Traktor Pro 2.11 Public Beta: Ableton Link, Remix Deck Step Sequencer

It’s been almost exactly one year since the last major update to Traktor, and today we’ve gotten confirmation that a brand public beta of Traktor Pro 2.11 is launching. Traktor 2.11 is actually going to bring a few major features – including Ableton Link integration and a MIDI-mappable Remix Deck step sequencer. Read on for an overview of this new update and details on how to get the Beta.

Many Traktor users and Beta testers have already gotten an email this morning announcing a new version of Traktor Pro:

“After the positive response to the 2.10.3 bug fix update and the exciting news that macOS Sierra fixes the long-standing audio issues observed by some Mac users, we now plan to release two brand new features for the performing DJ – Ableton Link and the Step Sequencer for Remix Decks.

These features are very easy to use and will add a new dimension to your creative arsenal.”

Ableton Link Integration

Ableton Link in Traktor’s menubar

It seems like every DJ software is jumping on Ableton Link bandwagon. If you’re not yet aware, Link is a tempo-syncing protocol that works between apps on a single device, or across a wireless LAN. This means that DJs can now sync the tempo of Traktor with a ton of apps – check them all out here.

From the details included with the Public Beta, here’s how you set up Link:

  • In the application header, you’ll see the new button labelled “LINK”.
  • Tapping this button will engage LINK and submit the Master Clock to the LINK timeline
  • The meter will start showing the bar-phase of the Link timeline
  • LINK auto-discovers any other Linkable application on the same computer or on your local network, wired or wirelessly.

It’s worth pointing out here that Ableton Link also works with Serato, Ableton, and iMaschine – and we suspect as a result we’ll soon be seeing it added to Maschine as well.

It’s also worth noting that because Traktor only has beats and not bars in their track decks, there’s a bit of manual syncing that needs to be done using the heads up display for Link:

“TRAKTOR’s sync engine does not have the notion of bars – TRAKTOR decks therefore always sync to the nearest beat.

Nevertheless, in context of Link, the shared timeline is used to define the first beat of a bar by all Link enabled applications supporting bar-sync such as Ableton Live, Serato DJ and iMaschine.
We therefore provide a meter in the TRAKTOR header showing the bar-phase of the Link timeline, allowing TRAKTOR users to start their tracks on the downbeat of the shared Link timeline.”

Considering the reliability of Ableton Link over traditional MIDI clock syncing, we’re excited to see how this fares. Anyone want to see us do a Traktor <> Ableton <> Serato Link test?

Remix Deck Step Sequencer

Sequencing Remix Decks in Traktor? That’s old news for Midi Fighter Twister owners, but now it looks like Native Instruments has built their own solution inside of the software. The new Remix Deck Step Sequencer will allow simple sequencing of the Remix Decks.

There’s no user interface within the software right now that allows you to see the step sequencer, it only is visible if you have a controller that is either pre-mapped (see below) or MIDI mapped to the sequencer. As with Stems, it seems like NI is focusing on the S8/D2/F1 compatibility first:

The Remix Deck step sequencer running on the Kontrol S8

If you own a Kontrol F1, D2, or S8, the new 2.11 version of Traktor comes with pre-built mappings for the step sequencer in the software. But even if you don’t own these controllers, you can still MIDI map the sequencer functionality yourself in the Controller Manager.

A few additional notes on the Step Sequencer based on our use of it so far:

  • Sequencer play is independent of Deck play – it can get a little confusing
  • There’s per-deck swing control that works pretty well
  • No volume control per step (something present on DJTT’s Midi Fighter Twister step sequencer for Traktor)
  • Sequencer defaults to 8 steps per slot, you can extended to 16 steps in 1 step increments
  • No way to extend the sequence length beyond 1 bar (4 beats)
  • If you load a new Remix Set, the sequence remains the same – no way to save sequences per Remix Set yet

If you make a MIDI mapping for your controller for Traktor, consider uploading it to DJTT’s extensive Maps repository so everyone can try it out!

How To Get The Traktor 2.11 Public Beta

This new update will be another free download for current users of Traktor Pro 2.

If you’ve previously signed up for Traktor betas, you should be able to log into your CenterCode account and access the new beta version and documentation for 2.11. If not, apply for the testing opportunity on CenterCode with a new account using this link:

Reminder: Don’t start playing gigs with this version of Traktor as it is a beta version – not all the bugs will be worked out yet. If you need to roll back to a previous version of Traktor, here’s our article on that.

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  • Pedro Costa

    Anyone have a mapping to put step sequencer remix decks onto Traktor S4?


  • Joey Fudgeplant

    I’m a total n00b here, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question: are we anticipating that Ableton Link will allow audio from Traktor to be run through Ableton’s effects?

