Pioneer DJ Hints At CDJ-2000NXS2 HID Traktor Support, Stems?

Pioneer DJ’s top-of-the-line CDJ-2000NXS2s have been missing a critical feature from the previous model: HID support. Serato and Traktor users have been mostly out of luck in terms of getting this high-end new kit to work with their software. In a new Facebook post, Pioneer DJ is hinting at HID Traktor support, and maybe something to do with Stems as well?

CDJ-2000NXS2 HID Traktor Support?

In the below Facebook post made on the official Pioneer DJ page early Friday, there’s a CDJ-2000NXS2 pictured, as well as a laptop with Traktor on the screen. The caption reads “Coming soon!” – which is a bit of a slap in the face for early adopters who have had NXS2s for months and not been able to use their multi-thousand dollar gear with leading DJ softwares Traktor and Serato.

Coming soon!

Posted by Pioneer DJ on Friday, September 16, 2016

Despite the delays, it’s great to see that Pioneer DJ is making advances here that make the flagship CDJ unit once again a ubiquitous DJ tool. We’re hoping that the HID experience is even more seamless than in the past – and that being able to use a pair of CDJs as the audio output has been even more simplified (the old CDJ Aggregator tool was always a bit unreliable).

CDJ Stems Support?

Perhaps the most interesting element of this post from Pioneer DJ is what’s displayed on the screen of the laptop running Traktor. Both decks are playing Stems files instead of normal Track Decks. 

This could be accidental, but it seems unlikely. We’re not entirely sure what functionality could be added by a CDJ. It’s likely still just standard deck control – maybe with the ability to turn on and off different Stems files using the four colored cue point buttons on the left side of the CDJ?

Stay tuned for news as Pioneer and Native Instruments release this new update.
What do you want to see included as a feature? 

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  • imthealien

    I don’t understand purchasing stems…. Make your own!

  • ilduche

    This is amazing!!. People buying $2000+ CDJs to control Traktor!!. Why??? Why????

    • Dag Sonikku

      To have more control over the music…Traktor is still far superior to Rekordbox DJ. If you want to run 4 channels while using 2 cdjs it works out great….if they had HID mode released. I do both. Playing basic sets on cdjs is fun but for more intense routines I require Traktor and 4 decks. I would like to be bale to use flagship gear along with my program. It really isn’t that tough to understand. Everyone is different.

      • ilduche

        I know that. My point is you dont need to spend $2200 per cdj to use traktor. Its a waste, almost stupid. Just get a nice controller, maybe two for around $600 and you can control way more features in traktor compered to cdjs. Dont get me wrong, i love cdjs and xdjs but I use them in the recordbox environment, no laptops, as they are intended to be used. For traktor I use a xone K2 and a midi fighter.

  • locodog

    VDJ Just released CDJ2000NXS2 firmware v1.4 support today

    • locodog

      build 3414 early access

  • Dj React

    How about a Pioneer DJM T9 ?

    • dj kvn

      ONLY IF

  • deejdave

    How about the fact Serato just confirmed both DJM-900NXS2 support as well as CDJ-2000NXS2 HID support is coming??? Never any love for Serato here hahaha Some things never change. This is why DJWorx gets to try the new Serato gear and why you guys have to report exactly what we are seeing while they have an actual press kit………… 🙂

    Just teasing you guys but still hahaha

    • deejdave

      Not teasing about the NXS2 support though 🙂

      • [O/][iii][O/]

        “How about the fact Serato just confirmed both DJM-900NXS2 support as well as CDJ-2000NXS2 HID support is coming” – Source link please. Thank you.

  • Dante Dora

    Is anyone even buying stems? Sounds like NI is trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos! Not to mention a side deal forcing Pioneer to incorporate Stems in return for Traktor HID support?

    • Ohni Starfall

      Its all i buy now in music format. Such a blast!

    • deejdave

      Just shy of 1,500 stems myself YES some are buying stems LOL furthermore Serato just confirmed HID support for CDJ-2000NXS2 as well as support for DJM-900NXS2 mixer so there goes that theory 😉

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      Nobody buys stems because nobody makes stems because nobody buys stems.. It’s a vicious circle.

      For what’s it worth I couldn’t care less if nobody makes stems because of what they offer me in terms of convenience for creativity with my own work.

  • Maxx Bass

    Hmm, stems sound cool, but to use that $1600 standalone player as Traktor controller is a bit weird. Even the most expensive dedicated Traktor controller is twice cheaper 😀 Nice bonus to have, but doubt that anyone bought it for that.

    Pioneer, please focus to get Toraiz SP-16 firmware ready!

    • Dag Sonikku

      $1600 ha! Trust me they are way more than that. And setups are not all the same. I would love to run traktor all the time on my nexus2 setup. @ internal channels and 2 cdjs

    • Gavin Varitech

      It’s not marketed to Traktor DJs to buy and use at home as a control surface. These are DJ booth install units that different DJs come to play on every night. With different DJs come different places for storing their music and connecting with the gear. A lot will use a USB drive with Rekordbox analyzed files. A lot don’t. Traktor is still widely used around the world and people that come to clubs to play on these CDJs may want to use them.

