see they did not use the green & red leds as on the xone43, i always liked the green blue ones. To bad it is a 3 band EQ 4 gives you so much more control. And i don’t know if i am a big fan of those rubber knobs?

  • calgarc

    its a true allen and heath without the 4 band eq 😛

  • CUSP

    Three band EQ per channel?!? Isn’t Allen and Heath famous for FOUR band EQ per channel? Please tell me this was a typo.

    • Oldboy_GR

      count the knobs yourself

      • Mark Calica

        Trim, high, mid and low. The top ones are for sends.

    • Rick

      most a&h mixers only have 3 band eq.
      the 92 being the exception.

      • B

        Thats not right, the 62 and 464 also have 4 band.

    • CUSP

      I was so used to mixers like the ZED series that have 4 band EQs on the board. Now I just don’t think it’s appealing at all.

  • Noname

    I liked. If they come out with a price tag below DJM-750, this mixer will be a killer. I hope A&H has designed it as a 12 inch width mixer, to fit in current cases and booths. If so pios could be easily replaced.

  • Ben W

    This is a winner because of the analog signal path with digital routing options. Can you think of any other mixer that offers an analog signal path with a quality analog filter that also has advanced digital routing? Need more details on how the faders/xfader feel and if the effects are any good but it definitely fills a niche and has potential.

    • Martullia

      Depends on how it works if i use my Rmx effects on my Xone i can’t use the filter. Probably you will get lag when using external effects (send return) and the analogue signal together at least that’s how it is on the Xone42.

      • Rick

        thats how the 4D sends are too… not usable like that.
        so Ive got a native instruments audio 10 for Traktor, and connect to the 4D externally and use the 4D soundcard to route through Ableton live.

      • Sean Barry

        Apparently the effects are routable through the filter, like the 43C I assume:

        But yeah, on my D.4 I have to decide between external effects and internal filters. My work around is to sacrifice one of the 4 channels and route my headphone out to my EFX 1000 and then back into one of the channels on the mixer, and apply a filter to that channel. That way I can use the que button as my wet/dry button, but it’s very easy to create a feedback loop if you leave the maser que on. I got the idea from a xone db4 video, where you can actually set the record out as the cue bus.

    • Sean Barry

      Besides the Xone 4D, the Mackie D.4 (and D.2 Pro) is an analog mixer with a built in firewire sound card and analog filters. It’s the mixer I use, and love, but sadly the audio drivers are not supported on the newest macOS and traktor versions. I was hoping the PX5 would finally be a reason to upgrade, but with only a single filter I just do not see it outperforming the 4D, or 92 with external soundcard. It’s such a shame too because everything else on the PX5 is absolutely legit: Master insert, adjustable fader curve, flexible FX routing, and the finally the return of dual grounding posts. But for $1500 it ist just falls short.

  • Nick Gryskiewicz

    Only one filter might be a deal breaker for me. Some mixes i do with only the hi-pass filters, while keeping the EQ’s and channel fades straight up through the mix. Of course the Xone:92 is old, but dual VCF filters is where it’s at.

    • Tricksta

      the Model 1 is the mixer Andy Rigby (Allen and Heath’s designer) released for this style of mixing if the 92 isn’t perfect already for that style. While digital mixers can easily have a filter on each channel, such as a combo hi/lo filter, it’s more difficult to do so with a analogue mixer. My guess is that Allen and Heath wants to be the premium analogue mixer company to distinguish themselves from Pioneer, the premium digital mixer company.

      • Nick Gryskiewicz

        The 92 is perfect for this style because it’s my style. I’m not trying to emulate the Model 1 with sound sculpting because I started with this technique long ago before there were any rumors of the PlayDifferently

  • Jorge

    Missing two USB soundcard.

    • Martullia

      2 times as much trouble 😉

  • ViveLeRoy

    I don’t think this is a new 92 but more like a successor to the Xone 62 since it’s missing a couple of key features the Xone 92 and DB4 have.

    • Tricksta

      The Model 1 is intended for people who need more than one filter at a time and need more complex effects routing. The P5 offers some interesting ways to route both digital and analog effects but not as extensively as the Model 1 and, arguably, the 92. It’s smart for Allen and Heath to not make the 92 or the DB series completely obsolete by making the features on the new model distinct. Personally I think the trade off of an integrated effects unit for one of the analog filters is worth it.

  • Sevenkami

    To me this one looks like a small step up from the Xone 43c, and a step down from the Xone 92. Kinda hard to place this one.

    • ShiftFunction

      This is what I was thinking. I’m going to be referring to this as the Xone:44CP (P for Pointless)

  • Rob van Erp

    Looks like i am holding on to my db4 for a while more 🙂

    • mikefunk

      Yep. I am holding even to my DB:2. Looks cool and all , few new gimmicks but nothing really exceptional. No dedicated filters per channel. FX screen is tiny like form smartwatch (good luck with that in the nightclub). No 2xUSB which in 2016 is unbelievable. And overall looks like cheaper version of DB series. Only one plus is more advanced soundcard but knowing A&H nothing will work with anything. I don’t trust them in digital realm. All I want is FX box from A&H, so I could ditch my DB2 for Rane MP2105.

      • Spacecamp

        They really should make an external FX box with the DB series-style effects. Make an RMX-1000 competitor, but one that everyone will want to own.

        • Neil Walker

          I was thinking that exact same thing the other day. I just moved from a DB4 to a MP2015 and I missing the Xone FX a lot! I got myself a RMX 500 but I much preferred the sound and control of the Xone FX. If there was a standalone box I’d buy one, there really isn’t enough choice in the market currently.

          • Scott Frost

            I was going to get a RANE, but will keep by DB4 now that INMusic has bought them, I wish they would come out with some more Xlink Stuff, no reason they couldn’t do a Send Return Box through Xlink

          • Rick

            x-link is just MIDI with POE (power over Ethernet)

          • Neil Walker

            Pick one up before they properly make the switch. Honestly its the best sounding mixer I have had the pleasure of using. The whole thing is just pure excellence.

  • ?The Other Denzel?

    The fx loop is cool. really cool. but i feel like they’re holding something back

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      The fact that they only have one filter unit leads me to think there will be a PX6 soon.

      • uncletones

        1 filter is very odd