Roland + Serato Reveals DJ-808 DJ Controller In Live Stream

Over the last week, more short teasers implying a collaborative product between Serato and Roland have surfaced. Now, as the date turns to 9/09 around the world, the two companies are set to give the public a first glimpse of a new product – the DJ-808. Learn about this new Serato DJ controller with a built-in step-sequencer in article.

Want to learn everything about Roland’s new DJ-808? Watch our first look video here. 

Roland 24 Hour Livestream

For 909 Day (September 9th), Roland is rolling out a ton of new products – their official press information says 30+ products. For the reveal, they’re streaming a number of performances and product introductions over the next 24 hours from 8 different cities around the world. The stream begins at 9PM PST, with the first stream starting at Serato HQ in Auckland, New Zealand.

Roland notes that as well as DJ equipment, they’re introducing new synthesizers, digital pianos, electronic drums, BOSS guitar products, and “a new genre of musical instrument never offered before by Roland”.

Edit: the livestream has been taken down since it is no longer live – but here’s our first look video of the DJ-808 instead:


DJ-808 Controller

We’re only a few minutes into the livestream and we’ve already seen a new product on the DJ booth at Serato HQ – a controller. It’s called the Roland DJ-808. It’s clearly a four channel DJ controller. And there’s a step sequencer at the top. Features revealed so far:

  • Integrated TR-S drum machine offering the iconic 606, 707, 808 and 909 drum sounds in a 16-step sequencer which can also trigger the newly improved 8-slot Serato DJ Sampler. This is all Analog Circuit Behavior, straight out of the Roland AIRA lineup. Control the different volumes of each using the faders right next to it. You can tweak the decay and pitch of each built-in sound.

  • Sequence the Serato Sampler (now with 4 pages of 8 decks)
  • The Performance Pads can be used to play the TR-S drum sounds, or your own samples
  • Pitch-n-Play allows you to quickly get into pitch play with your tracks – pitching up or down in semitones that are compatible with the current key of a track
  • 4 built in FX to the mixer

  • connection with external instruments via MIDI or AIRA Link USB
  • 24-bit / 96kHz capable soundcard
  • Dual Deck mode for controlling multiple decks concurrently
  • Integrated Roland VT voice transformer – allows pitch shifting and vocal key matching to playing tracks via the Auto Pitch feature

  • Serato DJ enabled – no license required, include a license for Pitch ‘n Time DJ
  • RGB-colored, velocity sensitive pads
  • Large range 100mm pitch faders for accurate level control in the mix

  • Two USB ports on the DJ-808 – which can be a simple hub and also used as AIRA link – meaning there’s seamless connection to Roland synths and instruments, sending power and MIDI sync data.
  • 1/8” and 1/4” headphones jacks, combo XLR input jacks, built-in phono pre-amp, and audiophile sound quality.

Watch the stream above – and we’ll update this article with more details as they’re revealed. We know a bit more about what’s coming, but due to non-disclosure agreements aren’t able to share until the official announcement. Stay tuned!

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  • fastpoose

    Still don’t really understand all of the “…but it’s still a controller…” comments.
    Hook up some turntables. The one thing I care about is the amount of channels on the mixer/controller, you can go old school with turntables and also use the new tech and now add drum machine builds/break downs to tracks etc. For the price a detachable 7-10 inch screen should be included…

  • E-Shine

    I like the way it embeds a TR-808.
    I don’t like that it’s for Serato…

  • B-SIDE

    It’s missing 2 USB inputs IMO so you can connect two laptops, otherwise it’s going to have the same limited shelf-life of every other mee-too controller on the market. Cool to integrate their iconic TR’s but it’s not ‘Alien Technology’ which is what most modern DJs are expecting these days, LOL
    Nowadays, having two computers connected is a Must!

    But I’d still like to give it a spin one day soon.

  • m

    next year dj-808 mk2 lol

  • Jack Be Nimble

    That Green led color is ugly other than that it looks interesting. I may give it a try to see how it fits into my production work flo. Wonder if you can still use Flip.

  • [O/][iii][O/]

    All I really wanna know is whether or not it has a headphone jack, or if you gotta use an adapter.

  • CUSP

    I see confusion here. On one hand, this is (arguably) a Pioneer clone controller with a drum machine added to the top section. Okaaay, this is still a controller that needs a computer, but where is access to the drum machine? I’d get not having software access to the drum machine if this was a stand-alone controller with a library management screen and USB slot (or at least internal hard drive), I would say “fair enough”, but this controller with drum machine seems awkward.

    What do you gain here that you wouldn’t get by having two separate devices? Also, the drum machine part is at the top of the controller, which will limit access to people with laptop stands.

    I just want to stop thinking about how this should have been done and just move on to the next “great idea.”

  • synapticflow

    So let’s see… you buy this. You’re probably paying $1599.00 or more.
    You learn it inside and out. You use the sample and drum machine to trigger your own song creations. You play three or four of your songs per DJ set.

    All just so a bunch of people can say “So you’re triggering your own songs in there? You’re still not A REAL DJ!”

  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    is it me or did the people talking about the 808 did not want to talk about lmaoooooo

  • Envinite

    Seems dope, but that green lights are tacky as shit. Ewww

  • yemonaid53

    Feels likes they alienated the Aira Tr-8 users.