      The reason I have not considered upgrading to the CDJ2000nxs2’s is because they lack Traktor plug and play. I am a DJ but I am also a promoter and use my home decks more often than not when I throw a party. Even though I personally would just be using these as HID control surfaces for Traktor, when my guests come they could use them to play CDs (one of my residents still does), Rekordbox files, RekoprdboxDJ, Traktor/Serato DVS (with control CDs or a control tone on a USB drive), or – if this turns out to he true – plug and play HID with Traktor.

      BTW, if I could get these for $1,600 I’d buy two today! Traktor or no Traktor… They’re actually $2,200 each retail! Insanity…

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      If they were $1600, I’d sell my 2KNXS in a heart beat and order new ones from the states. With conversion on the dollar it would make them $2100 a side, they retail here for $3k plus 13% sales tax. I doubt duty would be $1000 per unit.

      I use Traktor, an All-In-One unit is cheaper… agreed. If I was a bedroom DJ it would work, but I’m not. I run a weekly radio show that showcases local Djs and producers, with a few parties here and there. Traktor will export an HTML file of my playlist for station logging, everything else exports a .txt file. Have you ever looked at the History file that gets left on your Rekordbox USB stick? That controller won’t share well with the people that I book for time slots and has no fault tolerance… controller gets damaged, no show… laptop goes down, no show.

      Some people buy their kit with just themselves in mind. Sesame Street taught a whole generation that toys are more fun when shared with friends. It’s hard to have a party when you’re the only one there.

  • Assaf na

    What about HID in XDJ 700? ;(

    • Martullia


  • Gavin Varitech

    In what way is that post a slap int he face? To early adopters or anyone?

    • Spacecamp

      “Coming soon!” for a feature that everyone expected should have been there on launch day for a $1600 media player.

      “Finally!” or “Here at last!” might be more appropriate. Imagine you’re a landlord and your tenant is overdue on their rent, and they send you a text of them at a bank with “Coming soon!” as the caption 😉

      • Martullia

        I think you opinion is senseless. When Traktor releases a controller it will not work native in other software. Traktor, Serato and other DJ software are no longer partners of Pioneer DJ but they are competitors. What does Pioneer gain from giving every competitor access to there hardware? It could just take someone over the edge if the clubstandard is not working whit Traktor, serato et cetera to use Rekordbox DJ as there main software.

        • Spacecamp

          I would agree with you if the CDJ-2000NXS didn’t have full HID support for Traktor and Serato DJ already. Calling it the CDJ-2000NXS2 implies an iterative version, and IMO would mean that all features present on the last version are still there.

          Pioneer gear is the industry standard for CDJs. If they want to remain that way, they should make every effort that their flagship media player works seamlessly with the most popular software, so that any DJs who use that software can request that gear at festivals, and use the standard gear in club booths.

          Additionally, you don’t win over software users by launching new hardware that is frustratingly incompatible with software. You win them by making the best software.

          • Martullia

            The question is whit this policy, will people stop using Pioneer Gear or start using Rekordbox and abandon Traktor & Serato. From the point of vieuw of DJ’s i totally agree whit you, but from a business point of view i get why they don’t give everyone access to there gear.

            Some people will start using Rekordbox & other will probally use other gear.

          • Gavin Varitech

            “I would agree with you if the CDJ-2000NXS didn’t have full HID support for Traktor and Serato DJ already.”

            They didn’t when they first came out.

            “Calling it the CDJ-2000NXS2 implies an iterative version, and IMO would
            mean that all features present on the last version are still there.”

            I’m not sure how anyone that’s been around DJ gear/tech for any period of time would assume that implication. Newer iterations add and subtract features from the previous model all the time.

            For what it is worth Pioneer’s policy is that it is up to the other company to request the feature if they want their software to integrate with Pioneer hardware. This applies to each piece of gear they put out, iteration or not. I have no idea if there is a monetary component to this conversation, but it is NI that has to make the request.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            To be fair though, the CDJ2KNXSII does have a new 32 bit floating point DAC. After all, it only took Pio about 4 years to support Traktors’ now native 64 bit environment on Traktor certified mixers and those drivers are still a little flaky.

      • Gavin Varitech

        Early adopters go in knowing things like that, that is the downside of being an early adopter. It also should surprise no one that these didn’t come with native Traktor Advanced HID built in out of the box as these are the 3rd CDJ 2000’s and NONE OF THEM came with that either.

        The landlord and tenant analogy makes no sense, a tenant agrees to pay the rent, Pioneer never said word one about these players supporting Advanced HID with any software other than RekordboxDJ.

        • ...

          How dare you talk to a DJTT staff member like that!!!

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        The djtechtools shop has them listed at $2200… just a heads up.

        • deejdave

          In all fairness that is not exactly where you go when looking for a deal. AGIPro,, ProAudioStar are the places. Got mine for a lot cheaper than $2200 ea……………….

          • Matías J. Padilla

            You can get an awesome price just by chatting with the team, even a better deal than the sites you mentioned in a lot of cases

          • deejdave

            I have tried and been unsuccessful (if I am being honest far from it) and their lowest offer didn’t even come under the first offer I got via my regulars in most cases (NXS2’s, SRT, SZ, SX etc.) BUT I am all about saving $$ and do have some purchases coming up. Who knows may get lucky. As long as they carry Pio Toraiz and Roland DJ-808. I will report back with the findings. Thanks.