Advanced Techniques For Finger Drumming A Mad Zach Soundpack

Incorporating a performative element into a DJ set or live show is more popular than ever. For many producers and DJs, adding a finger drumming routine might seem challenging, but with a bit of practice it can quickly become the most exciting part of your set. Watch Mad Zach’s tutorial on how he performs one of his most recent sound packs and learn to ace it yourself.

Mad Zach’s Finger Drumming Techniques

The soundpack used in this video, Sentient Being, is
available here as part of Mad Zach Soundpacks Vol. 5

A few Mad Zach pro tips from the video above:

  • Make sure you know what each finger is doing – a consistent approach where you assign specific tasks to specific fingers works best.
  • Always start by working on a single beat and playing that beat until it becomes second nature (muscle memory!). Once you’re there, add variants and flourishes that provide the dynamic narrative of the routine.
  • Keep most of the core drumming on your dominant hand, and leave the pads, bass, atmosphere, and other elements that don’t need as much dexterity to your non-dominant hand.
  • In Ableton, use two devices (Random and Scale) to create one-button melodies that sound great every time you play them.

For more tips from Mad Zach:

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  • brucerhee

    Loving the return of the mad Zach content. Everything this guy shares is gold. Thank you.

  • CUSP

    I like Melodics, but can you recommend another training program like it?