  • Maxwell James Mansfield Burgoy

    Anyone know of a mapping for iPad/Touchosc? Would love one. Cheers y’all

  • keynote101

    mapping for the mpd218 for the new sequencer coming up in the next hour! keynote101 style

  • Alex Bosi

    I just want to be able to use the dual usb ports on the 900nxs2 with Traktor. I’m sure that won’t happen until Pro3 drops one day but I can dream I guess…

    • nucleartoaster

      what is it that you are trying to do, that you cant do with 1 usb port?

      • Alex Bosi

        I am part of a duo where we do tag sets using two laptops running traktor. It would be nice to just be able to run two laptops into the same mixer and just be able to select which laptop is controlling which deck without having to rewire everything and use an interface for one of the laptops plus the djm900 interface for the other. Basically just looking for the same functionality that has been implemented into the newer serato mixers and interfaces using two USB ports. Also just for general switchovers between dj’s both using traktor so that one doesn’t have to play a record or a song off of flash to free up the built in interface inside the djm.

        • nucleartoaster

          ah that makes sense if you play as a duo. my bad

  • Tony Mitchell

    Did they ever fix the scaling problem with high res displays? or are the fonts still super tiny on those types of laptops that offer more resolution than 1920 X 1080 ?

  • nucleartoaster

    any chance of a map to use the maschine mkii as a step sequencer?

  • Che

    No mention of the S5 but I’m assuming it will also be eligible?

  • Roy Bear

    My prayers got heard. finally. Thanks NI
    I almost sold all my NI-related Hardware. Almost

    • Quenepas

      on the same boat

  • traxi

    I can’t get my F1 working with the step sequencer. Anyone know how to get it started?

    • DjSampSoNite

      Did you download and import the *.tsi file needed?

      • traxi

        No, where do I find it?

      • Ilir Soleil

        I would also like to know where i find the tsi file?

  • Colin Gill

    How do I enable step sequencer on my s8 I have the new beta running but how do I enable sequencer can’t seem to find it when I load up remix slots

    • Rob van Erp


  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    Sounds great! My only concern is how is this going to affect my use of my MF Twister? I guess since I’m installing the beta on a new laptop I have a great opportunity to find out.. hope nothing is too jacked up.

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      In the end I decided to reinstall the MF twister sequencer mappings and go to default operation on my F1. There is too much missing from the F1 sequencing to warrant using it if one already has an MF Twister.

  • ...

    Finally a freaking step sequencer from traktor, but only after rekordbox dj lit the torch to they fucking ass!!!

  • Rick

    seems it only matches up with link with “Sync” enabled on a deck.

    would love for it to just work off “master” timing.
    I don’t use sync with timecode vinyl 🙁

  • Future

    I’m wondering when they gonna make traktor able to send and receive individual deck audio from different sources without using audio jack software and use multiple audio interfaces at the same time :-)))))

    • Dubby Labby

      Difficult if they want to keep dvs crippled to their soundcards…

  • Sevenkami

    But Windows 10 users and OSX users are still stuck with the instability of the sound engine that was released after Traktor version 2.6.8. Audio pops, glitches, and all kinds of shit that isn’t going on in 2.6.8. has been haunting pro and bedroom DJ’s around the world. Even the last version, that was solely dedicated to fixing things, did not fix things. The NI forums are full of complaints, cries for help and that’s just the vocal minority.

    The last stable version of Traktor was released Feb 27, 2014.
    It is a frigging disgrace. That’s what it is.

    • SweetGwendoline

      The Audio issues weren’t introduced with a traktor version, but with an OSX version.
      For me they dissappeared after the update to os sierra

      • Sevenkami

        I am glad your issues are fixed, but your assumption that the sound glitch / stability issues are OS bound is not correct. On both Windows 10 and several OS X versions Traktor 2.6.8 (with the 32 bit sound engine) works flawlessly (disable multi-core processor support). Newer versions do not.

        Stability in Traktor went out the door when NI introduced the 64 bit version (with a 32 bit back-up client that has the same issues).

        • Spacecamp

          @sweetgwendoline:disqus is correct, almost every OS X sound glitch issue has been fixed with the new version of Core Audio included in OS X Sierra. Check the NI forums for details.

        • frankle

          I have been one of the biggest voices about the Core Audio issues in Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan, and I can say they have been fixed with Sierra. The issues that OS X users were experiencing were absolutely Apple’s fault.
          Any Windows issues that you are having are different to the OS X issues that have now been fixed.

          The current version of Traktor 2.11.0 Beta and Sierra are stable. Certainly use more CPU than I like but stable none-the-less.

          • Sevenkami

            That is great. One down, one to go.

          • Rutger Willems

            So it is finally safe to update to the newest MacOS version now? Have been stuck @ Yosemite for a while now for I finally had some stability.