    The tr-8 users had to pay extra for a 606/707 and this has both built in

    • Brock Dub C Stallworth

      That is a great point.

  • Mimatt

    And of course, I just bought a Traktor S4 MK2 about 2 weeks ago.

    Damn you, Roland! 😉

  • Dj Polymath

    I think that this is a “this is where we are now” product. Future, not so much. Although, everything has screens now so I feel its a step behind. We are moving away from laptop screens. It also looks like “roland”, you know, that bulk blocky look, which i’m not a fan of. I’d rather see stand alone decks and mixer from them. That would have been cool. We will see what else they release by the way of DJ products. So far its a “meh” for me

    • synapticflow

      I can’t believe the lack of at least a single 7″ touchscreen.

  • dibb

    So where do I know that DJ-99 layout from…? LOL

    • Quenepas

      Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! HAHAHA! OH WOW!

    • Shane

      Who cares, the paint job is what matters…

      Roland innovative paint is the future!

      • Brock Dub C Stallworth

        ummmmm yeah im gonna go with the dj tech tried and true lmaoo

        • Daniel Lee

          the DJ-99 is a DJ Tech DIF-2S with a diff paint job. it’s the exact same mixer.

    • Roy Bear

      This is totally disgusting. Why people do this?

  • Roy Bear

    I guess this product is for those who bought the whole aira series and “can’t” mix it with tracks by other artists.
    But I am not that hyped…

  • Drew Long

    So many valid and professional opinions in the comments, my gawd

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      What deception are you speaking of? They listed their products.

      • Dubby Labby

        I expected more than a djtech relabeled mixer and hapin tt…

  • Shane

    We want the wheels of steel!
    Well I do….

  • Shane

    Show us the turntable !

  • mikefunk







    • mikefunk

      Now people vote on this post to get traction

    • 4dex

      Totally agree, i’m still with my Xone 2D. There has never been any comparable Tool: small enough to fit in every fixed Club setup, powerful sound card (tc compatible), 4 Decks control, 4 FX control, Hotcues, JOG WHEEL and a robust, professional construction…
      I’d love to have an up to date version of those, with a display, a bigger and more solid Jog and colored Buttons/Faders…

      • Christopher Allen

        i always thought that if they made those 2Ds work as an analog mixer it would’ve been perfect. a 4 channel mixer/midi controller that is smaller than most 2 channel setups

    • Christopher Allen

      i’d settle for hotpads on a cdj. i don’t think anyone would want a controller if that was just accomplished.

    • chavakno

      Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. This is an ALL IN ONE product, there are modular controllers that you can get on the market for specific tasks.

    • frenkee

      Totally agree with Mikefunk
      I’ve got a decent mixer, now the controller.

    • Jonathan Chasse

      Im workin on it.

    • BrainstormCrib

      But, seriously all of this controllers on the market and yet, were is the single player version of them? Such an obvious move. yes there’s dedicated players need. . for a long time.

    • Fred

      Oh yes, we’ve got the Mixers and in most clubs, we’ve got the Controller withe your features as well, its called CDJ! 😉

      • mikefunk

        Yeap. But controller will cost 500$ not freacking 2000$. Not all people can afford 4000$ for CDJ set up at home. And by the way. CDJ are outdated by far with layout compared to latest controllers (8 cue points, etc). CDJ’s are dead.

    • jprime

      I don’t want modular. It’s just your opinion. And in all caps none the less :/

  • Maurício Lopes

    That ment when you go to Djtechtools after go to Work and you start pucking Rainbows…

  • couic

    late april’s fool.

  • Glashammer

    Wow i find the design – a copy of Pioneer DDJ Serie 1to 1 ??

    • DJ Wade-O

      Was just about to post that. Straight 1 to 1. LOL

    • E-Shine

      This is not Pioneer’s design, this is Serato’s design, that’s why almost all Serato controllers look the same today.


    BORING… I mean c’mon… A controller really??? Where is a total hardware AIRA sampler?? Need stop this laptop mania

  • StillNotDownWithFerengiDJing

    “Analog circuit behaviour”…lol
    What’s next? A one-take-track-collabo with djworx?

  • Steven V

    More controllers! Seem like the whole Dj gear is about laptop,controllers an serato. It’s kinda getting boring! What ever happen to table top players? Only pioneer are make table top. Denon and other company’s need to step up. Not every body like to use laptop.

    • fastpoose

      Just hook up turntables, I do, you get to have a blast old school & with new tech 😉

    • Zartan The Destroyer


  • orge

    The hardware itself seems to be at odds with industry trends towards standalone/modular hardware. Whilst a platter based all in one is of little interest to most professionals.

    Will wait to see whether the technology enabling this creates interesting possibilities or is locked to the hardware. However, my initial impression is that it doesn’t fit very well with a dvs setup or existing Aira/all-in-one users…


    • The Fantastix

      It would surprise me if they won’t release a ‘standalone’ DJM-S9 style mixer with the same functions.

      • orge

        That might be more appealing to existing dvs home users, but it’s not portable and I can’t see it going into club installations.

        Serato’s strength is surely the fairly large DVS user base. Whilst Roland have a good reputation for standalone production. Seems to me like there was a useful collaboration to be had, but they’ve struggled to position it from a revenue POV…


  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Thing is, Traktor is still better than serplopo but Native really needs to step it up.

  • Jonathan Chasse

    Nice this will work!