Pioneer DJ Announces DJM-450 Two Channel Mixer

Pioneer DJ is announcing the first of a number of major DJ products coming over the next few days from various industry players. The DJM-450 is a two channel mixer that finally has a feature set comparable to top-of-the-line models. Keep reading for details.

DJM-450 Two Channel Mixer

  • Gear: DJM-450 mixer
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ
  • Price: $699
  • Availability: December 2016

Anyone who ever owned a DJM-400 knows what an absolute powerhouse that mixer was for it’s time. This new release in the 400 series is fittingly feature-packed, including:

  • Smooth EQ/faders/Magvel crossfader: the curves on all of these controls are similar to those on the DJM-900NXS2, there’s an isolator switch allowing complete kill on the EQs, and there’s even a Magvel crossfader that will please turntablists hoping to match this mixer with two PLX-1000s
  • Built-In USB Soundcard: The soundcard allows you to send three channels to the mixer – two line channels and an AUX channel.

  • 2 Built-In FX units: Sound Color, Beat FX: Since the introduction of the DJM-800 in 2006, DJs buying two-channel Pioneer mixers have looked at the high-end mixers with envy. With the DJM-450, the best of the Color and Beat FX are present.
    Sound Color: Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise, Filter (all with adjustable parameter knob!)
    Beat FX: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch, Roll (all beat matched, with adjustable rate and depth)

  • Send/Return FX: Connect mobile device FX apps as a send/return effect and use them alongside the internal FX units – as with on the DJM-900NXS2, you can do this as an AUX channel source or as an insert effect

Pioneer DJ is also including free licenses to Rekordbox DJ and the DVS expansion pack with the DJM-450. Anyone who buys this mixer will be able to instantly start mixing with Pioneer’s DJ software – and clearly they want to attract potential DVS turntable users to their platform.

Would you pick up a DJM-450 for your own DJ use? Let us know in the comments below. 

djm-450pioneer DJtwo channel mixer
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  • Mauro Alpha

    699 EURO? and still NO BOOTH ?
    bah…pioneer is still going crazy

  • Mauro Alpha

    699…pioneer is crazy..

  • Serkan Silence Gunduz

    this is not for turntablelists… the cut in time is too large on the crossfader.
    I was planning to buy this mixer, but after a testting the crossfaders cut in time.. its a no go unfortunately. But why putting in a Magvell fader if the cutin time is too long? makes no sense

    • Drew Long

      Post a video or something please

  • Pedro Lemos

    where can i buy the dam 450 in new york??

  • Johan Acosta Tabares

    Excelente mixer… pero el Booth??? le inventaron todo y dejaron algo tan simple pero de gran utilidad!!!!

  • Ben W

    Does the send/return only work on the master? I don’t see how you select a channel.

  • amsioso

    It’s a shame that Pioneer is giving for free Rekorbox Dj and dvs with this mixer and some controllers while people who bought djm900nxs2 are still waiting a way to use some channels from the mixer blocked by the driver (dvs) and after make people think that Rekorbox comes with the mixer…
    Her is the whole history and so more.
    Please go to this Pioneer’s forum link and tell what you think. Maybe If we are all together they listen to us…

  • Heavie486

    Has any notice the video was shown with the DJM-450 between a pair of XDJ-700s and the PLX-1000s? Not the PLX-500s. I’m thinking a pair of PLX-500s will be a better match with the DJM-450, instead of the PLX-1000s. If you trying to build a budget pioneer dj rig.

    • ?The Other Denzel?

      The PLX 500’s are trash bro. You really need a brushless quartz drive motor, unless you’re exclusively a mix dj who does little to no back cueing.

  • dibb

    Nice little mixer and a pretty decent proposition from Pioneer, including the RBDJ and DVS licenses. Smart move.

  • Danny Youngs

    Do we have any written confirmation that the sound card will function without rekordbox connected? Would be nice to output two traktor decks into this thing.

    • dibb

      Would like to know that too. I see myself connecting my iPad with DJ Player Pro to this and have a very compact DVS system. No laptop required. 🙂

    • Robert Francis

      PLEASE post if any information comes out on that. That would be a game changer for me. Thanks.

  • The Fantastix

    Interesting indeed… been trying out Rekordbox DVS with one Rekordbox vinyl and some random old soundcard with phono inputs and was pretty impressed…

    One thing though, it might be an optical illusion, but are the upfaders shorter than on it’s bigger DJM (750/900 etc) brothers?

  • Mark Smith

    Ok now I see where they made the same mistake as they did on the DJM-400. Why would you include all of these great features with no booth out?!?!?! That makes ZERO sense!!! Especially in the $699.00 price bracket!

    • Vanholsaet Chris

      So true.

    • AuralCandy.Net

      “What? No booth output?” was literally my first reaction too 😀

    • DJ STU-C

      Hopefully the master Phono-out works alongside the balanced outputs so you can plug a monitor into that and use the volume on the AMP to control it

    • Steve

      they designed this thing for home use. they dont want to cannibalize their club install market.

      • Mark

        Even at home, I want a booth output — to turn my volume up and down without affecting the recording/streaming/whatever.

        I made a recent DJ-Tech DIF-2S purchase and that’s still the mixer for me, even up to this price. With an internal PSU too.

      • Mark Smith

        I call BS on that. I own an Allen & Heath Xone 22 with a booth out that I use live all the time. It’s was a $300.00 mixer new. It’s successor the Xone 23 and 23C w/ soundcard built in both have booth outs. For $699.00 there is no excuse for this omission.

        • asdas

          the xone 22 came out before the 23….

      • Mark Smith

        What if I want to use one for mobile gigs with two CDJ-XXX’s? I would never personally buy a mixer for home that I couldn’t use in a live setting at a gig however that is just my $0.02 cents.

    • Djg Stefan

      Completely agree. Booth out is a must on every mixer. Very useful for 2 zones in a bar etc.

  • Mark Smith

    I’m not switching to RB however this has got everything I need to become better accustomed to Pioneers mixer workflow where I don’t need four channels as I play in NYC and others who have Pioneer gear. I was planning to get another Z2 however this makes more sense. You cannot use any effects on a Z2 while using it in analog mode :-(.

  • Hans-Jacob Møgelmose

    But will the soundcard support anything but Rekordbox? (Like NXS2)

    • Tarabass

      This is something I want to now desperately. I want to use it with Scratch, but NI points me to the Scratch Certified mixers list, and Pioneer does not response at all. Rekordbox DVS optimized doesn’t say it is working only with RB..

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Absolutely fantastic, definitely a great move. I would love to use one of these. I’m diehard on mixing 4 decks in Traktor but I’ll certainly consider this for cdj mixing.

  • Vanholsaet Chris

    No record out? Bummer.

    • Spacecamp

      Nope – but I’ll bet you can do it with the built-in soundcard….

      • Vanholsaet Chris

        Ok but what if you’re only using CDJ’s and don’t have a laptop nearby only a zoom H1 for example…

        • Jacob Stadtfeld

          Snag an iPad and record to that

        • brandonkirsch

          Then use the phono master out? It’s not difficult.

          USB would be the best signal path to record from anyways.

    • James

      Mate it’s there, just called “master 2” on the mixer.