          • frankle

            Yes. The audio dropout/stutter bug (IOAudioStream errors) have been fixed, this was the issue I was having which caused me to roll back to OS X 10.8.5 and Traktor 2.6.8, which is commonly referred to as the most stable combination available if your MacBook supports it. And as far as I’m aware the other audio degradation bug and time code issues are also fixed.

            I would recommend every person on Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitain to move to Sierra, unless you can’t upgrade due to other software you might have. There is no point staying on those OS’s if you’re having issues because Apple will not issue any updates for them now that Sierra is out. Yes it’s crap that we’re forced to update but at least we can now have some confidence in the OS again.

          • Rutger Willems


          • Rado

            How much of CPU % does it take in activity monitor? I am still in Mavericks and Traktor 2.8.1, everything is working perfectly and I really don’t want to break it 🙂

    • Roy Bear

      Most of the ppl I know, who relate on the old Traktor (2.6.8 seems to be quite popular) also use an older system (Notebook). sooooooo, problem could be solved with money. a lot of problems can be solved with this…
      And: Ive been using Traktor since a loong time, and actually had no problems with stability. Seems like a Hardware/OS problem.

  • meikel

    this sounds all very great..i like the new fits perfect to my setup..but for my the biggest question and problem is…what about file management – organization in the collection, tags, comments, level, matches? this is absolute necessary! how long we need to wait more for it?

  • orge

    Nice update NI! 🙂


  • Matt Rycroft

    So does this mean you could now theoretically link two S4’s and 2 laptops and keep them in sync?

    • SweetGwendoline

      Short answer: Yes!

    • John Verschelden

      How about an S4 using Traktor and a pioneer controller using vdj?

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I wasn’t aware VDJ had Ableton link.

  • tricade

    I’ve tested it with my iPhone I can see for 5 sec that Ableton Link is connected and after that it dropped… firewall is off – strange

  • Rob van Erp

    damn, just sold my f1…although it works great with the D2’s its a bit of a hassle to access all 16 steps and keeping a good overview, i imagine that the f1 shows all 16 steps ?

    • DjSampSoNite

      Yes, it does.

    • Dag Sonikku

      Very interesting. I have not tried this but will in the future

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      It may be the switch in your router not being able to keep up with transport protocols. Had the same problem streaming Rekordbox off my smartphone over my home network, my solution was to hook up a corporate class switch to the DJ Pro Link on my pair of 2KNXS and run a hard line from my router to it. It’s stable now.

      • tricade

        so a switch instead of a router… well I will give this a try 😉 Thanks

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          Just make sure it’s a corporate grade one, they tend have a higher standard than residential. I think they list a model or 2 on the Pio site in the DJ Pro Link portion of the manual.

  • jm2c

    Yes yes yes! Now update Maschine with link and many, many people will be very happy 😉

    • orge

      Use the vst within ableton live?

      • Odium

        yeah but CPU usage would be better if it was just machine and traktor running side by side

        • orge

          Yup, a bit more efficient and doesn’t rely on other software. Still, I would have thought the difference is minor and this would be an acceptable workaround until they bring Maschine up to speed.

          I’ve got some Elektron machines that can be sync’d using Overbridge into Ableton, so intend to do something pretty similar myself.

          Happy days! 🙂

    • SweetGwendoline

      Pretty sure it will come with one of the next updates. so long easiest solution is to load it into ableton

      • Tim Gregory

        tested this today… Maschine inside Ableton, using Link to connect Ableton and Traktor. Works perfectly. I loaded some of the Maschine Expansion demo tracks and was able to keep the synced with Traktor. The Ableton tempo behaved as master tempo for all of it

  • Ztronical

    I haven’t updated but more than likely i will use the S8 screen hack, and map my Twister or use the F1 for step.
    Or just stick with the Twister for step sequence if it works better.

  • DjSampSoNite

    Has anyone tried this with the with the F1? Having issues getting it working. Feel like I have the wrong default user mapping. Link is fantastic though!

    • Rob Ticho, Default Rejects

      I tried but couldn’t get it to work. I can’t even find how to use it or where the mapping exists. The link feature is there so I’m sure im on the right version.

  • Fernando Midi

    Thank you Native Instruments … Link is a perfection in Traktor. A dream!
    Absolute sync with Ableton for more than an hour without losing synchronism. A DREAM!

    • Rick

      any drifting?
      I have got a beatstep pro that is connected USB to Ableton on same laptop.
      they work well.
      do Traktor decks still work when the phase is pushed away, to beatmatch tracks that are not gridded exactly?
      both Ableton live and Traktor would keep timing ?

  • D3RKIN

    Would really love a update to Traktor DJ for iOS.

