XDJ-1000MK2: Upgraded Audio, Browsing & Display

Pioneer is back at it again with another product release. This time,  they’ve decided to bring some of the exclusive features of the CDJ-2000NXS2 down to the more affordable XDJ range. Check out the new features of the updated XDJ-1000MK2 and get the DJTT low-down.

Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2


While it doesn’t seem like a major overhaul compared to the original, the new features and workflow improvements make the XDJ-1000MK2 a much more powerful player. However, just like the Nexus-2 line, this update has come along with a slight price bump. It does make us wonder if some fo the new features will make it to the original XDJ-1000 (with a firmware update) or if it’s being left behind.

There is no word if Pioneer is planning to work with Traktor and Serato to ensure these work via HID yet.  We are still waiting for them to add this along with timecode support to the Nexus 2 range so if you rely heavily on this feature you might want to hold off on buying till this intergeneration is clear.

Price: $1199/€1299

Availability: Now! (click here to order yours at the DJTT store)


  • The XDJ-1000MK2 inherits high-quality audio from the CDJ-2000NXS2. Along RCA outputs, a digital output sends pristine audio, and the power circuit for analogue audio is completely separate from the digital circuit, reducing noise.
  • FLAC & ALAC playback is now supported for high-quality sound, as well as MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files.
  • Upgraded High-resolution colour LED touch screen (again, same one as the CDJ-2000NXS2) with RGB waveform view
  • Finding the right track to play next is easy thanks to Track Filter, which filters tracks by My Tag, BPM and key, and the new Matching feature displays tracks you’ve previously tagged when they’re mixed with the track that’s playing.
  • 8 Hot Cues are now supported compared to the traditional 3 on most Pioneer players.
  • RekordboxDJ Plus Pack compatibility is a given and the software will be updated soon to extend support for it.
  • You can now plug a DDJ-SP1 to control your Hot Cues, auto loops and Slip Mode. One DDJ-SP1 can control up to four XDJ multiplayers using Pro DJ Link.
  • Pro DJ Link offers seamless integration and shares beat grid information with the new TORAIZ SP-16.


Sticking with your setup or is it a worthy upgrade for you? Join the discussion below!

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  • Noga

    I rented one of these off Fat Lama for a party last week. Would highly recommend. I would have to agree with one of the comments below saying – ‘Add jog wheel tension adjustment’. Did find that to be a slight niggle, but overall was impressed.

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  • Marcos

    colors, screen , what ? you play music with you ears not with your eyes…. not doubt is very sexy… and definitely better of what I currently own…. but
    while you are playing in the venues with the 2000’s….or even if you are not…. the xdj 700 will be the choice to go… the machine is only good as the one operating it …. if you do not believe that go to youtube https://youtu.be/1m-UEqGimg8 , such a waste of opportunity , just keep looking you will see, is mix after mix

    • orge

      I made it to 5 mins, but couldn’t take any more… Piss poor, although the crowd look pretty wank too! Not sure what this has got to do with new hardware from Pioneer though??

      I find the better track filtering/searching to be a fairly useful tool for jogging the old grey cells in Traktor! 😉 Consequently, this is actually the kind of thing that might compel me to move on from Traktor with DVS.

      I’d much rather somebody came up with a rock solid way for syncing a drum machine/sampler/sequencer to DVS though; I just like the feel of a spinning platter and don’t really want to dump these for plastic… :-/

    • SweetGwendoline

      I don’t exactly understand what you want to show us / tell us with that? Care to elaborate?

      edit: Ok just watched the mix a bit. Pretty poor mix!

    • DjMrRealistic

      heheheh mix just showed me i need to be in contact with Smirnoff!!

  • orge

    Aside from the ability to play optical media, this seems to leave very little differentiation between the XDJ and NXS2?

    Physical Hotcue buttons (moot if you add a DDJ-SP1)
    Control of platter sensitivity
    startup/slowdown behaviour
    Anything else?


  • bkjphilly

    Okay, so if these new ones are $1199, then lower the price of the MK1s, please? I got my first chance to play on some at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ a couple of weeks ago, and they had a show special, but I didn’t have the cash.

  • Jose Piz Nav

    Why pioneer don’t support the users XDJ 1000 same capacity in the screen and no firmware for colored waveforms.

    • Omers

      Things like coloured waveforms and ability to handle higher quality audio files requires more than just a change to firmware. More memory and processing power is needed to ensure the boost in performance works smoothly.

      The vast majority of changes in the MK2 are under the hood guaranteed; More RAM, a better CPU, better caching, etc.

