Mixed In Key 8: X-Ray Waveforms, Auto Cue Points, Tag Editing

Mixed In Key has released a brand new version of their key analysis software, Mixed In Key 8. In addition to incredibly accurate key detection of tracks, the new version of the software has new features for playlist and ID3 tag cleaning, cue point detection, and more.

  • Software: Mixed In Key 8
  • Developer: Mixed In Key
  • Availability: Out now
  • Price: $29 for current users, $58 for new

Cue Curve / Cue Point Detection Algorithm

The last version of Mixed In Key, released in January 2015, incorporated a new system that automatically detected and placed cue points for Serato and Traktor users. This new version continues to do that, but has incorporated some new functionality as well:

“The bottom of the audio player shows our new invention, the Cue Curve. If you see a tall peak that looks like Mount Fuji, that means you can drop a perfect cue point there.

Your Cue Points are always snapped to the beat. Mixed In Key will load the official Serato and Traktor beatgrid, and will make sure that your Cue Points line up. You can edit everything yourself, and sync with Serato and Traktor automatically.”

X-Ray Waveforms

The new waveform view in Mixed in Key 8 allows DJs to quickly see the volume of the melody and the transients created by the drumbeat – which makes it easier to find sections of the song to place cue points.

Metabliss ID3 Tag Manager Built In

Mixed In Key has incorporated of their standalone MetaBliss ID3 tag manager app into this new version 8 of the key detection software. It allows DJs to treat their library like an Excel spreadsheet – jumping into individual ID3 fields and cleaning them up.

You can also quickly correct issues like extra spaces, extraneous promo links in the track comments, and change the case automatically to a number of options.

Get more details on this release of Mixed In Key 8 on the official site here

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  • that_guy

    please listen to your songs and decide on your own cue points. I get wanting a snap function so it lands exactly on a down beat. but pre-set cues, man? talk about lazzzy

  • dadarkman

    Price: $29 for current users
    @Dan White I was able to get Mixed In Key 8 for free by entering my version 7 license on the site. I think current users don’t have to pay.
    Well, at least I wasn’t charged for it.

    • deejdave

      Correction: This applies to MIK 7 users only. Users of older versions get update for $29 and new users get for full $59.

      • ShiftFunction

        lol, I got MIK 7 as a free upgrade from 6. Now I have another free upgrade to 8.

  • djcoma

    Is there a way to zoom in on the waveform so you can be precise with where the cue point is set?

    • Djg Stefan


  • gigglekey

    Track management! Woot woot woot thanks MiK!

  • Anthony Alonso

    Will it write cue points to rekordbox? Does it detect cue points previously created in traktor, serato, and rekordbox?

    • sinesthetix

      That would be nice.

      • Anthony Alonso

        Hoping someone who has it can elaborate. If so, Im gonna go buy that ish right now. :-p

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    Would we be able to get a key detection software comparison for 2016? Please and thanks.

  • sinesthetix

    Hopefully the auto cue points are better. The first downbeat was usually detected well enough, but version 7 often put the rest in places not suited to dance music. (Ie not on the 4/8/16/32/64,etc.)

    • thundercat

      truth, i usually ended up having to redo them all