    • Leonardo Prozczinski

      With a playlist integration (with hotcues and everything) between MacOS and iOS.

    • Spacecamp

      It would be great for them to fix the broken and abandoned Library prep/sync features that were the draw behind the iOS software in the first place.

    • Quenepas

      When having a controller work with an iOS device sure is enticing but seems the apps are being neglected. Hey NI, want to hire a good PM? I just got my PMP cert!

  • Anthony Alonso

    I am super excited for link. I’m also super excited to map my Jam to the remix decks!

  • Dag Sonikku

    I really hope that this will connect with the Pioneer hint last week. Since Pioneer hinted to the CDJ2000nxs2 using stems, maybe it will be able to be used as a step sequencer while in HID mode. I could see the hot cues used as buttons and touch screen for sequencing. One can only hope!

    • Ryan Ruel

      I’m hoping they sneak HID mode for the NXS2 into this release too as I just took ownership of a pair of shiny new 2000’s.

  • Fayek Helmi

    i’m def going to be be making some mappings for the step sequencer!

  • Lakatta

    Does the S4mk1 still work even though it is not supported, even through an external usb audio device?

    • Quenepas

      good question. I dont see a reason why it wouldn’t.

  • Kevin Basher

    The step sequencer is really nice – but seems to be faulty when saving a remix deck. It only saved the samples, but killed the sequences and the length (8 vs 16 steps). And it does not work with the awesome screen hacks 🙁

      • Kevin Basher

        Thanks! Seems I read over that…

  • Steelo

    Will we ever see a Traktor 3 release?! As I suspected, with the big fuss NI made over stems, they are heading towards the “DJ/Producer” market while Serato focuses on the “DJ/Turntablist” market. Probably a smart tactic.

    • Mauri Moore

      Yes , we will see . But first we will have
      2.11.01 – 2.11.04 –
      2.12 and so on until 3.0 🙂

      • Quenepas

        True. Seems like a long way off o_O

    • yemonaid53

      Looks like Serato is going the same route with partnering up with Roland for the Dj-808. I just want Maschine integration.

  • Carlos De Almeida Quintela

    “Anyone want to see us do a Traktor Ableton Serato Link test?”
    I surely do!

    • Fernando Midi

      O Link no Traktor é uma perfeição… O Sistema de Grid no Traktor é muito melhor que no Serato e por isso o Link no Traktor caiu como uma luva. Tenho o Serato também e não gostei dos testes. Carrego as mesmas Tracks em um e outro e no Serato o Grid se perde, fazendo com que o Link também vá saindo porque é totalmente dependente do grid. No Traktor não mexo em nada do Grid e tudo segue perfeito….

    • jprime

      Yeah I’d like to see Traktor and Serato sync up with Link 🙂 that’d be a bit humorous and interesting.

    • JarJarBeats

      Please. There aernt any good “in practice” videos right now.

  • proben

    I have to say, if both these things work as they should, I’m duly impressed by this update – and I have had to be dragged into every traktor update since before 2.5 lol. Something like Link capability has been a long time coming — MIDI clock syncing has never been reliable enough to count on, and Ableton+Traktor has so many possibilities in theory. One thing I don’t get is the comment about matching bars. If Traktor gets enough of the info to display it on the screen, why can’t they control how Traktor syncs to it? Not that it’s a huge problem but the comment seems really strange.

    The step sequencer is cool too, at least for people who use the Remix decks. I bought a D2 when they were cheap so I’ll probably look into it though I can’t see myself using it very often. And indeed the Twister’s sequencer is probably a far better option for those who use it.

    • Leonardo Prozczinski

      Same doubt here about the matching bars. It seems like a really strange statement to be put out like this.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Think of it this way, in timing you can only start playing your track on the 1 count. Ableton is 1,2,3,4-1,2,3,4… where Traktors’ timing is 1,1,1,1-1,1,1,1. Ableton will wait to the 1 count even if you launch a clip on the 3 count (waiting until the beginning of the bar), where Traktor can launch your clip on the 2, 3 or 4. Timing is basic music theory.

      • proben

        yes I understand the theory, of course. It’s just that Traktor keeps count 1234 either way (obviously if it can display it); why wouldn’t it be able to sync it however the user wants? not that it matters – you can drop it in wherever you want it easily enough – but that limitation doesn’t make any sense based on their explanation. (Quite apart from that, you can set in preferences how traktor treats bars so that you can display your beatcounts anyway).

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          Slow down and reread it. Ableton will wait till the 1 count, Traktor lets you start on any one of the 4 beats per bar.

    • Dubby Labby

      Launch quantization. It could be useful in traktor (remix decks has it?) decks but meanwhile is just beatmaching… It wasn’t sync against humans? Maybe never was so “cheat” at last…