Routine: GENRE BNDR on Traktor, Maschine, Technic 1200s

We’re excited to share a new routine straight out of Native Instruments’ Tokyo artist lounge featuring GENRE BNDRwhich includes, DJ Rafik (2007 DMC World Championship Champion), Kireek (2007-2011 DMC World Championship Team Champion), and DJ Yuto (2016 DMC World Championship Champion). This remarkable routine incorporates live turntablism, controllerism, and finger-drumming all into one routine – a clever synchronized dance between four DJs. Watch below as the power-team get down in the lounge:

Gear used in this video: 

  • Pads: Custom-made Maschine MK2s
  • Mixers: Kontrol Z2s
  • Turntable: Technic 1200s
  • FX Controller: Kontrol X1 MK1
  • Software: Traktor, Maschine

It is always exciting to see high-quality routines come out that feature DJs flexing on the decks. However, we don’t often witness four DJs mix together on a level like this – a complete change from the Ultra live streams of DJ duos “mixing”. These guys, on their own, show us a wide set of skills from turntablism to finger-drumming, and then play off one another at the same caliber as a well-seasoned band.

Groups like Genre BNDR shows that it is possible to team up with friends and play live. It will take a lot more time and practice – much like a band – but the results can be amazing and the process looks ridiculously fun.

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  • Envinite

    I still have no idea why most ‘multiple people performance’ set have those unnecessary switching position moments. During those switch, the mix really sounds messy as hell lol.

  • kebzer

    There’s a typo. Kireek is a DJ crew, not a single person. And we can all obviously see 4 people featured in this video, not 3 🙂

    • Dag Sonikku

      I think they were saying he was on the winning team that year. Not that his name is a team. I understood when I first read it