Breaking: Serato and Roland Announce Partnership

Serato and Roland released a splash page on Serato’s site that teases an exciting partnership for both DJs and producers. The details are unclear as to what device and/or software the two companies have been cooking up in the lab. We have the latest and will be release further updates in the coming weeks as more news is released.

What We Know

This partnership is something that has been brewing for a while according to a teaser video from Serato. Shinsuke Takami, Planning Group Manager of Roland, began talking to Nick Maclaren, Head of Product Strategy of Serato, in Fall 2013. Since then, it is assumed that both companies have come together to work on product development; using resources from both sides.

The tagline for this partnership is, “World Class Software meets World Class Hardware”. This hints at a possible collaboration involving a device manufactured by Roland with Serato software. We know both companies are investing in the future of electronic music performance. What could they be working on?

Speculate and Wait

The full announcement will be coming out on September 9th, 2016 as part of the 909 Day worldwide celebration. Serato is hosting a live stream of the event from Auckland that includes “a special announcement”. Many are starting to speculate as to what this partnership will bring. A few ideas include:

  • AIRA DJ Gear
  • A “Bridge” between Serato and Roland Gear
  • Drum Synthesizers in Serato
  • Full MIDI Integration

DJ TechTools is just as curious as the rest of the world. We will be keeping a close watch on Serato and we will report back on 909 Day with (hopefully) more news as to what this partnership means. Watch the teaser video on Serato’s website.

Do you have an idea as to what this partnership could bring?

Let us know below!

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  • Bob Bobberson

    i know what this is… but im not telling

    • jprime

      Excellent tale, kinsman!

  • Niels

    My two cents: looking at the teaser videos, it’s some kind of aira-integration. The artists are making use of different instruments, so maybe TR-8, VT-3? Also, since it’s coming out on 909-day, i’m betting on some kind of tr8-integration. I’m hoping it’s some kind of overbridge-like application, that will allow users to stream drum sounds to a virtual deck, all in time of course. Would be sweet to do some jeff mills like creative fills. It would make sense as well. The aira devices are very tactile and layed out very logically, all with build in effects. So less drain on your CPU, all you need is a fast USB-connection.

  • Matt

    Is Roland going to fix Serato DJ?

  • Danny Valentino

    Maybe Serato will go the way of Ableton Live. Be both a tool for djing and music production. Then Roland which has been known for music production will introduce something similar to Ableton Push, which could be used both for djing and making music. Just my two cents. Either way I’m looking forward to this.

    I’m thinking that with the competition having feet in both camps (NI has Traktor and Komplete with Maschine and Ableton has Live and Push) Serato would do well to get involved in music production as well.

    • Dubby Labby

      Sp 909

  • No-Skill-having-Giz

    Wow another breaking headline brought to us first by the best blog on the net (all the other related blogs are way less proficient). I’m looking forward to this

    • Dubby Labby

      In the others seems more movement and info. Probably Ean is working in a demo vid with new Aira turntable groovebox.

  • Junior Pops

    I think we finally going to see full midi sync in Serato DJ with some sort of Roland Hardware