Ableton Live 9.7 Is Coming: Sampling Finally Gets An Upgrade

The music production platform Ableton Live is continuing to evolve. With a new update set to launch later this year, the DAW will incorporate a number of powerful, commonly requested features. Watch a performance video and learn how Ableton Live 9.7 will improve sample slicing, drum layouts, audio routing, and much more.

TecBeatz Demo Push + Ableton 9.7

In the upcoming version of Ableton Live, producers and live performers have a lot to look forward to. Naturally Ableton is focusing heavily on making these features the most fun to use on their Push instrument. Check out the demo video below where producer TecBeatz performs using some of the new features on a Push 2:

Features Coming In Ableton Live 9.7

Most of the features are Push-centric in the new version, and it’s pretty clear that Ableton wants to make sure that their own controller is the best experience with their software. Here’s the features that we know are coming in the new Live 9.7:

  • New Sample Slicing Abilities: Trying to finally overtake some of the other (more intuitive) sample-slicing platforms on the market, Ableton is adding new slicing options. You can now chop up samples by beat divisions, regions, as well as manually or by transients. This is all a part of Simpler in the new version.Important to note is that because of these new Simpler features, Live sets opened in 9.7 are not backwards compatible.
  • A third layout for Drum Racks + Simpler Slicing: This new layout for allows quick access to 16 preset velocity levels for the selected sample. This layout might come in handy for live performers who want to program more interesting beats – but don’t want to rely on their own finger dexterity to create consistent velocity.
  • Audio routing from Push: Now producers can adjust and select the Input and Output audio routing directly on Push 2. This makes it easier to sample internal/external audio sources without having to jump over to the computer.
  • Visual feedback for tighter recordings – new display info shows clip phase and count-in so you can start and finish clip recordings more accurately.

  • Hands-on color customization – color pads, tracks and clips using Push to make your live performance easier.
  • Better playability – Push’s pad sensitivity adapts to what you play, whether it’s drums or sustained chords.
  • See more features in the release notes here

TecBeats also recorded a walkthrough of his performance for Ableton – he delves into many of the above features with a bit more detail:

Ableton Live 9.7 will be a free update for all Ableton users. If you can’t wait for the full release later this year, the Beta version is available right now – sign up and be one of the first to try it out here.

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  • Ginger Anderson

    Right now i am finding fl studios windows are making things a bit cluttered, but i am used to the program so it isn’t such a bother. Ableton try’s to avoid windows to avoid clutter but that gives a pretty small workspace and i’ve noticed i can make the same thing in fl studio faster than in ableton. If ableton had a better work flow and a playlist redesign i would use it instead because of its easy automation mainly. In my opinion fl studio has a better workflow and a much better playlist (you can see more of the track with fl studio and you can see all automation clips which is important).

    Contrary to what people are saying, ableton isn’t the superior, complex program, nor does it had many major advantages over fl studio that justifies its $200 price difference. Neither program has had limitations.

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  • CUSP

    I’m happy to see Ableton Live is catching up with Native Instrument’s Maschine and Akai’s MPC series of drum machines.

  • ?The Other Denzel?

    What does this mean for Push 1 owners?

    • MrMatic Boabmatic

      Most of These features are available in push 1 too.. Except the ones that require the new display that’s on the The visual feedback section.

      Trying out the beta at the moment with a push 1 and all the new slicing options are working great and can be selected from the push too.

  • Chris Wunder

    I want one

    • Spacecamp

      I suspect we’ll see more and more of these features that are only Push focused. The new sample chopping abilities are available to everyone, but ultimately one company having control over software AND hardware could mean much better workflow, design, and usability.

  • Christopher Allen

    they need to make a computer independent device like the drum machines back in the day. i’d love to take a push like controller on the plane. plug in some headphones and work straight off the device

  • Viikk

    Live is going more into Maschine way and vice versa, (in terms of sampling.)
    It will be interesting to see NI reaction’s about Maschine software. Maybe they’ll make a real DAW of it ?

    It’s really cool to be able ton control so many things with Push 2, without touching your mouse.
    This is one of the best exemple of integration between Hardware and Software. (and still evolving).

    • Spacecamp

      Yeah, it’s pretty clear that Ableton now understands that Maschine is their biggest competitor. Let’s hope that this means innovation from both companies…