  • Earnest

    I’m just about ready to invest in a new set of players, and right now, I’m going with the XDJ 1000 mk1. The ability to use HID across Traktor, Serato, and RekordBox DJ plus regular RekordBox support makes the MK1s way more versatile. If I’m sharing decks for a gig, they would leave me prepared for DJs using different software or flash drives.

    Maybe one day I’ll be ready to leave Serato and Traktor behind (I bounce back and forth between the two currently), or maybe HID support for other software will show up in the new Pioneer gear. Until then, as much as I appreciate the expanded file support and improved sound quality, I’ll stick with the last generation.

    • Tricksta

      This is the first XDJ with a Digital output. Not every mixer has a digital input, but this feature was exclusive to high end CDJs previous to this product. The improved hardware quality v. compatibility with Traktor/Serato is a tough choice.

  • Homicide Monkey

    A MK2 of a product that hasn’t even been out for 2 years?! Pioneer should have at least had the decency that Ableton did with the Push 2 and given us MK1 owners a trade in option! If I wanted to drop $2000-$2500 into DJ gear every other year I’d just buy another computer. Shame on you Pioneer.

  • Ohni Starfall

    Can’t this all be done in a firmware upgrade? I own the 1000 mk1s and im not shelling out $2400 for these upgrades that i feel could have just been done in a firmware update. Colored waveforms for example. The screens are already capable of displaying colors, so why not a colored waveform?

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Power supply routing has been changed to reduce distortion. As far as I am aware they took it off the PCB with the DAC. Whether or not they are using the same 32 bit DAC, but the press release does say that it inherits high-quality audio from the CDJ-2000NXS2.

    • Jose Piz Nav

      I asked the same in a pioneer forum and the administrative user said . No color wave forms are in our plans for xdj 1000, soooooo pioneer this version is just for obtain more money and don’t support the users

    • Tricksta

      The major difference is upgraded hardware and the digital output. This is the first XDJ with a Digital output; that’s the big deal.

      • Ohni Starfall

        Thank you, I shouldn’t have stated “All” I know they are upgrading the audio and physical things. I meant the built in software, I feel that this could have been an easy firmware update. Numark did a similar move with the NV 2. They improved browsing and added gridlines to the displays which could have very easily been a simple firmware update on the original unit. It seems that DJ companies only use firmware updates for bug fixes. I simply just can’t justify the price for the upgrades they are offering for this unit.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          I feel your pain, I have a pair of 2KNXS. It would be a firmware update for phase meters.

    • Omers

      Some of the features that seem like software such as more cue points actually require more RAM. Unlike a computer with Serato which write the entire song to RAM CDJs only write parts to RAM… Ie, a certain number of bars after each cue point. To add more cue points you need to write more to RAM. It’s quite possible that the coloured wave forms also need more RAM (likely shared as VRAM) or even processing power.

      I suspect the new XDJs have a jump in RAM and CPU processing power which is the real upgrade.

  • Omers

    This would be perfect in my mind with 4 changes:

    1. Put the source select bottons and browse/tag search/info/menu buttons back as physical around the screen.
    2. Add jog wheel tension adjustment.
    3. Cosmetic: Add the on-air indicator around the jog wheel.
    4. Cosmetic: Ring illumination around the cue/play buttons… For some reason it looks WAY better and has since the CDJ-1000s.

    • 4Dex

      Beatjump! With Buttons, in Loopsizes. The only reason i still carry a Laptop… sometimes 🙂

  • Gavin Varitech

    If these were going to support Advanced HID in Traktor/Serato I would put in my order for two today. Pioneer and NI/Serato needs to get this fixed, it’ll be better off for ALL of them. I’ve got no interest in switching to Rekordbox DJ.

    Speaking of Pioneer’s proprietary DVS, do we know if this works with ProDJ Link? Can you connect with one cable or do you have to connect to each XDJ (like you do with Traktor/Seratio in HID mode on the original XDJ1000’s)?

        • Matías J. Padilla

          They never add that bit of information until they get actually HID for Traktor and an update on the software to add this compatibility. Same with the NXS2.

          • DjRahul Che

            Thanks Matias i about to buy a set of XDJ 1000 with DJM 750 to get the feel of CDJ style.. After i heard and saw youtube video of the new MK2 was excited but i use traktor pro 2.10 if this new one wil not support traktor HID then no use for me.. but XDJ 1000 MK2 got cool add-on’s… Hope i have to wait now till pioneer official announce of traktor support… wish thy confirm before christmas

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    It’s a nice tock upgrade.

  • culture_drone

    Getting lossless support throughout more of the product range is a good move for everyone

    • Be

      Yes, and it’s amusing that this is touted as a novel feature.